Common Man confusions

Common Man is a person who is caught in this struggle to move upwards in Maslow’s Pyramid to reach a stage where all the basic and even advanced needs taken care of and now the common man strives to be in path of self actualization…

What a common man realizes is that each country is saddled with unemployment issues, each country wishes to someohow have a heroic effort to solve that.. The wars are no longer about boundaries, but of human basic security of a job and settled life vs an equity game of valuation where the rich may get still more richer..

Is education to be priortized or is it safer to migrate to a developed country? Is it safe to just imitate the social media culture of getting into numerous social sites and advertise, broadcast self or is it fine to just lead a normal life with less noise, less social media buzz as after all 15 years back, there was no such social media buzz or sharing so much piece of information.. There would be community ecosystems.. the gossips, the group discussion on topics were more within community and may max reach other community.. but now the same has reached to become viral… A wink may soon get viral… An event can get sensational… but what about the outcome… after all those protests.. we will only find peace admist nature.. wondering if any justice really will ever exist.

With the so called hype in startup ecosystem.. multiple youngsters got into this bandwagon.. to a point where you will find FOUNDER word in 1 out of 20 profile… the bridge between experienced and not experienced has diminished as investors got into a frenzy of investing in rounds.. and once the investment results failed.. almost many investors stopped… The conventional business folks remained aloof from startup ecosystem, they flourished for a while and again got into stage of collapse, largely because of conservative mind sets.. The need of the day is to open up vistas for startup – industry collaboration in whole hearted way,… not with a mindset of acquisition as this whole hype was to actually make a common man empower to build a business to create employment…

Does money really multiply money? obvious yes… however does common man really multiply common man? the answer is again yes… as each common man who becomes a sensation or a hero at some point of time tries to bring in monopoly to consolidate position which in turn leads to more automation and finally the common man is confused.. is technology a boon or bane?

As I begin a new journey to groom individuals to path of success.. it becomes important for me to make as many self realize that there is no point making a social work organization or social initiative unless we do not firmly believe to introduce low cost education system with quality imbibed in teachers, students and not get hung up only for tier 1 institutes.. rather tier 1 institutes should begin adopting more institutes/schools/colleges and have common man kid to also get benefit of joining good MNCs right from day 1 rather then struggling in metros/town to keep grooming/training in hope of getting job in MNCs..

If we wish to make an individual an entrepreneur, we need to come out of tier 1 institute mindset.. it is a conscious decision which all need to take collectively.. of course tier 1 institutes are the best,.. they know art of teaching. make investments in teachers.. collaborate, co brand and multiple other factors exist but globally as per my research, if we consider 1000 top institutes x 500 resources … so globally 500000 resources is what are supposed to generate employment opportunities for million and millions of population.. reality is only 1% of those really manage to do so… and others are again caught up being common man in some other overseas land, struggling trying to get citizen ship and so on..

The mission has just rebegun.. after 20 years… will need very active contribution from all like minded individuals.. who care to bring innovations of common man and scale them up.. with loads of internationalization approach brain stormed to arrive at successful business model..

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Mina ‘It is a weak model. Why will anyone like sticky stuffs’

Joseph ‘Let me taste the same and then we pass a judgment’

Joseph tastes the pudding and finds it tasty.. It is neither sweet nor sour…

Joseph ‘Mina can make small investments if you wish to promote your pudding. Did you copyright your recipe?

Mina ‘Yes. Want to promote breakfast puddings’

Joseph ‘What all it contains?’

Mina ‘Combination of Mint, Honey, Oats, a big of egg smashed, turmeric and pepper’

Joseph ‘Are you sure you did this repeatedly’

Mina ‘Dear Joseph, am not seeking investments, I have just joined a hotel institute and experimented with this. Just wished to check if you loved the taste’

Joseph ‘Sometimes we investors begin seeing each person as prospective entrepreneur and begins laughing’

Joseph ‘Hence the taste was OK, not too great..  But as I know your boy friend, thought you seeking investment. I thought you came to meet him at our office’

Mina ‘You gave wrong compliments..’

Joseph ‘No it was not too bad. Do venture out and see if folks love your pudding’

Mina ‘Not now, let me perfect my pudding recipe else it will fail’