What can go wrong?

Police has rushed to a place where the startup entrepreneur Jim has just committed suicicide

Jim ‘Mentally harassed by friends, relatives, investors and even employees. Am not having any complaints against anyone..’

The police support team creamates Jim only to find a letter

‘This is Bob.. your investor.. deploy us the 100000$ immediately as agreed upon.. from 500000$, you had agreed to payback 100000$ as consulting remuneration.’

The police reaches to the investor Bob

Police Inspector Garry ‘We need to ask you about Jim’

Bob ‘Jim.. I heard about it.. he took too much unofficial investments from us’

Garry ‘can you share us proof’

Bob gives an entire file of Jim

Garry and team observe over US$100000 paid of to Bob in addition to official investments’

Garry ‘source of money?’

Bob ‘we would pay him as consulting fee or even as advances and then when we asked for payment back.. ‘

Gsrry ‘he threatened he will commit suicide’

Bob ‘exactly.. this is what has happened’

Garry returns back to the police station

Garry ‘should I ask my son to pursue startup or not?’

Garry’s friend Kris ‘relax.. let us not take 1 bad example as population’

Few days latter

Garry ‘my son managed a 100000$ fund.. seems he is happy.. hope he works well but he does need to understand what can go wrong.. will guide him’

Love strikes back again

John is a depressed loner as he recently broke from his marriage, his wife Jenny used to be extremely possessive about him. This lead to a particular incident where in his wife taunts a young entrepreneur Rose about how she is just seeking favors from Investor John’. This results to Rose committing suicide and John has been depressed ever since then..

John ‘does possessiveness really harm so one so much?”

Jenny ‘dear John, sure she is not done suicide for this reason’

John ‘do not bug me.. I murmur on my own … so why you stepping into my space’

Jenny murmurs ‘never knew Investors would be in so much love with entrepreneurs’

John moves out to Garden

John finds a small girl looking at him gleefully’

John ‘Whose child…? ‘

Mary shoots out ‘hey.. why you troubling uncle’

John ‘oh Mary.. what a pleasant surprise..  since when you came in our apartment complex’

Mary ‘am on assignment… seriously world is so small’

John ‘remember the roses I used to give .. without fail.. every day’

Mary smiles

Mary ‘yes John.. I remember everything.. including your marriage with that possessive creature’

John ‘Not sure why… I wanted money.. and her father offered me a 50-50 partner in his venture fund’

Mary ‘so how is it going?’

John ‘just an entrepreneur committed suicide recently// she was in love.. not sure… but still.. I feel it is because of Jenny’

Mary ‘hey she was my younger sister.. She committed suicide not for your wife but for you… as you had in anger mentioned ‘die.. but do not tell me a thing about my wife’

John ‘Is it so?… am I still in love with Jenny?’

Mary ‘not sure.. somewhere you are subconsciously loving the possessiveness’

John ‘what about the girl’

Mary ‘my sister had bipolar.. she died as she was not able to cope up with insults etc.. so stop worrying about her’

John ‘should I give rose to Jenny today’

Mary ‘celebrate your marriage anniversary again’

John ‘never imagined.. I would fall in love again with such possessive wife’

Mary ‘all women love their hubby to be focused only to them’

John smiles.. rushes to his wife

Mary smiles and murmurs ‘wish he understood me ever’


an ungifted gift

love is something which when given, is loved and when not given, is hated

or if given forcefully, still hated.


Joy ”Lisa.. I am gifting you a fund of US$10000 for your venture”

Lisa ”common.. no need from you.. please … I do not love you’

Joy ”common it is not for the same reason”

Lisa ”Where is Mike?”

Joy ”He is just going to be in NY anytime next week”

After a week

Lisa sees Mike giving a beautiful necklace to her best friend Jaquline

Lisa pulls Mike round the corner

Lisa ”Common.. not a single gift to me…”

Lisa plants a forceful kiss on Mike’s lips..

Mike ”Common.. I just do not love you.. stay away from me”

Lisa has drops of tears

Joy comes in…to the restaurent where the party is on

Joy hugs Lisa

Joy ”Lisa… seriously.. no expectations.. just get going and do something of your own”

Lisa hugs Joy and keeps sobbing.



Startup questions

Will I get invested soon?


Can you connect us to few investors?


Will the investors look at our traction and get impressed?


Should I approach investors then or wait?


But I dont have funds to bootstrap?

Pause and work part time too

Can the investor manage to give me at least money for me to do basic startup pre-requisites?

Common if you want to be an employee, then do that.. why you want to be an entrepreneur.

