The nearest and farthest ones

If any object is near to us, we get used to it. We wish to see it again and again till the time when that object becomes omnipresent in mind.

Now onwards we begin getting attracted to new objects. Some are far away from us, some around us. We try to at times wonder is this just an infatuation or adoration or love or lust or attraction or addiction?

Soon the farthest ones becomes an obsession, a dream, a hallucination, a fiction, a myth or a story and we begin asking the object which is omnipresent in us whether we can conquer the farthest object.

our nearest object is in lost of words as they feel neglected, we have taken them for granted and they muster courage and ask one question

‘why you look at the sky when right on ground, you have your closest one?”

Alas thy me understood the relevance, as out there in sky, in cloud we wish to interact with each objects and feel their presence.. a virtual world.. a virtual reality and in that reality there is a network of objects each communicating to one another.. shrieking

”will we ever be maintained properly?”

communicating with farthest objects will need more maintenance then nearest ones..

Internet of Things..  in a simple way is to assemble a good star cast for a movie and then as a producer, tolerate their whims and fancies and have a director to facilitate coordination, communication and organization and give some treatment to their madness as a product which can generate high value of comfort and happiness to an individual’s heart and mind..

A popup comes ”talk with your celebrity idol” inside the car

“All look zapped.. who..? where? how?”

A popup comes “Choose your idol”

My crazy little friend clicks on a celebrity icon

and flash comes an interactive video which is recording your interactions with the celebrity as your driver is driving the car

All wonders is it possible?

Some one  shrieks..  all distant objects can communicate with each other.. an illusion can get created.. trick photography and strategic camera placements can create a make believe small clip

after all we want all distant objects to be nearer to us.





Charles Loves Transparency

Charles is an up coming entrepreneur who loves to be transparent to his employees as well as Investors.

One day Investor Joe calls Charles for a discussion..

Joe ‘Charles.. can you inflate your sales.. It helps gets more round of funds’

Charles ‘what?..

Joe ‘Charles.. it is business.. your e mart business has huge traffic but doesn’t generate into figures’

Charles ‘I know that’

Joe ‘Just get some more customers for name sake and show partnership’

Charles ‘this is undone.. I love transparency’

Joe ‘Jump of cliff and never come up. Don’t you understand we love our entrepreneurs to be transparent to us but finally each business has dictum.. Nothing is lies till it is proved. Nothing is bad till it keeps succeeding. We are not cheating consumers. We are building hype, media hype’

Charles ‘Am shocked’

Joe ‘As entrepreneur realize too many stakes attached, Do you know each movie released creates a huge hype, so much of advertisements for a product, so much brand building around you guys, for what? Return on Investments.. brutal truth’

Charles has sullen face

Joe ‘In life we are not also transparent to God.. we lead so many lives assuming no one see’s us so why so much fuss about nothing’

Charles ‘What needs to be done?’

Joe ‘Have planned an entire market hype and we will have huge traffic this June. ‘

Charles ‘what more?’

Joe ‘Just declare in media with a smiling face, will follow automatically’

3 months latter

Charles ‘when can we have similar campaign again.. Huge business we did in June’

Joe ‘Smart boy.. Too much ethics not good for business. ‘

Charles ‘Never knew entrepreneurship has such dimensions too’

Joe ‘Teaching entrepreneurship is explaining all types of events in that journey. Nothing is good or bad.. It is like an Indian Philosopher who said ‘To beat evil, you need to create illusion, an illusion of power, be focused, choose what you wish to as goal and stick to it.. your job is to win and not loose. You have not cheated anyone on your product or service.. but marketing calls for tricky situations.. so get going’

Dear Deer (WR)

Story of a deer who is gentle, timid and enjoying life in a jungle with her friends.

One day.. the dear gets power of voice…

Deer see’s a couple and kid watching her from far..

Deer uses her power of voice

Deer ‘Are you really a happy couple’

John and Louisa look at each other surprised..

John ‘I am meeting Louisa my separated wife after 4 years. It is because I own this forest and she wants to have a social entrepreneurship venture of creating an animal orphanage and which will also attract tourism’

Deer ‘So will we all need to again become demo’s and all of you enjoy looking at us?’

