Godly message

Human ‘I gave everything and got nothing’

God ‘I gave nothing but got everything’

Human ‘are you kidding?’

God ‘I am just a symbol or a belief..    people build huge infrastructure around me, so many employment opportunities and everything just on a belief’

Human ‘should we stop believing you?’

God ‘it is up to you, whatsoever you gave, is out of your good will or fear or happiness. When you got nothing.. why crib’

Human ‘how can I remove that cribbing habit?’

God ‘that is the only difference.. how can you get rid is upto you, stay contended and come up with a philosophy  ‘I gave everything, got nothing but got everything’

It means ‘even if money is given or love is given and assume you do not get any love or any returns of that money or love given, still you get a good will and that good will will generate more good will to make people believe you, love you and respect you


Confused Monkey

A monkey saw too many people around it.. clicking photo and so on..

A dollar note fell on him..  Suddenly he found the family worried trying to reach out to dollar

Monkey realized there is some miracle in that note.. So next time.. he saw a pocket in one person’s shirt.. with dollar popping out..

Monkey picked that dollar and ran off.. again he found worried face..

slowly and surely monkey began collecting as many notes as possible..

At night monkey was fiercely guarding the notes.. till he found a person paying dollar for food..

Monkey ‘in jungle we are not taught to pay for food.. what the heck it is’

Monkey went to the shop and pranced..

the shop keeper scared.. ran off.

Monkey picked up all packets which he could and ran away

Soon it became a habit

Now Monkey has food and money too…

One night monkey saw a person praying to god and even giving 1$ alm to poor person

Monkey ran to that person

The person began hitting stones at Monkey

Monkey angrily began throwing food packets at the beggar

Beggar suddenly started praying to monkey

Monkey is confused… it has notes, it has food and now some one is praying too

Monkey goes back to tree and wonders ‘why these creatures so always worried?’


I love pizza’s

Tom is a fat bubbly young boy who thrives on pizza’s. His mother is a diet planner and the story goes this way…

Sarah ‘Tom.. please do not eat so much.. I request you… my clients are laughing at me.. and wonder how she can train us if she cannot manage her son’

Tom ‘Dad loved yummy pizza’s and have gone on dad..’

Sarah ‘he is no more dear.. he suffered a heart attack and then chose to become diet planner to look after you’

Tom ‘mummy… i love the garlic flavored pizza so much .. why don’t you start some programs for painfully thin boys and girls and I will teach them how to become fat’

Sarah  ám feedup dear… drink glass of milk and sleep.. I am having meeting with celebrity James’

Tom ‘James.. he is so handsome.. why he needs diet plan’

Sarah ‘celebrities need to be trim and slim.. ‘

Tom ‘Mom.. do you really feel i look miserable… my 80 Kg looks bad on me’

Sarah ‘of course.. join gym.. do not make pizza as your only goal in life’

Tom ‘I love its smell…’

Sarah ‘I can open a pizza restaurant for you.. but promise you will eat only 2 pizza per day”

Tom ‘sure Mom.. will also gym’

1 year later

Tom is looking good trim and fit and munching morning pizza’

Sarah smiles at him

Tom ‘Mom.. you have been so nice to me..  i could have been depressed.. which led me to eat food at all odd hours.. but thanks ‘

Sarah hugs Tom and has drop of tear in her eyes

Sarah ‘Tom… eating too much is always bad.. just to ensure you remove your habit.. I took a loan and started this restaurant.. now make this a success’

Tom ‘Mom… yes… shop keepers seldom love their own products.. so i will only sell Pizza and make Pizza’s but not eat them full.. only taste it’

Sarah begins laughing




























































Daaru Shaaru (Alchoholic Humor)

This episode is meant for ony entertainment and inspirational for ones who make opportunities out of vices..

Ramu ‘This is where day begins with alchohol and night again begins with alchohol’

Brenk ‘Hey here i have come to visit the steel plant and am amused when you say this’

Ramu ‘Sir.. DAARU SHAARU… dont you believe… he gulps water and gargles…and throws it’

Ramu ‘Sir.. people gargle country liquor..’

Brenk ‘No wonder.. as they stand behind iron getting melted..’

Soon brenk is shaken up..

A fully drunk man is standing in front of bull… and inviting bull to come closer..

Ramu looks at him amused..