In nutshell individuals should not confuse entrepreneurship as another form of employment given by investors


Crime of being a humorist

Humorist begins writing humor and is surprised at multiple critics

Humorist ‘what is my mistake? I was trying to make people laugh’

Critic ‘making someone butt of joke and laughing of that is not humor’

Humorist ‘Was just following modern day trend’

Critic ‘common.. do you realize humor is all about humming nonsense with no correlation to dead or alive and think of what popular international cartoonist or animation studio does.. build characters dear.. fictious one.. Tom and Jerry, Micky Mouse and so many’

Humorist ‘I found slapstick comedy being accepted by many’

Critic ‘do you know sense of humor is state of mind.. if you are tensed, irritated over life, where will you have time to understand humor and when you disregard that personal space of an individual.. then mere TRP will not help build value’

Humorist ‘Did I make a mistake?’

Critic ‘Not sure.. but one thing is for sure.. never mimic a character with a useless joke which hurts sentiments of common man who worship that character’

Humorist ‘Should I apologize?’

Critic ‘common.. should I be guiding you for this too.. when did you last cry?’

Humorist ‘mock cry.. I did.. I never cried for many days’

Critic ‘watch your face today when you cry.. you may find it too funny’

Humorist ‘should I put that poster and say ‘Sorry’

Critic ‘life is a humor.. it plays on us every moment… the sense of humor is nothing but sense of life.. if we begin disregarding body of work of individuals and talk loosely, it will hurt people.. and if we begin respecting it. and wish you bring in smiles and laughter in people whom you joke.. just have animated new characters built.. unknown ones.. fiction ones and create a fiction..  more likely you will be appreciated’

Humorist ‘I need fund for that’

Critic ‘you lost much by making fun of potential investors.. hope you realize your folly’


Do you wish to be successful entrepreneur?

How many of us have been determined to be an entrepreneur?
How many of us decided to purchase a 100 buck product and tried to sell it at 150?
How many of us visit a technical book shop and show a natural inclination to read technology and draw a technology roadmap of products or project?
As a rest less soul, an entrepreneur needs to keep researching, using google, using every social media to identify competition around self.

Enterprise Solution
Imagine your product cost works out at 1 million
You wish to reach out to 50 potential customers..
The product pricing comes to 20000
and ensure you save on maintenance and travel costs through cloud solution etc

Aggregation Platforms
Imagine your product cost works out at 1 million
You have 10000 potential customers..in your universe
The product pricing comes to 10 only

You choose the currency of your country.

Can we really penetrate and get more clients?
Building a brand takes many years. Out of good will, out of marketing thrusts, out of strategy to reach out.  It happened for PASSION too..  1996, folks correlated PASSION with love and then.. slowly and surely PASSION got acknowledged in academic institutes and students as facilitator for live projects and then.. PASSION PRO came in.. Pune.. the vehicle brand and slowly and surely with even a news letter to push the brand, PASSION IT  got circulated and we found the business model working out and then the word PASSION kept growing.. it seeped into the entrepreneur eco system.
After the usual copyright and trademark in place.. and spending almost 30 to 50% of revenue earned in advertisement and marketing, decided to get lean.. leaner and more leaner.. and began using the social media power to reach out to people.

Is entrepreneurship tough?
Absolutely.. if you are not determined and are not passionate about your initiative and do not wish to make personal sacrifices, nothing can move ahead..
Many a time folks wish sleeping or dormant partners and it fails as only an entrepreneur needs to understand that overspending on media is meaningless and overspending on expansion too. As long as the first client sets do not accept you, nothing works out.
For free bee’s many come in.. charge money.. and all are gone.

Who can succeed in this journey?
The one who are courageous, become visible, push themselves and focus on quality product and services.

PASSION will reach millions and no doubts about that.. It is the strong zeal to achieve an object and seek security from that object. Whether it is wishing to have a baby, or wishing to learn or wishing to have a boy friend or girl friend or marriage or whatsoever.. finally security plays an important role in mind of entrepreneur..

Can an Entrepreneur really scale up with no money?
Many did that successfully through small funds..  As long as willingness to return back debts exist, as long as courage exists to work in team and without being greedy and understanding pain points of a domain and solving a solution.. things will just work out for you. No point of end less discussions, thinking and not working an idea and taking steps to make a product or service

Just ACT, SCOPE AND SET  your initiative through right probing and innovation.
Nurture and Own your venture

passion framework

PASSION FRAMEWORK can be used in any of life goals. Try it out once

Promoting a Cause

A big banner posted besides you

A T Shirt with the purpose

You are in 2 wheeler or a car.. just keep driving with the same.. and ensure you stop at strategic locations and have cold drink in local joint.. and have interactions with common man for their purpose…

This vehicle is being followed by another vehicle with a camera shooting the event… and check the miracle

“In this world CAMERA plays an important role. People get enamored by shootings and crowd begins gathering without a fuss’

Who said a cause awareness needs huge fund…

Banner costs US$200

2 T-shirts       US$100

CAB Costs for hire 1 day (2 Cabs) =  US$500

Camera hire  US$250

Your sweat equity = US$100 per day x 2 resource

If you have your own vehicles and camera, you are spending only US$300 and what you get in return, an assured response of over 5000 odd people..    reach cost= 300/5000  .06 cents???????

So next time you wish to launch something do check on this experiment too..