love knocks

love can be a real lesson to someone who has never fallen in love ever..

Siya ‘I never knew what hit me when I had a first brush of crush for my teacher Hamid’

Siya ”I got pained when he got married a few months later’

Heartbroke… 1 yeat later

Siya ”this guy used to keep following me.. in college.. buses, trains and one day I stopped to ask him .. why so?’

Jai just smiled and said ”I love you”

Siya ”I could not cope.. and said stop following me.. else will call the police”

Siya ”Next day onwards he just disappeared.. To come to think of it,, he seemed from good family.. but”

and then 4 years later

Siya ”I was here on my startup mission accelerator program giving pitch and one of my cofounder planted a kiss on my cheeks.. ghosh.. I didnt like it at all”

Jack ”hey Siya what is wrong.. have just joined you to make you feel comfortable.. am exploring a long term relation with you”

Siya ”common.. these investors.. the revenue and returns.. sorry not now”

2 weeks later Jack resigned and am left all alone

Siya ‘is there something wrong in me.. commitment phobic.. or am I not getting right partner.. love knocks and that is it…

As Siya is pouring her heart to her best friend Michael

Michael ”Siya.. you need a break.. no strings attachment.. will it work for you.. I and you can go to Bali”

Siya ”common… not again…”


A dark tunnel

A dark tunnel is one where in you get into the same knowingly or unknowingly, trying to figure out when will the tunnel end. If you choose to go backward,  you are stuck to the same old environment and if you go ahead, you will make mistakes, have accidents and you will try to seek help of other individuals who too are in same path trying to figure out the light which is supposed to eventually emerge.

To your surprise, when you come to light, you will not feel so comfortable holding hands of the ones whom you comfortably held hand with, when in tunnel and then slowly and surely, you begin avoiding them, leaving them to their own destiny and move on..

If you chose to hold hands of the same folks, chances are that they are your friends for life or somewhere they have stuck your heart..

and what about others? no harm still being compassionate with them, you did seek support at some point of time from them.


10 Hypothesis of Life

  1. We will be looked after by someone or the other.
  2. Whatsoever happens, will happen for good.
  3. Keep working and do not worry of returns.
  4. Strike when iron is hot.
  5. Lead by example.
  6. Break complex problems to simple steps, solutions emerges more easily.
  7. Health is wealth
  8. If you love someone, just free it from self, it will always be with you
  9. Friendship is sweet responsibility, never an opportunity
  10. After ever dark phase, bright one will emerge too.





Much as Rose wanted to avoid getting cold and cough, she would invariably be sneezing.

May be the pollen or what.. not sure..

One day as she was sneezing..

Frank ‘hey .. why you are using handkerchief… use tissue papers’

Rose ”common.. who are you to poke your nose in between”

Frank ”just a road side traveler.. some drops came on my shirt too ”

Rose ”oh am sorry.. ” and again sneeze”

Frank ”dear.. just use eucalyptus oil.. all will be fine”

Rose ”salesman?”

Frank ”no.. my mom makes them.. back in Mexico”

Rose ”oh I see” and again sneezes

Frank ”Single?”

Rose ” ”

Frank ”just had a break.. so wanting to check if I can have a new friend”

Rose again sneezes and wipes her hand in his jacket

Rose ”friends.. and extends hand”

Frank ”extends hand and feels it wet”

Frank ”never knew friendship can get so sticky so fast”

Both burst laughing


Do I owe you anything?

Sam is a happy go lucky guy.. full in love with his parents aged 65 and 70 respectively..

One day father Rahul gets a heart attack and he is gone for ever leaving behing Sam and his mom..

Sam is 25, and as his mom struggled to have kid.. it was after near 2 decade, he came on earth with god’s grace..

Needless to say Radha , his mom loves Sam tremendously..

Sam.. is Shyam.. who has moved over to USA and has removed HY to make the name more familiar..

One day Sam gets a frantic call from his mom

Radha ”Sam.. you have never told me, that you removed me from the bank account joint holder ? the bank refused to give me even money..  ”

Sam ”Mom.. relax.. my girl friend Somya felt.. better to have control right away rather then getting into settling all that.. ”

Radha ”smart girl.. so she is ensuring no complexity comes when am dead”

Sam ”nothing like that mom”

Radha “how should I fend then?”

