Super clusters and innovation

Debate question
How should US and India together build strong ecosystem to have good electronic-manufacturing hubs in India?
Visit; and in case any one wishes to be contribute to ecosystem do let me know. Am helping many seniors connect to each other and also create employment opportunities for them

Startup Collaborative Innovation Centers

As I get deeper into entrepreneur research, here is the journey of my pivots… am launching SCIC’s soon and hope to hear/get projects from all here or at least can discuss it.

A large public limited company

Way back in early 1990’s, when technology was still picking up, I ended up understanding an entire process of shares department who would spend huge effort on data entry, compilation only to create more issues. Vigorously doing data entry too, I realized that everything is solvable if we put proper logic to it..

Understood the process and created a small tool which helped perform 50% of tasks being done by team of 8

All cornered me and asked me, what was my intent? am I replacing jobs?

I mentioned, I just wanted to be a good programmer… nothing beyond it..

One of the Director was of course pleasantly shocked and mentioned, he liked my style of working..


Where the above case study fits in Startup Collaborative Innovation Center?

I left the job as there was no point breaking heads with the CIO’s on technology debates or trying to create unrest within a team with threat of loosing opportunities, however may be that was the trigger point for me to realize that I am an entrepreneur in spirit and heart from age 9, when am trying to sell my own skills to my fellow students and take tutions.

Does the case fit in Startup Collaborative Innovation Center?

The answer is Yes as like me, there would whole lot of young blood trying to identify problems in process, getting irritated with day-to-day routine well laid out process, one who wishes to bring a small change, to make a big difference in cycle time…


Blog writing

I have paused a bit, to think a bit, to see how am getting responses for my 50 words max thoughts in whatsapp,  I found that I slowly began getting 100 views almost every day..


what I write :


Innovation freedom is only possible in Entrepreneurship…

Relations cannot be defined by words, but the flow of communication between 2 Actors. Hence it is relative.

Time discipline reflects key to various aspects of personality..

I guess, I will again into story telling, which is where I fit in, a fiction writer, no connections with dead or alive, no biographies, but some aspects of life captured through writing



You too say the same thing

Why do we repeat things when we know the conclusions will remain same.

Sometimes the same questions and then again same answers…

Example ‘do not call me again”.  ”please close it”. “you are so adament”

“I will not do the same thing again”. “I am bored of routine”

So what needs to be done under this cases is only Innovation

“The same routine can be avoided through small changes.. example if you are brushing teeth only once, you can begin doing it two times,  if you are tired of an old furniture… change it”

Life is a routine dear.. Startups too will become a routine affair sooner or later

If you said someone “I love you today” and again repeat same every day, the purpose of saying “I love you will be lost”,

so what remains very important is ‘doing repeated things with same vigor, enthusiasm and do not strive for so much perfection and expect same perfection from others.. imperfection is absolutely fine”


Soul Binding

the greatest binding in life is nothing but our soul’s binding to our heart and mind. If the soul is loosely binded to mind, we become mindless and if it is loosely binded to heart, we become heartless.

PASSION is all about binding soul to the purpose of life..  why does an entrepreneur continue pursuing their goals zealously? it is because of their belief that some outcome will surely come..

Money making insights typically distances the soul from the heart and maybe even mind at times.. and then may be success stories may get flashed all over, but where is that PASSION to disrupt and make a world class innovation?  Have never observed any investors really bothered about disruption.. they are purely seeking return on investment.. For them the Stock exchange is better place..  We do not need investors who just wish to invest as angels to get their returns through subsequent funding.. we do need entrepreneurs who wish to be like employees in garb of founders and loose zeal when all is lost..

binding soul to heart and mind will make a person focused on a purpose of life.

Little Joy kept wondering why her father was so passionate about PASSION till one day she found that her love for kinderjoy was to delight her taste buds and joy of her father was to delight the heartbuds and mindbuds.





A Pad, a tool to cover the stains, a safety to help senior citizens with disorders to feel free to release as and when needed. Just need a fresh bath subsequently.. and everything is fine.

With diapers costing over 1$ to 10$, why not bring in innovation to pad and just get going. A world with over 1 billion plus population, with at least 10% kids and 30% senior citizens.. just go out all the way for Sanitation competition.

Innovations in Sanitation focuses, is what social entrepreneur PAD decided when he got into journey couple of years back.


Visionary ‘I only knew I had to always have a research focused approach to innovation’

Implementer ‘I only know we need to be practical in our goals to succeed’

Visionary ‘I made you a successor for same reasons but then now you have put my company behind by 10 years’

Implementer ‘do not worry…. we will acquire those companies later’

Visionary is silent…

Visionary ‘so you will never invest on innovations?’

Implementer ‘why to break head on something so much. first time it always fails.. so let us wait’

Visionary ‘I regret and we have different ideologies’

Implementer ‘yes but I suggest you to focus on research.. will make a small unit for you and you can handle that’

Visionary in anger ‘I built this business.. you were not there too’

Implementer ‘do not be carried away with history.. am present and future too’

Visionary ‘this is 21st century.. we are just left in history books’


Golden Era 2020

James ‘Am amused.. that country is going through a currency shortage problem’

Toklov ‘yes.. one of my friend there mentioned that in lieu of legal 2000, the transport ticket issuing conductors are actually giving 500 notes just declared illegal’

Samu ‘What if the developed country puts a similar ban on their currency and restricts finance’

Arif ‘the middle east will stop petroleum too’

Xiang ‘is it not moving back to golden days.. exchange of few gold coins for some service’

Ram ‘in India, there is bhagwad geeta which says to win…a battle, we should remain focused… the battle has just begun’

Neo ‘yes and then we also had a king who got sick and tired of battle and on his way saw so many own kith and kin dead, that he got into spiritual mode’

Nancy ‘global economics is tough to understand.. very tough.. and any change management needs to be reviewed before taking a leap’

James ‘what happens next?’

