What to do if suddenly sacked from job? jobless?

James ‘relax dear.. no need to worry too much.’

Jane ‘hey.. this is not done.. COVID and everything crashed’

James ‘even employers are not having fund to sustain their business’

Jane ‘what to do?’


‘What needs to be done by individuals who have lost jobs or are not able to get alternative jobs soon?
a) Stop getting too tensed of this situation
b) Plan – Plan-B and this means think of a startup spin off. This needs to be done sooner then thinking too much.
c) Collaborate with individuals who can support you on this initiative.
d) Keep all options open (job, freelancing, consulting, entrepreneurship)
e) Build skills
f) Write research papers
h) Re-brand self and emerge stronger person
One of reasons where all have obstacles, impediments is because all of us got into an habit of spending and government too encourages it as GDP impact exists. However please save money to sustain self for months, 1 year or whatsoever as market remains uncertain. Today we talk of relaxed clampdown, maybe on 1st of July, again a forceful clampdown. Nothing is certain, but only what we can do to save self. Am encouraging multiple seniors to collaborate, explore their dreams, thoughts, vision for self and others. Last but not least, be thankful to all clients, employers, well wishers, friends, family who remain supportive to you in whatsoever ways. Reach out to me for discussions.


A dark tunnel

A dark tunnel is one where in you get into the same knowingly or unknowingly, trying to figure out when will the tunnel end. If you choose to go backward,  you are stuck to the same old environment and if you go ahead, you will make mistakes, have accidents and you will try to seek help of other individuals who too are in same path trying to figure out the light which is supposed to eventually emerge.

To your surprise, when you come to light, you will not feel so comfortable holding hands of the ones whom you comfortably held hand with, when in tunnel and then slowly and surely, you begin avoiding them, leaving them to their own destiny and move on..

If you chose to hold hands of the same folks, chances are that they are your friends for life or somewhere they have stuck your heart..

and what about others? no harm still being compassionate with them, you did seek support at some point of time from them.


startup evangelist

Muthu is an evangelist trying to build an ecosystem for startups in a small city at Kerala.

One day he gets a note from a celebrity in US

“can you build an ecosystem for me to promote my latest upcoming movie Gemini’

Muthu is surprised.. he feels it is a hoax..

Muthu emails his details to James

Next day James calls up..

James ”our film has its base in Kerala and we are launching a surprise social work project in Indian communities’

Muthu ‘what is it all about?’

James ‘create clusters of people who can promote our films in India’

Muthu ‘how much will we get?”

James ”per 1000 group creation, around 1000$’

Muthu ”why… dont you use advertisements etc’

James ‘we want to build a brand… a social value brand till Gemini gets released’

Muthu ‘what is Gemini all about?’

James ”It is an adventure film on how one startup in world got greedy and began acquiring multiple startups till one day the founder realized that rather then acquiring, why not stay together with mutual coexistence and there begins his journey to become startup evangelist.. a trigger to boost community formation’

Muthu ”Sir… but why me of.. all person’

James ”you have 10000 followers..  so why not you..”

3 months later

Muthu ‘Sir covered entire Kerala..you gave me 20000US$ till date and I reached out to 20000 families.. and even talked about your adventure film and Gemini.. but still not sure what are you trying to get out me?’

James ”Muthu… Gemini is not about startups but about entertainment and how it influences people..  can you try out for me something?’

Muthu ”what?”

James ”will they register themselves on gemini app for Rs100/-”

Muthu ”let me try..’

1 month later

James ”20000 families onboarded just because of you.. I managed to raise US$1M.. so am giving you back US$100K.. please return back Rs200/- to them”

Muthu ”Sir.. I will teach them Digital Literacy with 100 bucks and return back 100”

James ”cool…. our mission to Digital Literacy begins from now on.. training 20000 families”

Muthu ”I was assuming, I was an evangelist.. but you came up with so much of fiction.. I lost track.. however now I realized this whole drama of onboarding so many individuals in your scheme of piloting your startup”


Media Tigers

Manny ‘these folks are nothing but media tigers.. feed on media.. create buzz but when we closely follow their likes..  there are dips… only when the social media campaign begins sudden burst of traffic’

Susan ‘Sir.. this is our business.. they are our clients… we need to promote them.. it is fine to pump in more likes.. and at times hate sentiments too’

Manny ‘am really unhappy with my own business.. ‘

Susan ‘you have been running this so successfully.. why this sudden change of heart?’

Manny ‘my son initiated a startup in retail space… but his competitors used wrong tactics to push hate in other platforms.. and he has gone under depression’

Susan is silent…

Manny ‘Media Tigers thrive on media, social networks to spread message and sometimes it works for benefit of individuals and sometimes it is big mess’

Susan ‘you have been in same business too’

Manny ‘I never realized.. it will hit me so badly one day’

Susan ‘there is no solution.. products get investors.. they have to sell.. hype has to get built.. buzz has to be created…. so it is part and parcel of game’

Manny gets a call

Manny ‘I have to rush.. he committed suicide..’

Susan has drop of tears in her eyes..

