10 seconds

James ‘I feel like hugging you”

Sarah ‘why?’

James ‘morning hugs.. most welcoming’

Sarah ‘so.. why you are waiting?’

James ‘consent.. yours?’

Sarah ‘for hugs too consent?..’

James ‘Global data protection rights… is buzz word.. am working on global sentiment protection rights’

Sarah ‘are you mad… 10 seconds over..  hug me directly next time.. do not ask for consent’

James ‘but.. it is sensitive’

Sarah ‘you are outright stupid process researcher’


Investor surprised

A question was asked to an Investor ‘Sir.. is my product so bad.. am not getting any investors for this’

The investor smiled and said ‘The product comes secondary.. your profile reports are available with many’

Entrepreneur ‘I do shared deck with so many folks’

Investor ‘no dear.. your behavior analytic report being shared to us’

Entrepreneur ‘but as per GDPR, my private information cannot be shared’

Investor ‘what is that? I never heard of it’