Count down begins…

Count down begins..

HR ‘What is that? Are we going to drastically cut staff?’

CEO ‘Obviously.. 1/3.. All companies moving to fixed bid’

HR ‘It will create unrest in people’

CEO ‘Just tried but it failed.. we have become white elephant. need to have lean organization’

HR ‘Do you feel all start ups will face this crisis at some point of time in life?’

CEO ‘Depends.. If VC wants to exit successfully, company should grow.. More it grows, more it has overhead and then… one day.. same mess’

HR ‘Hence serial entrepreneurs keep selling of their company. they can manage well till max 50 resources and then.. let go the venture itself’

CEO ‘Am also starting a new venture.. I just want to get rid of this elephant’

HR ‘Plan to sell it off?’

CEO ‘Any takers? you want to take it?’

HR giggles

HR ‘Am only an employee’

CEO ‘Ok what is the list now..’

HR ‘From 12000, we are going to chuck 500’

CEO ‘Cool.. Don’t forget to add 1 more’

HR ‘Who is it?’

CEO ‘You are too costly.. need to replace you with someone cheaper’

HR face fallen ‘Why Sir?’

CEO ‘Am taking you in my start up as a co founder’

HR smiles again..

CEO ‘Happiness is like switch.. Sometimes it is on, sometimes off.. Depends on who handles the swwitch’

Love ownership

Sam ‘Take ownership of love’

Melissa looks surprised

Sam “Distribute love to all’

Melissa ‘Sam, am just a PR for this company and what you mean by all this’

Sam the founder ‘Product is important, Founder profile too and who backs your company that too but I will share this secret with you which has been key to my success’

Melissa ‘What is that?’

Sam ‘Be in love with all who are around you. Not necessarily physical intimacy.. In fact not needed at all. But whenever any one interacts with you,, that person should feel you love him or her and see the magic. Folks will do anything and everything for you only because they love you’

Melissa smiles

Melissa ‘so all this while I was thinking you were loving me and only me’

Sam “Melissa was training you for PR skillsets. Public Relation Disruptive thinking’

Melissa ‘So do you love me or not?’

Sam ‘Of course I love you but as family man love my wife Anne more’

Melissa sighs ‘Lucky Anne’

Building Loyalty Brand

Louise was a friendly HR executive of a startup who always believed loyalty is one of key factor for any relation building..

Her CEO James would feel, capabilities, skillset and knowledge are key factors due to which client relationships get built..

James had a consulting company.. Back home he and his wife Mary used to always squabble over petty issues. Mary’s ex boy friend Mark was also linked to her in face book which used to make James suspicious about Mary… One day he was hassled and working late in office

Louise was planning a recruitment drive so was also sitting late’

James walks to her desk..

James ‘Want to discuss an important personal issue’

Louise gets to his cabin

James ‘I feel my wife is having an affair. She is not loyal to me’

Louise ‘Sir, this is your problem.. You doubt a lot.. I never worry about my husband. I know he is for me and we have worked for 8 years to build this loyalty brand’

James ‘What is loyalty brand from family perspective’

Louise ‘Trust and that is built over a period of time. Small things matter like an assured care, a timely proactive solution or help to your spouse, being there in thick and thin, not allowing important things to be handled by only self or spouse and jointly executing small projects within family like buying a car, shopping accessories, planning a holiday and so on’

James ‘Do you feel our employees are not loyal to me?’

Louise ‘Who can be? you never allowed them to have sense of belonging and adapted a master-slave attitude.. may be your wife feels the same way’

James ponders

Louise ‘ok Sir, am getting late, my hubby is waiting for me down street’

James returns late night

Mary is chatting with her ex friend in face book

James watches that and is furious however he controls her mood and decides to hug her from behind…

Mary types out ‘my hubby has come, he is one of my strengths. ok bye catch you latter’

James watches that and Mary browses her chat session and observes Mary,s ex friend is praising his own wife a lot. ‘

Mary ‘Love and respect go hand in hand in loyalty building’

James ‘how come you also talking on same subject’

Mary ‘I was going through your website and found Louise’s article interesting. Everything put in site should also be reflected in work culture and also home culture. It is like customer service, a person should feel contended and satisfied woth what the other person offers’

James hugs Mary and kisses her forehead  and says ‘Let me begin mending self’

Joker’s Joke

One Joker ‘I am the circus star’

Second Joker ‘I left a MNC to become a joker. Just joined this group’

The first joker ‘Wow I wish to leave this field. Can I get a job in MNC’

Second Joker ‘I came to actually offer you job’

First Joker zapped..

First joker ‘How?’

Second Joker ‘Our group starting a circus company so..’

First Joker ‘never realized that to procure a joker, HR can even become a joker’


Flower Bed

John founder of a growing company visits a garden in Malaysia and finds the garden properly maintained. He specifically goes and meets Garden Owner ‘Boney

Boney ‘Sir,  it is great pleasure trimming, pruning the garden, leaves and am very proud of the flower bed.. ‘

John ‘Am impressed..’

Boney ‘I always correlate human being to flowers.. Unless the plants are not nourished, they will die or not grow well. The technique of pruning can be used to provide to balance out resources and bring in a sense of equality.. No point in having trees of same species grow unevenly.’

John ‘Wow.. I learnt an important lesson.. This could lead to uneven growth and may lead to conflicts’

Boney ‘yes.. flower beds of different species need to be nurtured and treated uniformly first and then give specialized treatment as per their capability to grow’

John ‘May I ask you a question?’

Boney ‘yes’

John ‘Are you a HR’

Boney ‘Yes, used to work in a multi national but left all that and pursue my hobby gardening and decided to own up this garden and have the flowers blossom the right way’

John ‘I really liked what you said and will be in touch with you.. You are lucky, you have moved out of core work and pursuing what you love’

Boney ‘Only if we pursue our dreams, our mind and heart will love to contribute more to that effort’



A tree which struggled to give fruit

There was this gardener who used to zealously put water to the Mango plant; would put the pre-requisite pesticides and fertilizer to give a boost to the growth and still it never ever gave fruit. He was clueless as there no visible symptom in branches and leaves that the plant has a disease.

All the neighboring plants were having fruits. What could be the reason for the same?

An expert advisor was pitched in and after probing it was found that the gardener had used seed of an existing mango and completed the plantation. It was not through grafting method.

Moral of story :  Very important to use the seed of a successful mango giving plant. So always sow your foundation with experienced people at least in the initial years of your business.

Also bring in an advisor much early in your game of entrepreneurship as you may end up loosing time and find that even with good qualified professionals, your business is just not doing well and productivity is negligible. It is only because you relied on your instinct and not on experience.

Instinct can help you jump past the dream to initiate a venture as you have the risk taking capability.

Experience can help you stabilize your venture as it has risk mitigation ability and knowledge.