love can sing

Love can sing in a bathroom

Love can sing in an empty room

Love can sing in an open garden

So whomsoever falls in room,

one of the symptoms is to

catch them mumbling in bathroom, open garden or an empty room

and with dabs of smiles, selfies and bliss ful thought of

receiving some sweet nothings in form of song from their beloved

so what if the lyrics only has word love and hugs and kisses

whatsoever they are.. still they bring blush to face

and a heat filled to want more of such words as lyrics in a song



Homeless – MyNukkad

This is story of Hari who lives in a Delhi Square..

Life for him is all fine till one day he is asked to not sleep in the garden adjacent to the square

Police ‘just move out.. this is public garden.. you cannot sleep here at night time’

Hari ‘I just slink and sleep.. It is almost one year’

Police ‘Don’t.. ‘

Hari ‘150000 sleep on roads here’

Police ‘What can i do dear, i am doing my job.. am not here to provide you shelter’

Hari ‘ok lock me up.. i will get sleep in Jail’

Police ‘this is how you are.. petty nuisance

Hari ‘I will put this problem in My Nukkad..’

Police ‘What is that?’

Hari ‘Need solution for this problem.. It should be government’s interest to see how rag pickers, cheap labors lead life’

Police ‘what you want me to do? reach to Prime Minister and inform him to look into this matter’

Hari ‘Why not… and do you know I am single, but so many kids, so many girls abused.. it is bad.. real bad’

Police ‘Ok.. in best interest of all of you let me see what best can be done’

Hari ‘the people’s immune system gets weak.. absolute disaster’

a few months latter

Hari ‘Sir.. i am no longer shelter less’

Police ‘wow.. what you did in these 3 months’

Hari ‘I have taken a small room and accommodate 3 friends’

Police ‘how?’

Hari ‘My Nukkad.. it helped me identify a small time investor and started a Noodle road side restaurant near college. I know cooking well’

Police ‘can they solve shelterless problem too?’

Hari ‘It suggests a proper census undertaken and then.. a mass settlement 50 kms from the place in a jungle’

Police begins laughing

Hari ‘150000 people, each person has 100sqft for self = 15000000..  150 acres of land….’

Police ‘who will give it?’

Hari ‘Imagine 150000 resources at that individual’s disposal to make smart home concept rather then smart city, smart village concept’

Police ponders

Police ‘yes.. to to come to think of it.. it is on of the biggest settlement and by logic/ force all these construction houses / leaders will be forced to work there’

Hari ‘and the owner of that land becomes an over night hero’

Police ‘what type?’

Hari ‘Nukkad hero’

Hari ‘Nukkad is a square, a joint between roads..  All homeless are at cross roads’


As PASSION FRAMEWORK gets serious on its mission to promote social entrepreneurship, this piece of writing is a society solution – a fiction.. No relevance to dead or alive.  Society problems are huge, we need to tackle it and it is only we who can disrupt the thought process’

Let us Begin First

In an Entrepreneur meet, during Idea Brain Storming Session it is observed that most of the participants plan to seek funds and then move their idea to proof of concept phase..

Mentor Rocky smiles and informs the participants ‘Let me begin with my story…It is funny and idiotic, however relevant’

Rocky ‘my best friend Susan was an idea geek. She could bring in ideas to table.. let me take you 5 years back’


Susan ‘Giving love gifts is a nice way to grow affection’

Rocky comes closer to Susan

Rocky ‘Why? do you wish to take a plastic mold machine and get going’

Susan ‘Not sure.. but anyone who implements it will rock.’

Rocky ‘Why don’t you begin?’

Susan ‘Let’s see’

3 months latter

Susan ‘Wow check on GIFT@ they have come with concept of online booking of gifts for entire calendar year where they give.. guess what 100% discount for first 100 and so on…’

Rocky ‘Wow…’

Susan ‘I have booked gifts for my friends for entire calendar year.. Costed me only US$100.. for 50 friends and family members’

3 days latter

Rocky comes in a new car

Susan ‘Wow.. ‘

Rocky ‘Lets go for dinner and then watch a movie’

Susan and Rocky are traveling

Susan ‘Do you know what.. Putting Solar Lights can serve purpose near deserted streets’

Susan ‘It costs less then US$100.. All a person needs to do is take discarded lamps and repair them and import it…’

5 months latter

Susan and Rocky are walking through a garden street near Multiplex..

Susan ‘Wow.. it is implemented already’

Susan ‘I should have been a millionaire as my ideas rock’


Rocky ends the story.. and all echo ‘What is the moral.. She never became an entrepreneur’

Rocky smiles and says ‘i became an entrepreneur and made my million with her idea’

All echo ‘She didn’t get anything?’

Rocky ‘No ideally she will not get anything as idea is meaningless if not executed.. No VC or Angel Investor even signs a NDA’

Rocky ‘Welcome Susan my wife… I married her by giving her a big diamond ring and whispering in her ears.. ‘Think tankers need implementation folks too..  So don’t shy away from sharing idea but also ensure you have a good implementer in team’

Susan waves hands.. and says ‘Cheers’

Office Nap Woes

If I were to rest on your lap you would get shocked.. but if I were to rest on a garden desk in scorch heat.. the by passers would be shocked and I were to rest on a office desk, boss would be shocked.. hence now there is very little choice left for a normal office goer to decide where to take a nap and has no option but to rely on the loos of the office for same

John baba is confused he feels sleepy after continuous work

Power, Money or Education?

What is needed most?





All replied Money

Few replied Power

There was pin drop silence..

The conference presenter ‘Surprises – why not education?’

All began laughing loudly..

Presenter annoyed.. I didn’t expect this response..

John Baba responds ‘Dear Sir.. Even for going to some decent school.. we need money.. This conference is an international one to understand which way education is going.. and we all can safely say  NO WHERE’

John Baba ‘Does any one even bother to look at schools which are not listed? So to move to those listed school, my PAPA, MAMA have to slog.. then they try to put me in school and realize we need to pay more money.. They force me to take loan and even before I am employed am in debt SIR

John Baba ‘Wish we had money plants with real money available in garden of every home’

All clap and begin laughing loudly

Presenter sheepishly ‘Yes even for this conference, i had to pay money to an individual to write this speech’

All begin laughing loudly..

John Baba ‘PASSION is committed to address these core issues at grass root level.. Hope it succeeds’

All ‘John Baba.. All are with you’

Flower Bed

John founder of a growing company visits a garden in Malaysia and finds the garden properly maintained. He specifically goes and meets Garden Owner ‘Boney

Boney ‘Sir,  it is great pleasure trimming, pruning the garden, leaves and am very proud of the flower bed.. ‘

John ‘Am impressed..’

Boney ‘I always correlate human being to flowers.. Unless the plants are not nourished, they will die or not grow well. The technique of pruning can be used to provide to balance out resources and bring in a sense of equality.. No point in having trees of same species grow unevenly.’

John ‘Wow.. I learnt an important lesson.. This could lead to uneven growth and may lead to conflicts’

Boney ‘yes.. flower beds of different species need to be nurtured and treated uniformly first and then give specialized treatment as per their capability to grow’

John ‘May I ask you a question?’

Boney ‘yes’

John ‘Are you a HR’

Boney ‘Yes, used to work in a multi national but left all that and pursue my hobby gardening and decided to own up this garden and have the flowers blossom the right way’

John ‘I really liked what you said and will be in touch with you.. You are lucky, you have moved out of core work and pursuing what you love’

Boney ‘Only if we pursue our dreams, our mind and heart will love to contribute more to that effort’