Godly message

Human ‘I gave everything and got nothing’

God ‘I gave nothing but got everything’

Human ‘are you kidding?’

God ‘I am just a symbol or a belief..    people build huge infrastructure around me, so many employment opportunities and everything just on a belief’

Human ‘should we stop believing you?’

God ‘it is up to you, whatsoever you gave, is out of your good will or fear or happiness. When you got nothing.. why crib’

Human ‘how can I remove that cribbing habit?’

God ‘that is the only difference.. how can you get rid is upto you, stay contended and come up with a philosophy  ‘I gave everything, got nothing but got everything’

It means ‘even if money is given or love is given and assume you do not get any love or any returns of that money or love given, still you get a good will and that good will will generate more good will to make people believe you, love you and respect you


Bhakti Shakti


The power of devotion can make anyone go crazy to stop understanding the pros and cons of a cause.

When I had conducted a small research to identify who is an idol, role model to entrepreneurs, got a very typical answer of a most real entrepreneur who could even get nearer to God oneday.

A small controversy, even God would forgive, but not the people, the media or the investors who ripped up and raked the whole past commitments and suddenly all dreams looked false promises only. An illusion, a MAYA

At backyard, again a powerful role model leader emerged.. Blind followers again.. All followed the power of belief of a change. Many experiments got initiated and largely all failed in implementation.. The illusion faded and reality emerged… God is still unknown, the futility of spending millions and billions to reach more nearer to unknown is not needed.

Again at some other backyard, the power of trade game was so high, that it damages both ends.. Just because someone gives a whip to a person for one day, it doesn’t mean the person needs to begin whipping all for sake of the whip.

The role models too may have realized they are not that powerful to actually make any change in life for anyone but only can be facilitators. No one is powerful then the UNKNOWN. As a messenger of truth, peace and hope to create models for employment opportunity, I feel, humbleness, discipline, goal focus will remain the reality for many. The UNKNOWN is UNKNOWN as no one really can see or understand it. It is the NATURE.

Am I an Investor?

(This piece of writing is absolute fiction, philosophical.. to explain Dimensions of PASSION and carefully tries to analyze the deep learning uncovered research yet to understand the difference between good or bad.. )

I keep wondering Mr Light.. on what is Investor all about?

Investment in startup for small equity.. hoping it will scale up..

Investment in stocks.. hoping it will give more returns..

Investment in education.. hoping it will give more returns if applied well..

Investment in charity hoping all good deeds done will vanish away the small sins we made..

The mindset of human is such that we were programmed to be an investee and then investor always…

God made Adam and Eve with a forbidden apple and experimented what happens next..

Soon Adam and Eve invest their time in love and eat the forbidden apple and an investee comes in..   and then more and more and more…

Why the apple was forbidden?

It is not apple dear.. any fruit from tree of knowledge.. the knowledge of good and bad..

Why did they then eat it in first place?  It is destiny..

The awareness of good or bad itself was forbidden however once the knowledge comes in, forgiveness also existed in certain stories and punishments too visible in certain stories..

So as Investor, somewhere maybe God attempted to make an entrepreneur (adventurer) and then also gave that entrepreneur (a cofounder) but wanted them to abide by rules.. and just enjoy the work..  However there are even oppositions to investors where someone could challenge the investment decisions itself or even challenge the entrepeneurs to do what so ever they feel is right. the judgement of good or bad has to come from human only..  Clueless without a rule / regulation, mistakes begin to occur and each mistake results in only pain.

Why as an Investor (God) , an investor doesnt wish entrepreneur to avoid biased knowledge (knowledge from mentors, advisors, consultants whatsoever)?

This is because once you begin getting knowledge.. you become aware of causes.. the effects and may even stop being the original self.. you will even feel embarassed?

What happens next?

Just more and more exploration.. more and more returns in form of pains and pleasure.. till one day the dust remains the only reality.. to a human. and  what happens to the assets built by the entrepreneur… they too can get to dust.. unless human doesnt decide to help another human to manage that asset well..

God technically wanted human to only enjoy each other’s companion without that understanding of good or bad.. but the knowledge and repository along with awareness creates human move in good path or bad path.. the decision is left to only us..

So as Investor.. God only questions ”Am I the investor?”  The answer is ”yes” but God just wanted human to take care and nurture the nature without any expectations.. but within a certain rule..

What happened subsequently..

The entrepreneur explored.. probed.. innovated and kept innovating and eating the forbidden fruits from tree of knowledge to get lost in the world of nature and be further distant from God..(The original investor)..    There were some who also innovated, earned money, distributed it further.. but with expectations because of awareness of good and evil..

Moral of story..   the tree had both good and bad knowledge.. how to seggregate it was never taught to the man and so what happens next..

