Just a small favor

Just a small favor, spoken words in a mocking way at times can hurt the sentiments of sensitive folks.. however is this the way a leader needs to build his or her career?

A pin drop silence in a class of 100 plus budding entrepreneurs…

One entrepreneur student got up and said

”remaining cool is hallmark of a good leader.. being assertive for right reasons too.. and same time humblenss and no ego within person will help the persom come up in life’

Mike the entrepreneur coach smiles… and conveys

‘A SMALL FAVOR TO ALL.. Just remain humble and grounded.. life will soon begin changing for good”

happy friendship

is it love, or care or just mere friendship.. the soul knows the happiness when around.. the love is silent but nevertheless existing..   so what if no definition comes to this friendship.. it is still friendship .. so what if there were no hugs, no kisses.. but feelings were more intense then all of these physical promixities as friendship remained as it is .. intense, attractive and special to heart..  call it soul friendship or love friendship or anything but still remains integral to life..  love need not be expressed, penned or communicated here as friendship is meant to remain as it is where it is.. distant too,  but always to remember that am the most special person in your life above everyone else..  friendship tends to get little selfish.. so what.. as it is just a humble request to a friend only.


MASTER ‘Give me a massage’

SLAVE massages the master

MASTER ‘Do it properly.. rigorously’

SLAVE begins massaging furiously

MASTER ‘It hurts.. Just also work on my neck’

SLAVE holds Master’s neck and twists..

MASTER is dead

SLAVE worried asks other SLAVE ‘Is he dead? What will happen to me?’

SLAVE is crying and other SLAVES to begin crying..

One Philosopher walks by and finds all SLAVES crying

Philosopher ‘Why are you crying?’


Philosopher smiles..

Philosopher ‘Don’t you realize you all got freed. It is your independence day.. celebrate’

SLAVES ‘Help us .. REVIVE HIM.. We just want him.. HE IS OUR MASTER’

Philosopher checks and find MASTER is having some life

Philosopher just again twists MASTER’S neck..



Philosopher ‘Master good job.. No one wishes to be free. They are happy being slaves.. This is state of affairs in entire universe.. All wish to be under someone.. No one wishes to be in front and fight battles.. Hence less entrepreneurs and more work force.. Always. it help eco system..  Can i get some slaves for me.. as I cured you’



MASTER ‘Humbly yours Sir.. What can i do for you?’

Mid way Path

Never leave a path mid way.. Impediments could be small. It could be large, but as they grow so do the determination.. The zeal to be better, to do better, and as a humble human keep moving in path given by the unknown… Life is all about achieving in the boundaries given by the unknown..

Leave a path of mid way… if you feel you are bound to loose and be determined to start afresh

Mid way path is all about choosing right path to move to seek success by guiding principles of life by your teacher, preacher, philosopher, beloved or your own soul

Loads of Love

Love is an attribute which is only felt. Sometimes a human touch too will not predict if it is love or not.

Experiencing love in heart and soul is possible only through care and understanding..

Tender care contributes to love and nurturing love daily by care, affection and compassion enhances our feelings all the more.

Sometimes a mere gift to an individual makes a person happy.. But it is of no use if we are harsh, no caring, rude to the person the very next minute. Love is a process of enriching our soul through continuous flow of affection..

At times a person can be extremely angry with you because that person knows you are going in wrong path.. However that doesn’t mean love has dipped a bit.. but those moments are remembered when you are alone, feel low, let down and you realize that person had a true love for you.

Love is all about self realization. It is all about how humans can communicate with each other freely without hesitation

Love can end all bitterness and can make someone take ownership of all responsibilities.

No money helps relation building but understanding and feelings about other human sentiments.

Love creates deep resents if relation quotient gets imbalanced and there on wards a downward journey of separation begins.

Why is Love a favorite topic in universe?

It is because the mere glance to those 4 letter words makes us debate.. Is it like or love or is it lust? what is it? what drives us to an individual , a company, a senior, a junior, a kid, an animal..?   What facilitates the heart to listen and mind to understand?

Hence we find 1000s of sites cashing on love.. as love sells.. Love can sell too.. Love can be acquired temporarily by paying money.. but that love is not self sustainable unless nurture and care given on continuous basis. Pampering a body is temporary solution but pampering of heart and mind needs continuous nourishment..

So any human who wishes to be a good relation manager needs to understand essence of love and for that the person has to humble, polite, understanding and never be rude, egoistic and arrogant.. as those are detrimental to one’s family, professional and even spiritual awakening life.