Ram ‘just relax.. people will get detached from the currencies of life and look into more meaningful purpose of life… what exists today.. will be nothing tomorrow so why crib and cry.. just do your work properly and that is it’


Samu ‘Now what happens if someone stops someone from eating animals.. the whole world will be filled with animals’

Samu ‘what happens if someone underestimates strengths of any pillar or one pillar shakes up..  the whole universe will become weak’

James ‘am seriously not sure which way the universe is going.. but somewhere hatred as seeped into the mind and logic has taken total backseat.. and forget about color of notes or color of anything..  we have forgotten that universe gave us so many colors to enjoy the diversity and be united’

Ram ‘but someone needed to start that.. so what happened was good’

Toklov ‘to curb disaster, it is important that the 4 pillars be converted to 8 pillars and strengthen the foundation..  the greed of getting everything needs to go.. and it is in human to think what history did to cleanse a system or what history will be created to again cleanse a system and hope the warm feelings of love remain well.. ‘

Ram ‘I never saw a single queue of cars parked somewhere to get currency changes out here.. may be the rich stopped using cash way back’

James ‘yes.. had the infrastructure be improved first, things would have been different.. most of rural folks do not know what has hit them there…’

Toklov ‘not sure what happens to immigrants too…’

Ram ‘guys.. let us all remain united and be friends.. at least as long as we are clear.. we may just begin afresh and build a healthy co-existence environment for all to follow.’

James ‘cheers.. got to go back.. some folks want to replace whatsapp with their local branded apps’

Arif ‘what if a search engine bans self?’



Maslow’s perspective to Einstein

Following characteristics of individuals on path of self actualization

1. They perceive reality efficiently and can tolerate uncertainty;

2. Accept themselves and others for what they are;

3. Spontaneous in thought and action;

4. Problem-centered (not self-centered);

5. Unusual sense of humor;

6. Able to look at life objectively;

7. Highly creative;

8. Resistant to enculturation, but not purposely unconventional;

9. Concerned for the welfare of humanity;

10. Capable of deep appreciation of basic life-experience;

11. Establish deep satisfying interpersonal relationships with a few people;

12. Peak experiences;

13. Need for privacy;

14. Democratic attitudes;

15. Strong moral/ethical standards.

Behavior leading to self-actualization:

(a) Experiencing life like a child, with full absorption and concentration;

(b) Trying new things instead of sticking to safe paths;

(c) Listening to your own feelings in evaluating experiences instead of the voice of tradition, authority or the majority;

(d) Avoiding pretense (‘game playing’) and being honest;

(e) Being prepared to be unpopular if your views do not coincide with those of the majority;

(f) Taking responsibility and working hard;

(g) Trying to identify your defenses and having the courage to give them up.


Why is it important for an entrepreneur who wishes to focus on INNOVATION and PROBING dimensions of PASSION FRAMEWORK

Entrepreneurship is all about probing, innovating solutions which already could exist or may not exist for pain points..






Startups grow Startup

Startups who grow other startups are the modern day accelerators


  1. Real Estate Companies with idle space want to start an incubator/accelerator

It is appreciative and heart warming to find that however they need to rely on trust worthy incubation manager to do so..

Now what happens to the incubator if the incubation manager gets another real estate company support and who pays higher percentage of equity?

The first incubator may risk of shutting down..


2)  Anyone who has good experiences in industry can start an accelerator program with support of senior colleagues and industry blessing.. and sometimes get an early success of companies getting invested..

It is a good sign.. but what happens if an accelerator is found in almost all locations of the country. Is it training centers renamed as accelerator?

I would be helping individuals for over 2 decades now.. for their job goals, coaching them and found many individuals really do not ever wish to be entrepreneurs but if no other option exists, they do not mind attempting to run a company

The other individuals, I observed were ones who are at very senior positions and felt they can actually do it better then others.

As there is a shortage of real good mentors, hence opportunities exist but at same time a word of caution:  Investors are impressed only if the startup ensure product reaches market and has good traction so the key success to accelerator is to focus on market

3) Do Accelerators and Incubators really get benefited by the equity model?

They should .. if the startups can scale up well..

But as a mentor, I can safely say that the mindset of an entrepreneur is to save equity.. Most of entrepreneurs guided by that.. and with complex term sheets and vesting and n number of clauses, find entrepreneurs spending time with lawyers and advisors who ask them to exercise caution which is fine but how about an entrepreneur trying to spend more time with marketing folks and understanding how to have good pricing strategy, how to strategize, penetrate market well and also how to be liberal in giving commissions

So it is very important for Accelerator and Incubators to empanel good contributing mentors but they need to be rewarding them by way of compensation or equity and it should be clearly specified.

4) Does entrepreneur get benefited by Accelerator program?

Obvious yes.. as I find each startup has a long way to go..

I have for one.. guiding many incubators and these days also helping few bodies who wish to formulate policies etc around this eco system

However one thing which clearly emerges is that

Do not try to own everything self.. Learn to give away.. and more you give, more you succeed…

Do not try to focus too much on pitch, web site and what not.. . Learn to understand that each client knows that there are professionals who build website, pitch deck etc

so eventually client may appreciate your deck or website or criticize but remember the best of present day million/billion dollar company had sloppy websites too

So… the bottom line.. is focus on business model trials and arrive at good pricing strategies and with a clear assumption that focus only on minimum viable products or service model.


PASSION FRAMEWORK provides an insight to individuals from any walks of life (Investors, Incubators, Accelerators, Entrepreneurs, Academicians and Mentors

Do.. get going.. PROBING AND INNOVATING to re-invent self as STARTUPS to grow STARTUPS