Am I the Investor?

Rob is an ace psychologist.. he has been called upon by a group of investors who are reeling under shock because of their recent investments in startups..

Joe an investor just got a mini attack when he lost US$100000 all in 9 months. His invested startup has no takers.. bad management, founder is on merry trips..

Louisa is sad as all her invested companies are not doing well….

Rob ‘Admit guys you are greedy?’

Mark ‘common Investment means 5 X to 10 X returns’

Rob ‘how? let me give you strings and stretch it as much as possible’

Joe, Louisa, Mark all their strings break..

Rob uses his two hands and stretches a string.. it is not breaking…

Rob ‘do you know balancing.. it is not breaking.. founders need to balance a company.. even investors are as good as founders… if investor or founder gets greedy, project is gone’

Joe ‘but we are promoting entrepreneurship’

Rob ‘common investing couple of dollars and assuming the venture scales up.. not a good idea…’

Joe ‘but we invest in incubation managers too’

Rob ‘some 1%? ‘do you really feel you will get experienced folks in that?’

Louisa is silent

Joe ‘just converting freshers to entrepreneurs is disaster if they are not trained and investing on senior professionals to be entrepreneur too is disaster as they do not wish to listen over period of time’

Rob ‘so you use combinators right’

All echo ‘yes’

Rob ‘when did you first understand the importance of studies’

Louisa sheepishly ’15’

others 12, 17, 21 etc

Rob ‘same way.. an entrepreneur takes own time to understand importance of their business to their employee’s etc’

Louisa ‘i wish to exit from my ventures’

Rob ‘never think like a sales man if you wish to build foundations’

Rob ‘invest in one.. but make that one a success. have patience and above all acknowledge all who scale up that…else you head to disaster’

Mark ‘Investor invests to make multiples of money’

Rob ‘Investor should invest to build foundations’

Rob ‘no 9 month horizon.. 2-3 years minimum’

Rob ‘next time do not get carried away and invest in same type of projects.. demand is less.. supply is more.. all finished’

Ganesha Visits

Ganesha is a happy go lucky soul and extremely clever in his day to day management.

One day he gets lost.. He has gone to the toilet and his parents rush to get down as train nears a station. Before they can realize the train gets over crowded and the kid is all alone..

He is taken to the railway police station.. There he see’s a strange happening

“Someone’s purse has got lost, someone’s train got missed and so on’

He decides to pretend he doesn’t know the address of his house…

Soon he is taken to an orphanage

Over there.. he see’s kids enjoying and playing..

At night time, he finds very less food for eating and almost all are hungry but with less food end up sleeping with hunger pangs..

Ganesha decides to group various kids and makes 3 groups

All the ones who look a bit senior, some junior and some below 9 years

He teaches the junior folks to make sweets

and the < 9 year to put nice wrappers around it

and the more senior ones are asked to visit various sweet shops and market the sweets

Slowly, the business begins growing well

back his parents are very worried for him. His photo is splashed all over TV

The orphanage team see’s his photo flashed in TV

The chair man Lobo calls him

Lobo ‘Ganesha.. your parents are searching for you.. I want to unite them with you’

Ganesha ‘Sir.. not sure how this sweet shop works further.. I learnt this observing my father who has sweet shop’

Lobo hugs Ganesha

Lobo ‘but you know < 18 years, child labor banned’

Ganesha ‘what is the use of this education system if kids remain hungry.. don’t you feel even kids have right to eat food with no exploitation and then right for education comes?’

Lobo ‘Child.. government gives small meals to kids and even 1 glass milk’

Ganesha smiles ‘Sir.. does government guarantee engineering and medicine degree to them’

Lobo ‘you are 8 years but seem mature.. where you learnt all this’

Ganesha ‘my father began selling sweets as he didn’t have money to pay money for being doctor.. I kept listening from him always hence’

Lobo ‘can you give your home number’

Ganesha picks up Lobo’s cell and calls his parents.

3 days latter the family is united.

Ganesha informs Lobo a fact

‘I got created and destiny gave me a shape and a message that I should take care of one’s who are needy.. I read this in some mythology.. My parents pray to Lord everyday but I thought why not be like Lord for few days and take care of few people in problem.. Not sure if i am able to replace Lord ‘

Love Cares

A care is an affection which is demonstrated by small gestures of feelings towards an entity..
Sometimes a person can care for a person and may not also demonstrate gestures and still be misunderstood as a non-caring person.
Can you identify a caring person?
One who pays small attentions to your routine
One who keeps pushing you to grow in life
One who ensures you laugh at least once in a day
One who gives you space and doesn’t probe if you don’t like it
One who is beyond physical intimacy and just understands you for what you are..
One who can silently express all concerns and risks when you move in wrong path
One who guides and gives logical decision for your betterment.

Mary completes her class on LOVE CARES to Psychology Students and then asks one question

‘Does care follow love or love follows care?

Some answer Care follows Love and some answer Love Follows Care
and the right answer is love and care are consorts who move into heart of entity as long as the entity is living in this universe and the entity chooses another entity or group of entities with whom love and care should interact freely.

Searching Self

Flora joins a Searching Self group which helps an individual probe and do self evaluation..

Principles are simple.. Impact huge…

1) Watch a photo album which contains your child hood memories

2) Watch a photo album which contains your youth memories

3) Note down 2 incidents when you had your first crush or love.

4) Note down 2 mistakes which changed your life.

5) What you hate most about systems and rules?

6) What would you do to change your world..

Flora wonders why so much of penning needed.  Searching Soul group reminds her that to improve her thinking power, she needs to get into focused writing.

Strange Feelings

“Hey at times I wonder we were just sworn enemies the other day and now we are friends. How do you feel interacting with me?” Jose questions Jack..

Jack ‘Absolutely fine.. Just identified all pain points in our relationship and realized you didn’t love me to dominate over you emotionally and you didn’t like me giving advices to your competitor Andrew”

Jose “Hey so you compromised on your own relationship with Andrew”

Jack “No I explained Andrew that we can work on any other non compete venture so left at that. Do you know when my wife left me all of sudden one day. I was clueless where I went wrong”

Jose “What happened?”

Jose ‘After analyzing I found, she is more happier with her friend circles, wants independence and wants to start something on own. I felt let me give her freedom. I was sad, depressed, angry but gave away her to her independence. She is happy. She appreciated me the other day as being a nice human. It is a strange feeling, appreciation from someone who forgot you, disliked you and now remembers that you were not that bad’

Jack ‘Yes in this business, no one is enemy and same way in relationships no one is bad or good, it is just our perception and our own nurturing which can make the relationship strong. Own the relationship and you will remember that all strange feelings will turn out to be pleasant experiences”