John remains silent

Louisa ‘Dear Deer; my intention is to feed these animals right food, give right environment and whatsoever money we earn, it will be to feed all of you’

Deer ‘Your kid looks so sad and confused’

John ‘I agree. He didn’t see me for 4 years and so he is now 8.. He has forgotten me.. and she has not taken care of him too’

Louisa ‘Stop it John. i didn’t ask you to fall in love with some one else.. you were so dear to me.. and then one day you just decided to break up for her’

John ‘It was a mistake. Why you so rigid.. It is my past’

Deer ‘Stop fighting dear.. take care of kid and be united’

Louisa ‘Never…’

Deer ‘We animals never stay in isolation, we need our fraternity.. group dynamism plays important role.. So if you try to harm us, we take an action..  My clan too is used as food by bigger animals but that is our life.. Why are you fighting this way and do you wish to be deer in next life?’

Louisa is silent

Louisa ‘Who are you? why you can speak?’

Deer ‘Re-incarnation happens.. I believe in it.. Not sure what i did in last life.. But I believe if I did something good in this life, i may turn out to be savior of society in next life’

John ‘Louisa let us listen to this deer and unite ‘

Louisa has tears in her eyes

She hugs her son and asks him ‘Can we have your daddy back?’

Son ‘Is he my daddy?’

Louisa ‘yes dear’

Son ‘Wow so now I can play with him.. Daddy can we keep deer in our house’

Till then the deer’s power of voice lost

Deer runs away to Jungle

John ‘Life is an illusion if we chose to be believe in it. Life is a reality if we chose to act on it and Life is a lesson if we chose to experience each moments of life and improve self’

Son ‘Didn’t understand what you said’

John hugs son and says ‘Forgive me dear.. I will not repeat my mistake’

Son ‘What did you do?’

John ‘To neglect you dear’

All three return back home

Why did you break my heart?

Nero was a serious guy who loved to write biographies of celebrities. He was extremely popular and known for bring poetic script to even the most of routine predictable story.

He meets Celine who is a controversial celebrity. She is a model turned actress and after many flings she got into a very serious relation with an investor who invests in entertainment projects.

Nero ‘Celine the joy of sparkles of light which moves all over and just as the flash lights capture you.. He comes closer to you and whispers ‘Only for you dear, I chose entertainment.. I moved out of serious business stuffs only for you’

Celine just gets up.. She is furious but has pains in her eyes..

Celine “Nero.. how dare you.. do you mean to say my present boy friend does this only for me?’

Nero ‘Much as the family oppose, the heart feels only for you and it defy all norms and tradition and may be even a separation from family to be with you’

Celine ‘I never wished to break him from his family’

Nero ‘The heart wished many things but I chose to be with only you and don’t feel I invest because I love entertainment. I see happiness in your face which makes me feel good as am in love with you’

Celine ‘He lost huge money in entertainment business’

Nero ‘Love never thinks of monetary loss. It is blind. So what if I spend millions and get just hundreds but finally I feel happy when I fulfill your each and every wishes’

Celine ‘He is into huge debts’

Nero  “Love for a celebrity, to be near one costs a lost.. so what if I am in debt, at least I am known for my love like what the great Shajehan did and build Taj Mahal’

Celine ‘The end was tragic’

Nero ‘So what if hearts are broken.. Don’t you feel someone will again come to restore it all over again?’

Celine ‘You mean to say I will chose to leave you once you are bankrupt?’

Nero ‘As a writer you tell me what you wish to do with your present friend?’

Celine smiles and kisses Nero

Celine ‘Never knew you could pen my thoughts so beautifully. So he great story teller.. tell me should I make my biography predictable happy ending or twist it?’

Nero ‘so you plan to ditch him?’

Celine ‘Never dear but why don’t you marry me and I be with you forever. You have 2 broken marriages so third time it should work’

Nero ‘What about him?’

Celine ‘He too will be there.. Once I marry you,  he will do everything and anything to be a winner’

Nero is surprised with this proposal

Nero ‘So you wish to enjoy both the worlds?’

Celine ‘I will be loyal to you but don’t wish to see him loose his wealth because of me’

Nero ‘But I will loose peace’

Celine ‘Dear.. why did you break my heart by telling me the truth of my life’

Nero ‘I realized biographies need not be too real. It could be fiction too’

Celine hugs Nero and kisses him passionately

Celine ‘This is our secret.. Never let him know what he is loosing because of me’

Celine kisses Nero’s lip and whispers ‘Silence is golden’

This story has shades of grey, human feel where at times for convenience a human wishes to ignore truths and continue to lead life of false illusion so what if it helps the hearts to not break too soon’