Happy friendship day

A friend maybe with you, near you, away from you however can understand you like a person who has mastered your system. The friend, if positive can shape you and if no, can impact you negatively.

The whole friendship day is around celebrating a binding, true or false, still a binding..

If life brings across us multiple strangers, we chose to get attached to only few, sometimes that 1 special friend whom you feel like sharing every thing..

Not necessarily your partner.. nor your foe.. a person whom you tell those honest truth of your life with a hope that friend gives you solution and never ditches you..

a trust built and most important friends should never let the trust go down.. what is the use of hiding something from someone, if you thought you were a friend..

if you hide for a good reason, still remember that friend will still love you, because of genuine care and affection.

celebrate your relation with care, nurture them with love..  everything will be fine..

I return back.. again… after a long gap..

thanks for being friends always… share this message with one and all your friends.


Jobless? Unemployment? Fresher?

Engineering Stream
Should I really invest in skill development during college tenure?
Answer : If you are very confident that you will gain adequate knowledge in JAVA/C++/MYSQL etc, no problems. However any investment should not be more then US$150/- max per year.

But I will get only a training certificate?
If the certificate adds value to your portfolio, no probs, else internship is right way to gain experiences.

I do not want any paid internship?
If there are costs associated to training, you may need to pay, or you may need to get into bond etc, again, review the offerings, compare market rates, look at overall project prospect and get going..

It doesn’t sound like internship?
Dear.. freshers, when they get into large companies, are trained, or in bench or keep struggling in small companies, so any learning opportunity is internship only. More the knowledge, more the advantage.

I just cannot decide?
Confusion is because we tend to be very overconfident of getting jobs. However the reality is you will not get jobs if you are not confident to attend interviews, not assess your skills, not bother to groom and above all not serious on projects.

We need project desperately, do not mind paid projects?
You are heading to disaster as you will anyways not get any learnings, experiences

I do not understand the project at all?
Project grasp, full understanding of company, project life cycle takes minimum 6 months. No one is going to give you full domain knowledge in couple of days..

Do you really feel quality is useful? I want to learn only JAVA or Angular JS?
Dear.. with good knowledge of quality, it will serve life long purpose. The market demand for quality professionals are huge.. You do need to realize global market needs CMMi, ISO, ITIL and so on.. do not ignore quality.. and you do need to understand nuances of project management

I want to work on data science project… only want to learn R and Python?
Dear… who said to you only knowing R and Python can qualify you to become data scientist or data engineer.. ? Multiple integration touch points you need to know, building foundations strong, fetches better results.

I already know C / C++? Can anyone help in JAVA or Javascript?
Each person needs to be aware of OOPS and the entire DOM structure.. Knowing indepth knowledge of pointers / classes help you more better

I am not interested in report writing / analytics but am asked to make reports only?
The problem with you, is that you ignored SQL and just got overboard learning couple of controls and assumed you know JAVA or .Net.. reality is you have never bothered to complete 1 decent project in your education tenure.

I am not interested in joining you.. I have already joined a company and getting job..
Cool.. 2 years down the line, you will be stuck with same technology and you will never have opportunities to upgrade skills , so enjoy the job, but realize, you are going to be obsolete within 2 years, then you will again be groping to join some courses, or may get more payment in same skills in other company and after 10 years, you face a risk of job loss, no growth, insecurity.. married and all that, you will run to high cost institutes, pay very good fee, desperately trying to look for jobs..

Why so much lecturing? we know what to do?
It is our business, none of your business?

Excellent.. welcome to the IT industry and experience the thunder sooner or later.. No one tells the bitter truth of this industry, till you experience it. Next time, you see some of your friends idling, not doing anything and still getting paid and you are struggling to get decent job..
understand… no college teacher knows the reality, unless the college professor is not in industry.. so searching truth is what education is all about.

What you expect us to do?

Just ping a hi , with a smile…


Social Media marketing

If wishes were horses, every word has a potential to get VIRAL..