The drunk man hugs the bull and soon is kicked to a distance.. he is struggling with pain’

Brenk ‘Never knew this can also happen’

Ramu ‘Sir.. all these rickshaw plyers’ they too even in morning’

Brenk ‘Hope my car driver is not drunk’

Ramu ‘I will take you at night time for a visit’

Brenk is surprised, shocked to understand 95/100 drink…

Ramu takes brenk to a country side liquor den.. he finds a big rush and push.. for less then US$1 struggling to get..

Brenk ‘What is this?’

Ramu ‘They get rice free from government.. so money is left.. so take around 5-10 bottles’

Brenk is amazed as he finds a boozard collecting left over liquor and puting in teaspoon

Brenk finds the guy licking the teaspoon…

Ramu takes him to a small hut..

He finds the wife of a labor having 2 bottles of liquor.. one for self, one for her husband and chicken

Brenk ‘Will she also booze?’

Ramu ‘Are you kidding.. dont you all enjoy drinking?’

Brenk realizes back in US, he is in a party full of beer and liquor and how his girlfriend pushed him in a big pool of beer..

Brenk ‘Yes.. of course we do…’

Brenk ‘What is Daaru  Shaaru?’

A drunk guy falls over brenk

Brenk ‘He is stinking’

Ramu ‘Daaru = Liquor, Shaaru – rhyming word..  like you say Ding Dong… Beer Dear and so on’

Brenk decides to take a small peg of country liquor

Brenk finds on other side a girl and boy taking cough syrup

Ramu ‘Sir.. that too gives kick’

Brenk ‘Will this place ever come out of it?’

Ramu ‘I doubt’

Brenk ‘Can i invest here on alcohol pouches (foreign brand) and poultry farm

Ramu ‘Great idea… Sir’

Brenk finds two drunkards talking

A  ‘this country is finished…. phoooooosss   Had i been the CM i would have abolished liquor’

B  ‘you are great… country needs leaders like you… can you order 1 more bottle please’

A ‘drink today.. ok.. if i become CM it will be gone’

B ‘where?’

A ‘will have liquor pipes installed dear…  you can even bathe in alcohol’

B ‘Wow… but dont you feel it is inflammable’

A hugs B..

A  ‘removing fear dear… all will go to steel plant to work…    all so scared of fire’

Brenk looks at Ramu

Ramu ‘dont worry sir.. do begin the business soon’

Brenk ‘Hey i was kidding’

Ramu ‘Sir.. do you have English?’

Brenk ‘What is it?’

Ramu eyes at the foreign liquor

Brenk hands it over to Ramu

Baby which refused to remove thumb from the mouth till age 18

She was a very beautiful kid, always smiling but ended up sucking her thumb.

No matter which location she was, she would have solace only when her thumb moved into her mouth.

Worried parents decided to take her to doctor but no remedy.

Even in school, she would rush to corner of school walls and sucked her thumb for at least 5minutes during break time.

Came College time and she got conscious of surroundings but old habits die hard.

She was in class room and subject being taught “Chemistry”.

The lecturer mentioned “Each part of our body releases some chemical properties and in case you begin loving a particular atom through your sensation power, you urge for that atom again and again”

The girl carefully listened with thumb in her mouth.

The lecturer saw the girl and smiled and said “This girl has found a special atom which she loves to suck and so doesn’t wish to get over that atom”. All burst out laughing

The girl had tears in her eyes.

Lectures completed. The girl was sitting alone in the corridor sucking thumb looking upwards in the sky.

The lecturer who had just joined the college looked at her and reached close to her and held her palm and rubbed it.

She was zapped. He left her as it is. She decided to again suck her thumb but this time found a different kind of fragrance.

Her thumb reached the mouth and she stopped from sucking.

Next day she asked the Lecturer “Why it stopped. a habit of 18 years stops just in 1 day?’

The lecturer said “It was your own will power. I just rubbed your palm but you subconsciously had made up your mind to fight this battle of yours to give up a bad habit. You got convinced and just then my hand reached your palm. I became a catalyst. You realized that the atom you loved most can and surely be replaced by another atom which you may or may not like”.

“So you got detached from your atom”.

We can disassociate from any thing which we love if we have the will power provided we wish to get detached.

this lesson is for all the individuals who carry along with their friendship, relation, love, feelings giving their entire energies only to find that it is fruitless effort. Sometimes habits get developed. Whether it is alcohol or smoke or drug or tobacco or maybe other vices. Everything can be curbed or reduced if we have the will power.

A fashionable statement “I gave up as it was not that worth. I gave up as it helped me increase my self worth”