an ungifted gift

love is something which when given, is loved and when not given, is hated

or if given forcefully, still hated.


Joy ”Lisa.. I am gifting you a fund of US$10000 for your venture”

Lisa ”common.. no need from you.. please … I do not love you’

Joy ”common it is not for the same reason”

Lisa ”Where is Mike?”

Joy ”He is just going to be in NY anytime next week”

After a week

Lisa sees Mike giving a beautiful necklace to her best friend Jaquline

Lisa pulls Mike round the corner

Lisa ”Common.. not a single gift to me…”

Lisa plants a forceful kiss on Mike’s lips..

Mike ”Common.. I just do not love you.. stay away from me”

Lisa has drops of tears

Joy comes in…to the restaurent where the party is on

Joy hugs Lisa

Joy ”Lisa… seriously.. no expectations.. just get going and do something of your own”

Lisa hugs Joy and keeps sobbing.



Gift to someone

Gift to someone

Not by money

Not by articles

Not by ornaments

Not by real estate

But by insurance policy

Gift someone the same

For not today

But for future

(Have observed many parents in US living with no insurance policy..  no risk cover.. they have come as guests to meet their kids and.. no cover.. why so.. not sure.. but unless we do not change our own mind set to care for people genuinely, all these mother’s day, father’s day, valentine day, brother’s day, father’s day everything gets meaningless as the intention has to be genuine care and love.. it needs to be through helping that individual get secured eventually.

Entrepreneurs in quest of building companies at times neglect their families. so please do take care of your family well.


Bank Chasers

Sophia visits a shopping mall with her friend and acquires the latest game.

As she swipes her card.. Her friend from China Piu observes around 15 cards

Piu ‘My good ness’

Sophia ‘Here Banks chase us and we chase banks’ and begins laughing

Piu ‘What limits each card has’

Sophia ‘i earn around 50000US$, so may be around 2000US$ per card limit.. as I have never missed the loan transactions’

Piu ‘So you have 30000US$ worth credit spending capacity assuming you have 15 cards’

Sophia ‘Yes.. why this question?’

Piu ‘What if you loose job?’

Sophia “Will get into hiding lol.. Phones ringing me.. and i will answer for while and then plead what else’

Sophia ‘They will be running after me.. coming to my house and i will need to manage to give bare minimum EMI’

Piu ‘Will you pay finally’

Sophia ‘of course why will I dupe them’

Sophia ‘Strange is fact of life.. Credit Worth is important and if we end up taking more loans.. our credit history goes for toss and even if we don;t use credit card it is bad..’

Piu ‘Our earlier days were better.. But Sophia.. can you swipe the card.. I want the latest camera available there’

Sophia smiles ‘Piu you can have that…’

Sophia ‘Piu remember that once you get job.. you too need to give me a gift.. ‘

They return home and Sophia see’s a bank notice

Piu gets tensed..

Piu ‘Is it because of my camera purchase’

Sophia ‘relax.. I will manage that.. Do you know surprisingly even after bad credit history eventually after 6 months you begin paying regularly.. banks again begin increasing limits’

Piu ‘My good ness. whole world runs only on loans’

God’s gift to you

God’s gift to you

1) you learn to imitate without needing anyone to teach you

2) you learn to cry and laugh without anyone teaching you

3) you can think of anything in universe and be lost in that entity for moments, hours, months or entire life

4) All your sensory organs can explore nature and understand its beauty, smell and taste and be lost in its melodies of chirping bees and birds or the hustle bustle of traffic as per your living circumstances.

Why Did I not think about it first?

Rose regrets her decision to not start rose nursery even after her father pestered her to do so as he had huge acres of land..

Rose’s friend Claudia takes clue from Rose’s father and starts a nursery..

Rose wishes to be a high profile model and wants to be in hollywood…

A  year earlier

Rose ‘I do want to get the assignment at any cost.. Willing to compromise too’

Agent Rob is silent..

Rob ‘The hollywood producers are tough nut to crack’

Rose ‘Inform them everything available free from my side for this assignment’

Rob calls up production office and informs Rose ‘Good News everything is managed’

Rose meets Producer GoldSmith at his bungalow.. and that night Rose is happy that she is now in path of achievement..

GoldSmith gives her a small role in his new film COMPROMISE..

Rose calls up her friend Claudia and gives her the good news..

Claudia informs her that she has set a good nursery and Rose’s father is guiding her on all the tricks of business’

Rose is happy for Claudia..

2 months later the production is scrapped as GoldSmith runs into finance issues..

Rose is dejected and sad.. but she is now determined to struggle her way in LA..

She gets an offer from India by a producer for an ‘ITEM SONG’…

Rose agrees.. and she visits India..

There she realizes that Casting Couch system exists much more then anticipated.. She is clueless and helpless’

She calls Claudia and shares all her problems..

Claudia ‘return back.. with your father’s help I got into exports.. We are doing well.. you become my partner’

Rose ‘what about my dreams?’

Claudia ‘unrealistic dreams do not take you anywhere unless you are determined and lucky.. here you have everything’

Rose ‘No.. am not interested’


Rose suddenly realizes she is getting a call…

She picks up the call and gets news from her agent Rob

Rob ‘The production is getting revived and you have also got a plum role now as the heroine.. Sir has called you immediately to US’

Rose is delighted

Rose ponders ‘Life is a compromise..  I should have been with Claudia.. but she has challenged my dream so.. let me think at least now and ensure I get plum roles if at i have to sell myself’

Back home Claudia wins the best entrepreneur award and Rose sends her a big congratulation gift..


Following PASSION the right way is good for health.