happy friendship

is it love, or care or just mere friendship.. the soul knows the happiness when around.. the love is silent but nevertheless existing..   so what if no definition comes to this friendship.. it is still friendship .. so what if there were no hugs, no kisses.. but feelings were more intense then all of these physical promixities as friendship remained as it is .. intense, attractive and special to heart..  call it soul friendship or love friendship or anything but still remains integral to life..  love need not be expressed, penned or communicated here as friendship is meant to remain as it is where it is.. distant too,  but always to remember that am the most special person in your life above everyone else..  friendship tends to get little selfish.. so what.. as it is just a humble request to a friend only.

Loved Ones

Loved ones are ones who are loved for nothing

They may neglect you; they may not value you

They may hug you, they may kiss you

or even leave you in lurch

Sometines being fooled knowingly

sometimes unknowingly

loved ones are ones who are loved for nothing

the small little fights, the big bigger fun

the splits and the breaks..

Loved ones are ones who are in your heart

and in your mind because you love them truly


What you wish to do?

“What you wish to do.. will happen only if you convince others that it is the only way to go forward to solve the pain point.

What you wish not to do.. will happen only if you convince others that it is the not the way to go forward.”

Sam as a Mentor/Coach feels most of the startup entrepreneurs get bogged down by mentor / advisors /investor pressures and deviate from the original plan of action and also end up loosing interest..

His fiancé Julie is fed up of his passion for teaching entrepreneurs

One day she decides to split from him.

Sam ‘I feel the only way to go forward is for you to understand me..’

Julie ‘you cannot convince me this way… you need to spend time with me’

Sam ‘I do spend 2 hours everyday’

Julie ‘no startups, no entrepreneurs.. no discussions about investors’

Sam ‘it is got into my system.. how I rewind it?’

Julie ‘world will not change because of your mentoring, I will change.. I may leave you.. nd you will be left with few entrepreneurs.. but what you will miss out is me.. so learn to have life balance’

Sam hugs Julie

Sam ‘seriously sometimes we go overboard with work and loose our personal life’



Sunday romance

“if love had one question to ask it would ask.. why me and if love didn’t have any question to ask.. it would just respond.. only you “

Gina asks this question to Joy

Joy ‘darling… I know you wish to hear only yes from me.. but am confused.. do you feel any girl in right sense would want to marry a startup entrepreneur?’

Gina ‘dear.. you will get funded.. else take a job’

Joy ‘no Gina.. I am happy being independent.. what should I do?”

Gina ‘love is a feeling which need not wait for a cause or reason, but can move ahead with a mutual consent of togetherness..’

Joy and Gina hug each..



Many a time in our life we think of our father as a super hero… who can fulfill what ever is possible..

Scared at times.. worried about his reactions.. life as it is, fathers can be bossy..

fathers can be choosy but at times.. we do love our funny father who prances around with you playing foot ball or reaching out to the nearest shop to gift you with a new dress..

At times careless.. no caring.. you wonder why he chose to be with mom, bringing me to this earth.. but a pain in his eyes.. tells he does care for you at least once a while..

A mere hug and a whisper that you will do great.. and am there to support you.. makes you feel confident…

and one day he is gone.. all above as a star and moist eye remembers only moments and wonder did we really spend time with him when he needed you for some more time…

Searching father in a partner.. most of babies wish this in their heart

Search mother in a partner.. most of boys wish this in their heart

So why not be with your father today.. .and enjoy the moments of Happy Father’s day and do not neglect your mom too as she is his beloved dear..


Soured Relation

Susan ‘Never knew why it got sored… why it happened.. but just do not feel like seeing him any more’

Melissa ‘Why?’

Susan ‘funded him.. scaled him.. did everything for him… and then one day.. he is gone.. am out of his board and some new folks came in.. he suggested that’

Melissa ‘why you got emotional over him?’

Susan ‘his innocence.. sweet face.. I really liked his transparent nature’

Melissa ‘are you an investor or a lover?’

Susan gets silent…

Susan ‘he is my friend’s son.. and then.. so what.. why cannot a lady fall in love with someone younger her age?’

Melissa ‘common… how you could imagine it would work’

Susan ‘my friend Bob … he used to keep accompanying him since he was 16 and I always had a soft corner for him’

Melissa ‘motherhood feeling or lovers’?

Susan ‘this is the most complex aspect of human life.. we are confused.. not sure.. but I would feel very good being besides him.. did feel like hugging him, kissing him’

Melissa ‘ok I leave for now’

Susan gulps her wine and dashes to bed

Morning time she see’s a pop up message

‘Please come to board meeting as we need your consent to remit you funds and release your stock from the startup’

Susan ‘life is really strange.. we keep getting attracted to something which is never going to be ours.. but why then.. why that attraction comes in first place… ‘

Susan goes to the board room and signs the exit form…

Peter the one she loved the most.. his father Bob too is the meeting..

Susan ‘Peter. .take care of self.. all the best’

Peter ‘Susan.. too much emotions in business should be avoided… ‘

Susan ‘thanks for the advice dear.. I forgot am only an Angel Investor.. an Angel for you’