Sam meets Sam

Sam ‘am your internal truth’
Sam2 ‘an external truth’
Sam ‘what is that?’
Sam2 ‘am the body’
Sam ‘am the soul’
Sam2 ‘why are we talking now in this blog’
Sam ‘some fools are making AI tools for getting companion and so on’
Sam2 ‘is it so?’
Sam ‘so am practicing blogging too’
Sam2 burst laughing
Sam ‘humans want to make each part of body replacable so why not soul’
Sam2 ‘cool idea… we are going overboard with everything.. hope we don’t have soul replacing strategies too coming in’
Sam ‘am amused with all this.. surely they are gone mad.. to replace humans with machines… ‘

Small matters

Lucky ‘why is it that you want me to remember you always?’

Alia ‘because God says if you remember God every day, God will try to remember you too every day’

Lucky ‘does it really matter?’

Alia ‘try this out.. in all ernest faith, remember someone.. surely one day that someone will come back to you’. It could be money, happiness, love, energy, studies… whatsoever small matters.

Little secret of life

Tom is a rich celebrity who is happily well settled, and though his last movie on social cause has failed.. Tom is not overtly disturbed..

Tom ‘Julie… experiments need to happen to break from routine’

Julie ‘as a hubby… I know you wish to break from routine’

Tom suddenly puts a break…

A small child is begging with a board ‘In only US$1.. you can save my father’s life’. Child is around 8 years.

Tom ‘who pushes you into this’

Child ‘my father…’

Tom ‘let me tell you a little secret of life’

Child ‘what?’

Tom ‘Never ever beg for anything.. the more you beg.. the more you become vulnerable… be debt free as much as possible’

Child ‘what is debt?’

Tom ‘loan taken from someone.. like today if I give you US$1.. you need to return me back US$3 by next 2 days’

Child ‘how?’

Tom ‘do you know cost of operations come to over US$10000.. It means you will need to beg 10000 times to get that amount.. and in this street.. not sure.. which vehicle will stop to give you money..can you take me to your father’

Child ‘ok’

Tom see’s the child’s father happily drunk

Tom ‘you should be ashamed of what you are doing.. don’t teach your child begging.. ‘

Tom ‘now the last litle secret child’

Child ‘what?’

Tom ‘work hard and give your father US$10 every day.. so that he is happy in what he is doing.. that is drinking.. but never ever support him for his hospital bills’

my best friend

my best friend.. my lappy

i keep pressing its keys left right and center

sometimes up, sometimes down

at blogs or in linked in or in face book

it keeps being used only with few breaks

much as i wished to understand someone replace it

I feel, the whole world is there just on key press

when everything is available so easily in my lappy

and then my smart phone, what I then need still

Dear all, my best friends are ones who understand me and my lappy and who still care for me always… what I wish is just meet them in person too, feeding them.. and if nothing else , offer tea

we as human need to protect ourselves from lappy/smart phone/media addictions



Souls of this earth

Souls of this earth
where are we
a life not at our disposal
the unknown was not enough
the powerful unknown
all known become a power
tracking, tracing all the way
probing all the way
life as a human got probed
life as an animal clue less
of their traceability
with so much links
and so much likes
all emoticons leaving us
speechless, typist to the fullest
typing all the way
speaking on our own
welcome to this circus
of technology innovations
where in human cease to exist
robots born in various shapes
souls of this earth
education and knowledge
its relevance to the purpose
gets extended and how
curb excess automation
to let human let its organs function
to let its heart remain still heartful
mind remain still mindful
so what if specs be replaced by contact lenses
so what if hearing be unheard
so what if care becomes just an icon
poets still remain poets
entertainers still remain entertainers
soul of this earth
wake up to look near about us
so much to solve
so much to work on
digitization as buzz
is for what we did always
thought leaders as buzz
is for what we thought always
a new jargon and old fade away
a shadow and no billing
all smiles fade away
come out of that prison of loop
of being billable or being available
life is also in the nearby garden
you forgot going
think of your passion
and think of doing something
so what if your bosses feel sad
they too did the same
when they decided to search
their soul in this earth

story of a kiss

kiss ”not sure why they named me kiss.. it is really stupid for my parents to keep such name”

friend melissa ”kiss.. relax.. nothing wrong in your name… you are KISS KISSABLE”

Kiss ‘common dont put my surname.. it is more horrible”

Melissa ”surnames are not in our hand.. name too not in our hand.. but we can change it later…. you have an option”

Kiss remains silent

After few minutes

Kiss ”I will not change it”

Melissa ”why??’

Kiss ”only because I feel it is unique”

Melissa ”yes hence all unique things will be laughed upon first or marveled.. so stop worrying KISS KISSABLE..  celebrate your name”

Kiss ”not sure Melissa.. somewhere.. we human internally love our origin and superficially we may just hate it..  so important to stop worrying too much about our name and rather think how our name can enhance a cause”