edu startup

founder A ”my business model is to focus on AI and earn loads of money by charging candidates minimum US$500 per participant”

founder B ”10000 candidates avail us.. all 1st to 10th standard.. competitive exams and so on…”

founder C ”just wait.. am coming to create competition”

founder A and B ”how?”

Founder C ”educationless educaton system”

Founder A ”how?”

Fouder C ‘learn in 1 hour concept… ”

founder A and B ”we have already implemented it”

Founder C ”learn in 1 hour how things are freely available ”


Business Models…

Develop product and identify distributors to sell it.

Identify distributors and sell multiple products

Develop services around product support

Develop service franchisee model

Provide resources on hourly basis

Provide resource on weekly basis / monthly basis

Time sharing infrastructure

Time sharing resources

Project based executions

Identify resources for project or service execution

Research based executions

Process and Security Audits

Process implementaton

free bee



Intimate Hatred

Noy is a brash guy who is intimately in love with Niya. Niya is a care free girl who is assertive and values independence.

Noy slaps Niya for not listening to her..

Niya ‘Dare you do this..’

Noy ‘How could you ignore me and be with that guy for full 2 hours in restaurant right in front of me’

Niya ‘It is a business deal’

Noy ‘My foot.. I invested in you.. and then over period of time we both fell in love.. I exited from that venture.. but still that is my baby too’

Niya ‘But I cannot exit it right.. Investors exit whenever they get good X returns. They are supposed to be non-emotional which they are for sure.. ┬ábut it is my baby.. I need to grow that further’

Noy hugs Niya and kisses her passionately..

Niya ‘I hate all this in public place’

Noy ‘Now you will not love me to even touch you’

Niya ‘Sort of.. i am tired’

Noy ‘Do you feel you compromised for your success’

Niya ”Dare you say this.. I was and still am in love with you.. Not compromised’

Noy ‘Ok.. cool..’

Niya ‘From tomorrow onwards I will not wish to be with you.. Am calling of this relation’

Noy remains silent

3 months latter

Noy launches another girl with similar product and features which Niya provides in her startup

Noy in a group event..

‘Who says investors cannot invest in similar product.. Everything which is suitable and has huge demand can have multiple companies working in same line. Look at restaurants, job portals etc.. So give a big clap to Irena’

Niya hears this in news..

Niya calls up Noy ‘Hey.. why you screwed me up?’

Noy ‘You deserved only that.. hope you now understand the power of Investor’

Niya ‘My foot.. If you feel this is the way competitor comes. Am game for it’

2 months latter..

Niya launches a free tool similar to what Irena’s team has done..

Noy calls up Niya ‘Why are you giving free. Have you gone nuts’

Niya ‘If am finished.. how can I ensure Irena is doing well’

3 months latter

Both companies are doing extremely bad and there is one new competitor who has come in..

Niya is retrospecting what went wrong..

She pens a thought ‘Intimate Hatred, nice for ego, bad for health, bad for life, bad for growth.. I learnt my mistakes 1 year latter.. Anyways let me start afresh’