Stylish Researcher

In days when most of individuals who are aspiring for a higher designation in Academic Institutes; pursuing Doctorate Qualifications; here was Researcher Krisram who felt any research should be done in style and presented further in style, and even sell the research in style..

Krisram visits a doctorate colloquium and is presenting his latest findings on ‘Why Love fails?’

Krisram ‘Hypothesis 1 –  Love fails when Money Seeps in Couple Interaction’

                 Hypothesis 2 –  Love Failures because of monetary reason is independent of Entrepreneurship’

The Academic Coordinator Jim ‘Hey this already proven.. why you need to prove it again’

Krisram “How can you say so? Have yet to research papers around this topic- Can you prove it?”

Jim ‘Let us not deviate from topic. Tell me how you will collect samples.. Why will anyone tell you their relationship fail’

Krisram “OK you all fill this questionnaire’

Jim ‘All of us have failed on love’..

Kris “You made assumption. All of you raise hands’

Jim finds 17 of 20 failed in love

Kris ‘How may failed because of money?’

Only 2 raise their hand..

Kris ‘Saw only 2/20 have conviction to say Money caused rift. My hypothesis not proved yet. Hence my research is valid.. I will need to probe and get more insights to individuals to be fearless and share the truth’

Jim raises his hand..

Jim “Why you linking to entrepreneurship?’

Kris ‘All humans who fail in love because of money reasons get determined to succeed, so they may by revolt wish to earn more money, hence they may choose entrepreneurship’

Jim ‘I failed in love because of money. I didn’t become entrepreneur’

Kris ‘Hence I need to take samples.. Not sure as of now who may have failed in love and become a rich entrepreneur’

Jim ‘Albert.. Ha Ha Ha’

Kris ‘No Sir. Let us not take any names..’

2 years latter

Jim ‘So what are your findings?’

Kris ‘I am selling of my findings to a person. He is an entrepreneur. He had a strange story

1st failure of love – because he was under graduate

2nd failure of love – because he was job less

3rd failure – because he didn’t own a house

4th failure – because he didn’t have money for tourism

5th failure – because he didn’t own a building

so he was compelled to become entrepreneur and each failure made him succeed and determined to achieve what he already failed for..

He is very rich. He wants the data bank of all unsuccessful lovers who failed because of materialistic reasons and wishes to incubate them in his incubation center.

Jim ‘Congrats.  No wonder that guy called me up and asked me to start venture of own’

Krisram ‘Sir – he is the dean of our institute who got so emotional on the subject and revealed his truth’

Jim ‘I know Kris, I am from other institute, he was happy I challenged you’

Krisram ‘I too had failed in love because of monetary reason, hence this research gave good results’

Jim ‘Why you popularized self as Stylish Researcher’

Krisram ‘To make people emotional, there needs to be an element of style.. some emotions, some feelings, some compassion, some passion, some obsession and combine this together when you ask questions. It is like hypnosis. I need to make you reveal your truth..’

Jim ‘You are crazy. I never knew someone could even research on love and entrepreneurship. Who gave this idea’

Krisram ‘PASSION. PASSION has various dimensions..  Love is fundamental omnipresent dimension of PASSION and without love, entrepreneurship never can begin’