STARTUP MANTRA for day is ”just keep pushing.. you will find your own space”

Twitter Guru Joy put this and had 100000 likes

Raj Mark put it and he has 100 likes

Rahim put and had 0 likes

What makes the difference

Guru has many connects, trusted followers and fans.. and yes at times uses paid service too 🙂

RajMark has multiple family friends so gets an assured 100 likes

Rahim is a new entrant, not knowing what is best for him, so he just decides to ask Guru to push his page.. he tags along Guru… soon his one liners too get noticed

Rahim ‘Guru.. you can create news out of nothing”

Guru ”yes.. I just made a news item AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY return back again and it has got over 200000 likes


Curiosity to understand what follows next..

Curiousity to understand the unknown facts of life

if we probe into our soul for even 5 minutes we will realize soul wants us to be at peace.

Soul gets curious as to why it is torchored by so many affections, so many distractions, so many conflicts in mind and then add to it the technology driven friends, followers and so on…

Soul is curious as to why this rush push towards materialism when all it needs is peace


Confessions of a failed entrepreneur

Aakash ”I failed.. because I tried doing everything on my own’

Saakshi ”it was failed by my team who left me in lurch’

James ‘I focused more on meetings then the product”

Kranti ”Imitating what my competitors were trying to do.. made the patchy product as it was’

Som ”no scalable vision.. too local focused.. lack of enthusiasm to attract other market”

Moses ”friends and relatives bought in company.. lacked professional approach’

Robert ”never paid salaries in time.. ”

George the entrepreneur coach asks all one question

”Did you really wish to be entrepreneurs”

All respond in unison


George smiles..

George ”never do things which you do like.. Without PASSION any pursuit is meaningless”





Am introducing a new framework soon for Mentoring

what you sow is what you reap

If you give someone give liberally

If you connect to help someone, just do that as that help will benefit the needy

If you own some issue of your friend or beloved, just do it without expectations.

If you can transform any individual and provide a focus to that individual you have done the job.

And if you get benefited by that individual, just return back to the society a part of that benefit..

Life of a mentor is all about connecting and giving.


Mirror on Wall

Rose is 50 today.. her happy birthday

She looks at mirror and finds streak of white hair and remembers her past

“Happy birthday to you.. happy birth day to you.. happy birthday Rose dear.. ”

Age 10.. active, chirpy .. rose is enjoying her birthday with her friends

Rose’s mother Louisa is always hysterical about Rose

Louisa ‘Rose… do not step out of house… without my permission.. we both stay alone.. you know that.. celebration over… all can go home’

Rose is crying…

Rose wonders why she does not have a father…

Rose ‘mom… why no father to me’

Mom has drops of tears in her eyes as she remembers that she was a rape victim.. Rose is born of that…

Louisa ‘your father is non existent.. am your father and mother both’

9 years later

Rose has won the best outgoing student in college

Louisa ‘you made me proud’

Rose ‘Mom.. am pregnant..’

Louisa is shocked

Louisa ‘what.. how can it be.. you are still studying’

Rose ‘my beloved is a student entrepreneur.. have cofounded a venture with him.. and then late nights.. we worked.. intimacy and then’

Louisa ‘get married to him’

Rose ‘we need time.. ‘

Louisa ‘this is not done.. child out of nothing.. what status the child will get?’

Rose ‘mom.. i will put my name.. you too did it right?’

Louisa ‘difference between mindless and mindful..’

Rose ‘so you were mindless?’

Louisa moves to her past… the person who assaulted her was friend of her best friend..

Louisa was drunk a bit too much that day

Rose ‘Mom.. wake up from past… nothing much will happen’

30 years later

Rose checks on mirror… wrinkles and white hair…

Her boy friend Joseph hugs her from behind..

Joseph ‘cool mirror.. should be a great success.. an embedded image processor with an IoT sensor to check on mood and can be tuned to show how your face would look after certain age’

Joseph ‘let me move the control to present’

Rose is smiling happily.. she is now 24

Joseph ‘so finally is your mom happy?’