Enters  Mr. Light..

Mr Light addressing a bunch of multiple coutry dignitaries on ”FORBIDDEN FRUITS” smiles and says

”An open challenge to all the AI professionals..  Can you seggregate the good and bad content from google search?”

All burst out laughing…

Mr. Light  ”the mess we are in.. with bombardment of knowledge…  god only knows how the real good and real bad be decided.. to each his or her own”

All burst out again laughing..

Mr Light ”Owning and Nurturing.. the dimensions of PASSION.. always remember that.. each person can own and nurture the good knowledge or bad knowledge..  as PASSION doesn’t know to seggregate it too…  what PASSION can do is to probe self, innovate self, act self, scope self, set self and own self to nurture the dream which you wish to fullfill to make some useful product or service model contributing to human painpoints”

Mr. Light ”lets break for a cup of coffee.. too heavy complex theory explained.. “

Go ahead

Go ahead with what you wish to

as life is not coming second time

in way it is anyways

If life can pause a bit and

look back at you..

you will feel.. there is some thing more

which can move ahead .

Go ahead and achieve what you should

and accept all your weakness

gracefully as you can just go ahead further

once you realize that the small little

push you get will always be there

to move ahead ..

it could be in form of beloved

or colleague or boss or friend

or kids or siblings or some family member

and if no one else.. at least the unknown


Relation of 2 ants

Ant 1 ‘why are we always together’

Ant 2 ‘because we need to be together’

Ant 1 ‘why?’

Ant 2 ‘god decided to make us be together always’

Ant 1 ”i will disappear one day’

a few days latter

Ant 2 searches and finds Ant 1 is dead

Ant 2 ‘what an end.. just had it been with me always, I could have saved it’

Philosophy  ‘be united cofounders. do not get into conflict else the startup may just crash’


Why Angels need Due Diligence Support?

god asked 2 questions to an angel…  would u wish to be in sky or sea..  she got confused.. as below sea.. she would get insights of depth of earth and above she could see the living entities.. she preferred to be in sky.. and soon after.. she got lost only in looking at outer outlook/personalities of individuals and began giving boon or curse.. She is clueless of the depths of soul and may be will be committing classic mistakes of giving blessings to wrong entities..  but that is life.. An Angel can make mistake too..  and only way to protect self is through due diligence. Angels too need Due Diligence support

Karmic Life Cycle

Kaira is Miss Universe and enjoying her glory.. Good assignments coming up.. she is all excited with this sudden shower of success.

As she is driving from London to a near by city, she see’s a cosmic divine center..


She has always been fascinated with this whole aspect so asks her mom Diana

Kaira ‘Mom.. want to know why this success / failure happens.. something to do with previous life’

Diana ‘you have worked hard dear.. just come out of that whole thing.. let us go and attend party’

Kaira ‘No.. want to get into past..and see what I am ‘

Diana and Kaira visit the office

An old lady is sitting and greats them with a smile

Kaira ‘can you tell me what I was in past?’

The old lady closes her eyes.. and she sees a very ugly looking lady sweeping the London Airport

Old lady opens her eyes and says ‘you were an ugly looking lady.. who was a sweeper’

Kaira ‘please.. tell me more’

Old lady closes her eyes..

‘The ugly lady is admiring self, decorating self with flowers and and praying ‘Make me beautiful and I promise I will make the world beautiful’

The ugly lady would dutifully serve the orphans in an orphanage.. make food for them and and further the old lady finds… that individual is also teaching the kids

Old lady opens her eyes and says ‘you seemed to be a good human in last life’

Kaira ‘please.. what else’

Old lady closes her eyes and she finds the ugly looking lady having strong desire to be on stage.. so she has started a play school.. and many students learning from her’

and then the old lady suddenly finds an arrogant actress slamming a notice and closing the play school..

Old lady opens her eyes… and says ‘you committed suicide in your previous life’

Kaira is shocked..

Old lady ‘my fee’

Kaira ‘how much?’

Old lady ‘500000US$’

Kaira is shocked.. and gets into an argument

Kaira ‘Ridiculous are you sure this is your fee’

Old lady ‘yes..’

Kaira writes a cheque of US$100 and hands it over to old lady and walks off

After 2 days Kaira is returning back and on way finds there is no such shop seen..

Kaira ‘Mom where is that divine encounter..something shop’

Diana ‘forget it.. who cares..’

Kaira ‘No Mom.. I think it is a lesson by god..  that do not get into karmic cycles and keep taking birth for repaying debt.. Life is all about clearing all debts.. and I think somewhere I too got arrogant.. so..’

Diana ‘do not teach me philosophy.. you have better things to do.. just focus on that’

Kaira has a drop of tear in her eyes.. and feels she is again caught in the Karmic Cycle