Call of Nature

Jay ”hey call of nature is such.. it is uncontrollable always ”

Manoj ”self control dear.. most important”

Jay ”am developing an app to find the nearest toilet in vicinity”

Manoj begins laughing

Jay ”common.. we find vehicle parking important.. we find hotels and malls too plotted.. why not toilets?”

Manoj ”folks use malls to go for loo only”

Jay ”do you know our country will 1 billion population.. inspite of all those cleanliness drives  really do not understand how many really use public toilets?”

Manoj ”why?”

Jay ”call of nature is my initiative…

Stop yacking

Stop yacking

get to the work

stop day dreaming

get to the work

the day of yacking gone

the day of chatting up

were we so non-communicate

to begin getting so-communicative

these days?

a flurry of emails just for a response

Í agree, i do not agree, approved, not approved

what is the matter?

same verses, multiple people

a chat message goes viral..

and same message.. multiple users

god knows the duplicate information all around


stop yacking a startup focusing only on data redundancy

a thought all over.. an idea all over

a new architect all over..

just need a pointer by the way

so what if it pure C program

but time to revisit it back again


Why did he cheat me?

Louisa is wondering why he cheated her.. She gave everything to him.. a new house, a job and even ensured he was looked upon in society…

Peter was a humble guy with whom Louisa got pally in one of the startup events.

Louisa, an investor felt he was a bright spot… and then both got more closer, till she began spending lavishly on him…

Louisa meets a close friend Sam to pour her heart

Louisa ”this is really shocking event for me.. He just ensured that I am out of that company through board resolution”

Sam ”Louisa… you are going overboard in your reaction.. You had begun interfering in his decision making.. and even other board members felt.. hence it was bound to happen”

Lousia ”why doesnt he even acknowledge me.. and he moved out of our house way back.

Sam ”because you have got into a mindset that you created him, else he was nothing”

Louisa ‘I never said to him ever directly”

Sam ”this is the problem with investors.. they talk about entrepreneurs as if they are doing a favor.. and here you were supposed to love him as person”

Louisa is silent…

Sam ”Just call him up and say a big sorry and mend your ways”

Lousia calls up Peter and invites him for a dinner

At dinner

Peter ”Louisa.. it was not in my hand.. they felt you as an interference”

Louisa “I think I went overboard.. let us not discuss this.. and I sincerely hope you forgive me and we stay together again”

Peter “I feel I too made a mistake..  we got into to too many dilutions in span of 3 years.. this creates a good valuation but our control is lost”

Louisa ‘am actually fed up of this paper valuation business.. let us not discuss.. we angels have actually stopped understanding the meaning of that word.. we are imitating venture capitalists… it is sad state of affair”

Peter ”Louisa.. a gift for you”

Louisa ”wow.. an IoT enabled CHEAT DETECTOR.. how you made it”

Peter ”it is not workable though… just an idea”

Louisa ”common.. I thought you already made it’

Peter ”it can detect whether someone really cheated or not through machine learning principles of way we behave with the respective individual

Louisa how..

Peter ”eye sensors and all that.. relax.. it will come up soon”


Everything Happens

Think with love, nothing much will happen
Speak with love, nothing much happens
Think with heart, so much happens
Kiss with lips, everything happens
Love is all about various emotions we exhibit directly / indirectly to our beloved.
Now how it gets correlated to entrepreneurship
Think with love, nothing much will happen
Speak with love, nothing much happens
Think with heart, so much happens
Touch self, everything happens
We need founders to be more involved in their business and not leave it to their subordinates to present their ideas.. everything happens positively if entire team works positively. Give your own personal touch dear in whatsoever you do passionately

Girl Friend

Girl Friend Zora asks her boy friend Sohaib a question

‘Why do you consider me as your girl friend when you have so many girl’s as friends’

Sohaib pauses for a while and then responds

‘you are special to me and girlish too.. hence you are my girl friend’

Zora ‘why others seem boyish?’

Sohaib ‘others are not kiddish.. sorry girlish like you’

Zora ‘common.. you spelled out what you think of me’

Sohaib hugs Zora and says ‘yes.. at times we men try to identify mom in girl friend’s, identify sister in girl friend.. sometimes daughter too.. and sometimes may be our inner child.. and then.. don’t girls also see similar factors (father in boy friend..etc)

Zora ‘weird..’

Sohaib ‘all boy friend and girl friend relations need not be physical love attraction or mental attraction.. eventually each person wishes their partner be of a particular model type.. hence the confusion… am having a startup idea to predict what type of partner would most suit someone.. ‘

Zora ‘cool.. but do not copy from Linda etc..and just think of Aries-Libra type personality trait comparisons and show results’

Sohaib ‘ice cream for you.. chill pill’





Startup Boss

Boss you need to understand you are working for a startup.. You will need to work in less salary.. should boot strap your venture and then also ensure you build loads of traffic and think disruptive and then multi task and then.. then.. you should be willing to work 24/7.. and keep growing…

you should remember it is all temporary.. you will need to sell boss.. give away what you did to some other venture.. or … or… grow.. seek more funds.. and then.. then.. be prepared for more Directors in board room questioning you.. does and don’ts

Startup… Startup Country??

What is happening? Is the country not progressed at all.. is all this business, small business.. micro business.. road side business not startups?

What is then a startup?

Someone having an idea.. attending a competition.. if passed.. get some funds.. and then.. be invested.. Is it not cool? Better option then to be job less

But what about seniors…

Cool buddy.. be advisors… be mentors… so what if you have signed employment contracts..  in that it is mentioned.. you should not indulge in any trading.. nothing.. no competition.. non compete clause.. and and… you will not get experience certificate if you decide to start..

a legal case could be put on you….

why then an entrepreneur when they become business person get so insecure to not have a competitor within same company…

a tea shop person looks at so many tea shops all around and owner smiles. and says ‘boss… people will come to me as they love me.. am street smart, charming  and know to reach in heart of people.. and taste my tea.. it is best.. I give 2$ worth for every 1$ I charge.. no compromise in quality…

boss.. where are the funds for next round.. job again… then.. lessons learnt..

What is startup nation?

A nation with 1000 plus year history trying to do soul searching.. and the one’s who know the game trying to sell their ventures for better valuation and of course.. we need to bring in innovation.. and all..

but will someone invest 100M$ in country to build research laboratories, ready for experiments.. ready for losses if the innovation fails.. and ready for investing in road side entrepreneurs..

Be part of team to build strong entrepreneur eco system…

My job is to coach and build entrepreneurs.. style could be different but if purpose gets served.. why not….

Entrepreneurship cannot be taught.. ?

It can be.. but if experienced.. learning becomes real life education for future entrepreneurs…






Morris wants to start a global business. He is an Indian Citizen because his father Hari married Julie and Hari had great desire for Morris to be born in Indian Country.

Morris did his schooling in India and he conceives an idea to give global visa’s to Asian Citizens

Morris sets up an office in Saudi Arabia where he provides resources job opportunities.

Morris ‘do you know if a resource works continuously for 6 years. it is much easy for visa issues from middle east rather then other countries’

His fiance Saira smiles and says ‘hence you married a Dubai citizen’

Morris smiles and hugs Saira

Morris ‘Darling.. this business is bound to flourish.. we have become experts in immigration’

Saira ‘how you plan to do it?’

Morris ‘have built over 100 friends through Linked In – locals and am setting satellite office all over’ hence it is easy’