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I have paused a bit, to think a bit, to see how am getting responses for my 50 words max thoughts in whatsapp,  I found that I slowly began getting 100 views almost every day..


what I write :


Innovation freedom is only possible in Entrepreneurship…

Relations cannot be defined by words, but the flow of communication between 2 Actors. Hence it is relative.

Time discipline reflects key to various aspects of personality..

I guess, I will again into story telling, which is where I fit in, a fiction writer, no connections with dead or alive, no biographies, but some aspects of life captured through writing



Diminishing borders

the borders kept diminishing but for ones who needed a clean demarcation. the war was not for reasons of freedom but for physical borders so what if internet reduced the distance, tools helped people see each other, but the border was still needed, the progress of one outside border still worried ones inside.. the haves and have nots, the border kept increasing till little boy Aba said ”i only need 1 feet to stand and 7 x 4 to rest eventually, and with nature giving each, its own; why this quest for conquer, when we even learnt somewhere that trade can happen successfully between two locations in different boundaries.. love too can happen, more passionately, more intense without any boundaries.. Aba in his political research just wondered WHY.. and that emerged as his research gap, as to understand Why, he would need to understand psychology of deprived one.. but poor little deprived one.. never even thought of WHY as they got lost somewhere fighting for a cause to safeguard boundaries or conquer boundaries.. without knowing reasons but wishing reasons for celebration once it is achieved.. and label it freedom

Freedom of Colors

So what if it is black.. it so blends with all.

So what if it is white.. it so blends with all

love for orange..

romance with red

in green all around

the warm wetty paints..

when splashed all over

blends with all…

Freedom of Colors..

so what if it is brown or yellow

or black or white.

once it blends.. a new color created

Each color has its importance

so respecting all colors most important

for happy freedom all around






Taboo is a joint where individuals can break all rules and do what they wish. The LA police has been struggling with Taboo Founder James but high influences compel Taboo to be one of the most popular joint.

One day Celebrity Rock visits Taboo. A huge rush moves over to see him and before Rock realizes he is suffocating with the girls pouncing over him.

Somehow he manages to rush back and return home..

At home he begins writing a small episode

:Never knew the crowd ecstasy to break rules and unleash themselves in such weird ways.. Could see few mock fighting, few playing police-robber games few mock hitting, few mock abusing few just being together..  With an entry fee as high as US$1000, only ones who could afford could come in. Is there a need for Taboo Joint?  Will it reduce real crime rates where the wicked element of an individual would get unleashed in some joint? What kind of weird business is this?.  We entertainers entertain individuals through films / circus / drama’s but in real life so many individuals entertain themselves in weird ways..

Next day he decides to appoint a researcher to go and study the type of individuals getting to Taboo..

After a month he gets an interesting finding

“The ones who break rules are the ones who are suppressed depressed as child and lack space or freedom to unleash their energy. Sometimes for thrill, sometimes because of ancestor wealth, or being kid of a celebrity or politician or influencer a person decides to break rules or is not scared of discipline. Sometimes temptations to get something too easily also makes a person break rules’

The celebrity calls his best friend Robert who is Chief Police Officer and provides the entire research document

Robert “We should correct the System first. Not the individuals as they are part of System. Yes through discipline we can introduce moderation in individuals to reduce indiscipline or violations”

Musical Love

Love as a lyric

dancing and prancing

mimics the heart

and both feel

the same perception

both feel the same


love is a piano music

love is a flute melody

love is a drum beat

to enhance heart beat

love acts and reacts

to music of guitar

reaching rib by rib

tingling it all over

love has engulfed

you in its melody

of all musical organs

which play all over

your mind, heart

and body.

Musical Love

beats every weekend

Love for space

love for freedom

Love for relaxation

Love to forget work for change

and be with your beloved

Happy weekend

Happy festive occasion

Enjoy the love with your beloved

Ones and Many

The Loss and Gain of Life

Samuel is a musician who loves composing new lyrics. His girl friend Julie always wonders why in a city like New York, Samuel is not able to get recognition. She suggests him to be in LA.

Samuel soon decides to go to LA and meet some prospective producers..

One of the producer Nancy takes liking for Samuel…

Nancy ‘Samuel  Are you single?’

Samuel ‘Yes but have a 6 year old relation with my girl friend Julie’

Nancy ‘Samuel… I am alone and waiting for right match. i feel you are the one for me’

Samuel is taken aback..

Samuel ‘Nancy.. I think of you as my prospective employer’

Nancy ‘Samuel.. my partner.. you be my partner.. ‘

Samuel ‘What about Julie?’

Nancy ‘She is practical hence she chose you to come to LA. She will realize that it was not meant to be’

Nancy comes closer to Samuel and hugs him

Samuel leaves for the day

Nancy ‘one minute.. give me a rocking lyric tomorrow’

At home Samuel pens

‘A beginning of my life

I kept gaining all my love

Happy and Happy I was

A beginning of my school

I kept gaining all my friends

Happy and Happy I was

A beginning of my job

I gained my special friend

Special as she was

Lovely and Sweet

Special as she was

I loose her for a moment

I cry for those moment

Why we loose knowingly?

Why we loose for some gain

A beginning of my career

I will loose her for now..

i will miss her for now…

Will she forgive me?

Will she hate me?

For my gain which made her loose

Next day he returns to Nancy and gives her the composition..

Nancy ‘dear.. pathos missing..’

Nancy ‘Life is such that you gain wealth, you loose peace.. you gain health, you loose nimbleness, you don’t wish to loose anything.. you will not gain anything’

Nancy ‘so what is your decision’

Samuel ‘Life is a compromise and if there is a beautiful person like you; i don’t mind it’

A few days later

Julie see’s an email

Julie murmurs ‘Bloody I knew this.. No problems.. I loved those moments with him but need to move on.. what should i do next?

Julie looks at mirror and finds her smiling face

Julie murmurs to self ‘Dear Julie you lost Samuel but you gained freedom.. celebrate freedom with happiness’

Julie takes a car and goes to a pub and enjoys the music and keeps dancing to self..

A handsome guy comes in

Guy ‘Can we dance?’

Julie ‘Sure….’

Julie ‘what is your name?’

Guy ‘Samuel dear’

Julie ‘Oh No Not again’

Guy ‘What happened?’

Julie ‘I had a boy friend with same name’

Guy ‘Wow.. it was past.. am present’

Julie ‘you wish to gain too quickly’

Guy ‘what is wrong in it?’

Julie ‘you are loosing also too quickly’

Guy ‘whom?’

Julie ‘me.. ‘ and giggles and leaves the pub