After Manny leaves she murmurs

‘To believe or not to believe is something we keep questioning to God.. God is Unknown.. Sometimes as Idol we worship too.. but what sort of belief is this.. where just media can make us believe what is right or wrong and create such psychological impacts and sometimes harm selves too’


Social Service Model for Entrepreneurship Eco System

Sarah is an economically backward lady.. One day she is reading PASSION FRAMEWORK and decides to probe the author…

Sarah ‘How can you make me an Entrepreneur?’

Author ‘Sarah… collect a group of individuals like you.. and we will begin small scale business units’

Sarah ‘Done.. what next.. where investments will come from?’

Author ‘you work as care taker with a family right?’

Sarah ‘yes’

Author ‘get all such families in this group.. they become angels’

Sarah ‘who will provide space?’

Author ‘space is available in plenty.. .relax’

Sarah ‘next?’

Author ‘the family where you work, their bread earners work in corporates’

Sarah ‘yes.. he is CEO of big firm’

Author ‘they become your angel investor’

Author ‘hope all understand this social eco system model well’

Sarah ‘thanks.. I do keep a close tab on this blog’

Author ‘bring in more followers, publicize this blog better’

Blog Love

“Love is the most abused word in the world”

Philosopher Raul “Who agrees with this? ”

All were silent

Ramola who is just been hurt in love shrieks ‘yes.. most abused word.. live for 3 years and just all of sudden.. even sitting to next to beloved.. becomes allergic.. like how cars are changed.. girl friends too’

Raul  ‘dear child..  love is emotions.. unleased in our senses which can be seen by our beloved.. now your hate is visible’

Sareen ‘Sir.. what is blog love?’

Raul ‘Blog love is all about expressing all emotions as write up.. a concept where one person begins writing a para, other blogger adds more para and so on’

Louisa ‘never ending blog?’

Raul ‘love never ends.. only emotions end… at least one sense remains still in love.. so an endless blog is not an objective.. may be a beginning of next love blog should be an outcome’

Louisa ‘why this chain ?’

Raul ‘each blog will have a concept, a word, a marketable item and latest movie some dialog’

Louisa ‘wow a philosopher becoming an entertainer’

Rafiq  ‘love blog will also need some characters. popular ones’

Raul ‘part of all earnings will be distributed to individuals who loose love and above all loose their assets, family and so on and are on roads all in name of love’

James ‘tragedy kings and queens’

Manuel ‘so great… let us begin love blog soon’



A true lover will ensure the entity which it loves will always be taken care of.

It could be human, animal, plant, or even some hobby element.

Why does heart get soft to something, is beyond human understanding.

Every day we encounter so many elements, why does an encounter become more meaningful,

Is it the eye appeal, ear appeal, nose appeal, body? or just the soul..

Lovers of this world, celebrate love and bring in more love to our life by loving at least more entity every day.

Fall in love to minimum 364 to 365 elements every year and see how love brings smile in so many elements.

Diehard lover keep loving individuals irrespective of like / dislike icons in social media tool.

Loving with respect gives love new meaning of life

We build Entrepreneurs

John boldly puts a caption

“we build entrepreneurs’

John’s friend “Does it mean you are trying to have product life cycle’ imbibed in this bold concept

John ‘yes.. entrepreneurs as products… hence accelerator always says term ‘graduated’

John’s friend ‘never knew entrepreneurs also would be treated as products’

John ‘Found many high leaders in various countries talking about entrepreneurship so decided to convert them to products..

One high lead wishes to have over 350000 entrepreneurs in country by 2020. Isn’t it a huge task”

John’s friend ‘best of luck.. you need to create a factory’

John ‘No.. it is a game plan.. let us unfold it.. slowly’

John’s friend ‘it is ridiculous. you will fail’

John ‘so be it..I will disrupt the thought process of individuals’

Prime Lead Insights

Prime Lead Insight’s CEO Jack is always searching for news..

One day he finds a blue colored diamond shaped article on road. He finds it too beautiful.

Jack gets an idea…

At home

Jack ‘Julie.. found this lucky charm.. check its miracle soon’

Jack swipes US$1000 to his most trusted vendor Rob and asks him to give 1000$ free coupons to his own address

2 days latter

Julie ‘wow.. indeed it is so lucky.. we got 1000$ worth free coupon from the retail shop’

Jack ‘great.. they seem to be doing well. It means we should get more business’

Julie ‘i will begin praying to it every day for more lucks’

Seeing her do that, her friend Susan also beings praying.. and soon all begin searching for similar shaped item in stores / online and so on.

Jack puts a cover news ‘BLUE MIRACLE’

and people start putting all their testimonies and feedback in the site.

It is a big hit…

Jack smiles.. and pens a thought

‘We began believing it.. It happened so

We began disbelieving it.. it happened so..

between happening and non happening

what remains is our own insights

to convert even a stone to a utility

what is diamond or gold or

silver or anything.

we over valued it hence they are precious

we can value ourselves too accordingly

and make people believe us

on what we are doing…

so focus on our strengths first

weakness are nice to be overcome

but take support of specialists to overcome those

don’t try to be jack of all trade and master  of none.

though we do need generalist individuals

but those need to have multi tasking capabilities

time management most crucial”

Jack has dozed of to sleep for a better tomorrow