Rose ‘4 year Tina is most happiest our kid and Mom is happily baby seating her so I guess all is well now’


full time pass

Mini is struggling to spend time as she is on Sunday..

her husband is busy with his lap top.

Mini is wondering what she needs to do..

she calls up her friend Rose and says ‘let us do time pass’

Rose ‘chill pill.. coming soon and picking you up.. we will visit victoria garden’

10 minutes later Rose reaches Mini’s house

Mini and Rose get to garden.. and keep seeing couples and kids across..

All enjoying

Mini ‘my husband is always busy’

Rose ‘forget them dear.. life is not about thinking only of husbands but what we wish to do to..  let us go to the amusement park near and enjoy’

Both of them are on merry-go-round wheels enjoying.. nature..

Rains come in… both get drenched.. and come closer..

Rose ‘never realized why we wish to always be so engrossed in family matters.. life is about doing time pass too.. with our dear friends’

Mini kisses Roses’s forehead

Mini ‘do you know what comes in my mind when I see you in merry go round’

Rose ‘what?’

Mini ‘i feel we both are like kids.. we seem to have lost it with focused attention to family.. time to rewind and get our own freedom..  what about next weekend?’

Rose ‘let us pack and get going.. adventure trip…’

Mini ‘wow.. ‘

Mini returns back home

Her husband is just munching dinner

Husband ‘how was your day?’

Mini hugs him.. and smiles ‘enjoyed.. thorough full time pass’

Husband ‘dear.. i give you all space.. just enjoy.. am with you always.. you know our IT life.. hectic.. madness but show must go on’


Best of self

Best of self

one day a cute little kid well dressed is walking on the road. he meets a youth who too is well dressed and smiles..

Youth ‘school?’

Kid smiles

Youth ‘am going to office’

Kid ‘it is too boring to keep presenting self the way the world wishes to see us’

Youth is zapped

Youth ‘from where such big talks..’ He loosens his tie

Kid too loosens his tie

Kid ‘am fed up of school’

Youth ‘i too fed up of routine work’

Kid ‘have a football..  can we play?’

Youth is surprised.. he is now ruffled his hair too

Both move to nearest vacant ground and begin playing football

After few hours

Youth ‘what next’

Kid ‘i want to see that animation film’

Both go to theater and watch it

Late afternoon

Kid ‘thanks.. what is your name?’

Youth ‘Joy’

Kid  ‘am Mark..’

Joy ‘what is your father’s name?’

Kid ‘Alan.. he has a large publishing firm in NY.. Capstan’

Joy’s head is reeling

Joy ‘hey.. i work there only’

Kid ‘ok .. will keep this a secret.. but promise once every month, you need to bunk office for me’

Joy ‘Mark.. not knowing what to do… anyways.. bye for now’

Mark is giggling.


Monkey Love Story

Falling in love is easy.

Staying in love difficult

Separating from Love most difficult

So a monkey who loved a girl, decided to become only a true friend as love remained same.. No questions of separation and no heat breaks as the monkey would be part and parcel of that girl in each wake of life…

So whenever she formed a new relation, the monkey greeted them with smile and warmth.

One day the monkey turned human.. and his heart began to beat for the girl…

The girl was in 2 minds.. how she expresses this new twist to her existing beloved..

She pleaded with monkey to only be friends…

The monkey had tears in his eyes and chose to again become a monkey.

The girl was very happy as she had the monkey again in her life

The monkey wondered.. does love really lead to heart breaks.. and he realized it indeed does.. so again he smiles and began laughing and hugged the girl with ease..

She too responded with a big kiss on his lips and her boy friend was smiling and clapping and even clicked a photo..

The monkey winked at the camera and the boy friend again clicked the camera..

the monkey wished to say ‘boy.. I am in her heart.. you are just physically with her’