Festival of Lights

Happy festival of lights

the light of logic and wisdom

the light of fairness and openness

the light of curiosity and transperancy

the light of humbleness and compassion

the light of love and clarity

be given in abundance to all

with loads of prosperity, wealth and happiness

with the light of endurance and affection

to make a human be healthy and smiling

for right reasons to spread and share

the abundance with all.



if I was not a baby in womb of my mother, I would feel a child just comes instantaneously and can begin walking and talking immediately.

I see a 6 week cohort and a 12 week one and a 24 week one and how can the baby really walk and talk immediately?

I wished to see a strong and healthy baby and refused to give boosters to my baby and let it grow naturally.

soon the baby began walking after 9 months and talking after 18 months. the ones who had boosters, were jumping all over, confident, smart and my baby walking gracefully and still struggling to talk

in 3rd year of life, my baby had strong arms, legs and was giggling with laughter as I found half of the one’s who had boosters were falling sick quite too often.

I asked the doctor.. why he accelerated the growth of babies when he knew they would fall sick soon.

the doctor said, I had to abide by the hospital..

I reached to dean of the hospital and found he too is helpless as there is money which drives the economics of hospital..

I paused a while and realized if economics really works and even if 3 out of 10 babies survive and grow.. still those 3 will do better then my single baby..

I had no option left but to groom more babies zealously and so what if it is accelerating the baby to talk and walk faster.. few may grow.. few may sink.. few may just hang along.. but in my moral consciousness. I decided to give each baby a strong foundation for long term success.

foundation of education.. foundation of experience and foundation of ethics.

as each baby needed to be brand ambassador for me..

Me- am voice of an accelerator.. a student of entrepreneurship eco system.. willing to learn as always..





Wake up Daughter

Wake up Daughter

Sitting late nights, being in social media sites, mom is worried of her daughter.
She is troubled in life.. wishes that her daughter doesn’t ruin her life like mother.
Wants her to succeed in life and focus on healthy life style.
Sleeping early and waking up early helps at times.

All of us are in a way addicted to social websites, exploring google, watching youtube, being on facebook, whatsapp tool.

The video provides a message to not be too much in front of computer and avoid eye strain.

My baby ‘BABY’

She is small

She is cute

She is everything

what is me

love her all the way

My baby is reflection

of me…

Is it perception?

Is it wish?

Is it conclusion?

Why do we always try to see others as us? No clue..

My baby ‘BABY’ could be different too

She could be groomed differently

She could be nurtured differently

using bit of me, bit of others..

as finally all wish to have their babies healthy..

Entrepreneurship , Project execution is all about team work.. and all need to realize that babies will need nourishment from multiple resources.. .so all of us need to stop being too possessive about our babies.. and let us babies get exposed to ways of life..

Sooner the better..