City of Heartless

Samuel¬† ‘why is it that folks here do not have hearts’

Mary ‘dear.. all their hearts are stolen by their beloved’

Samuel ‘so?’

Mary ‘possessive husbands and wives, girl friends and boy friends.. kids too possessive’

Samuel ‘so all are pre-occupied with themselves’

Mary ‘yes.. hence no one is much bothered about singles who are not ready to mingle’

Samuel ‘am single..’

Mary ‘very few girls left dear.. male dominated city so kill girl kids too’

Samuel ‘so.. what about me?’

Mary ‘marry some one from other city and come here.. ensure population of girl child in abundance.. and humans should not imbalance natural ecosystem and should have equal balance of men and women..’

Samuel ‘possessiveness?’

Mary ‘it will go away if trust comes in.. ‘





God in us (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

God in us see’s us every day guiding us helping us to solve our problems and at times even remaining silent to let us solve our problems ourselves.

Why does  the unknown force remain silent at times? This question keeps nagging Fred and one day he decides to go in search of UNKNOWN force.

Fred meets Maths Doctorate Nancy in one of the conference and expresses his confusion..

Nancy ‘Fred.. am not sure how to explain you but let me attempt’

Nancy ‘In Mathematics unknown power is calculated through an equation and log’

Fred ‘Means’

Nancy ‘For understanding unknown power – we need to understand our equation with our family, friends, employer, fellow employees, competitors, suppliers’

Fred ‘what is equation?’

Nancy ‘A statement that the values of mathematical expressions are equal’. It is power of equating one thing with other

Nancy ‘for example if you love someone you accept some one to love equally’

Fred ‘Got it’

Nancy ‘Prepare list of things which you can give to others and for each known person in your life, check what they give back to you’

Fred ‘Good idea’

Nancy ‘The more you give for each entity, the more you are a giver.. so you are near god to the other entity’

Fred ‘But then what about unknown power?

Nancy ‘You needs logarithm to get unknown power in mathematics’

Fred ‘tell me in simple words’

Nancy ‘All human need to understand that we will never be full 0 in life.. So we all could be anywhere above 0. The unknown power could be any figure which acts on our value or skills or potentials and magnifies our capabilities to the world.. Mentors could also be unknown force..’

Fred ‘Who is our mentor?’

Nancy ‘first and foremost our soul which decides and helps us take decisions along with mind and heart.. So all our internal organs within us are our god’

Fred ‘should we pray them?’

Nancy ‘respect them and don’t abuse them too frequently’

Fred ‘Nancy.. never knew you are genius in your subject’

Nancy ‘so don’t try to search for unknown.. do what is possible for arriving at the unknown power.. that power could be generated by you alone too..’

Fred ‘what about those who pray the unknown?’

Nancy ‘they do because they are hoping that one day a miracle happens and they will be able to function fully to understand the power of unknown.. I too pray..’

Fred ‘so are we not perfect?’

Nancy ‘There is no log for infinity.. we aspire to move towards infinity?’

Fred ‘last question what is log’

Nancy ‘In all entities our positives and negatives are recorded as log.. this helps us arrive at equation’

Fred ‘technically?’

Nancy ‘Logarithm is used to define scope.. the scales reduce wide range quanities to smaller scopes’

Fred ‘Means?’

Nancy ‘it simplifies calculation and more then this I cannot tell as am not here to teach you mathematics’ and begins giggling

Fred ‘Nancy can we have cup of coffee?’

Nancy ‘sure..’

Fred ‘do you feel I will understand the power of unknown?’

Nancy ‘yes just prepare list of all people important to you and check what you have given them and what you got in return.. if it shows an imbalance means between you and that person, someone is more powerful.. lol the unknown power’