Sam ‘See I will try to send US$100 per month.. it will be in my common friend”s account and he will give you in cash”

Radha remembers the struggle to have Sam reach earth..

Radha ‘seriously.. a name I thought would make you be like the most beloved Lord and I regret naming you Shyam too”

Sam ”hey relax mom..  why are you so worried. am there to look after you”

Radha ”how is your startup doing?”

Sam ”excellent Mom.. just raised US$2M”

Radha ”Am happy.  ”

Sam ”am still your kid mom.. just understand why am doing so.. just to ensure no complexities come in account handling”

Radha ”Do I owe you anything further?”

Sam is silent..

The phone is disconnected.

(This piece of writing is absolute fiction.. no relevance, coincidence with dead or alive and not intended to hurt any religious or any sentiments..  It is just a trend observed where kids are not taking care of their elders..  not sure why? but it is really sadenning to see elders wiping away their entire funds to groom kids, train and educate them and subsequently only to land themselves in mess..

wake up call for all elders to be careful and ensure everything is in your hand till you live and keep loving your kids all the way.. do not go overboard in emotions and repent later”

For youngsters : look at all the years of your life.. Friendship day also means being friends with your parents. I am sure all are friends.. if not, tomorrow is another opportunity for you

Happy friendship day

touching responses

touching responses are ones where you feel the response is great but your eyes also have tears for whatsoever reasons.

Lisa had published a journal and during the award ceremony her professor just hugged and kissed her

Lisa was shocked, surprised and even had an annoyance on her face..

After the event

Lisa ”this was unwarranted.. why this response?’

Professor ”to ensure you remembered this event always”

Lisa ”this is not right.. I didn’t like it’

Professor ”just wanted to make you realize that in story writing, journals.. we seek interesting articles.. your journal was on Touching Experiences and had tons of romance and hatred dramá’s penned in it.. all fiction.. just because an episode happened for real.. you reacted’

Lisa is silent

Professor ”fiction is conceived by us.. reality is what is felt life long.. imagine the way we exaggerate emotions just to make a point conveyed to reader’

Lisa hugs Professor ”Sir… why in public you had to exhibit love”

Professor ”touching experiences are always spontaneous”


Christmas love

Nancy is in love with Geff and wishes to surprise him on Christmas.

She just realized she is pregnant and as Geff is her boss and manager, and they do understand that Nancy will rear the kid and Geff will only support her.. so it seems a perfect arrangement till…

Geff ‘Nancy.. my wife has got a whiff of our affair.. I think we will need to break’

Nancy ‘common.. I never tried to snatch you from her.. so’

Geff ‘I too am getting a bit stifled..  somewhere in our startup.. all are aware of our relation.. including investors so it becomes a big problem’

Nancy ‘pain, endurance, compassion all for a cause..  our love dear’

Geff ‘extremely sorry..’

Nancy is left high and dry.. and has tears in her eyes

1 year later

Margret ‘Geff… a baby boy.. I adopted.. ‘

Geff ‘common.. why at this age’

Margret ‘love sometimes tends to fear and have more surprises for you this year’

Geff ‘what is it?’

Margret ‘Adopting the boy’s mom too’

Geff ‘common.. hope you are in senses’

Margret ‘am in full senses.. she will visit us on Christmas day’

on 25th

Geff opens the door and finds Nancy

Geff is shocked

Margret greats Nancy

Margret ‘Geff… always remember compassion is all about accepting even strangers with love.. forgiving a sin has given me sort of salvation.. and as long as we human realize our boundaries.. I think all will go well.. am not saying you guys committed sin.. but why a kid should suffer..  when you run startup.. atleast learn the basic of not to disown the mentor and the baby in one go.. you removed your most trustworthy technical resource and literally..’

Nancy ‘I wanted to surprise him.. but’

Geff has drop of tears in his eyes

Margret ‘Merry Christmas guys.. stop brooding and if relations get expanded.. for whatsoever reasons.. welcome them’