Startup investments

A monthly investment of just US$150 to US$300 for 2 years. Many invest in stock/mutual fund/insurance..
Why not invest in startup? Life would get only better cofounding a company.

Melissa ‘this will not work?’

PS ‘it should.. as anyways no one is creating jobs and many are being laid out.. if this much also someone who earns even US$15000/- per annum do it, there is some serious issue.. it means finance management is a bit tipsy turvy an no alternate business planning in sight.. jobs will continue to get reduced over period of time.. do become entrepreneur’

Melissa ‘are you sure?’

What can go wrong?

Police has rushed to a place where the startup entrepreneur Jim has just committed suicicide

Jim ‘Mentally harassed by friends, relatives, investors and even employees. Am not having any complaints against anyone..’

The police support team creamates Jim only to find a letter

‘This is Bob.. your investor.. deploy us the 100000$ immediately as agreed upon.. from 500000$, you had agreed to payback 100000$ as consulting remuneration.’

The police reaches to the investor Bob

Police Inspector Garry ‘We need to ask you about Jim’

Bob ‘Jim.. I heard about it.. he took too much unofficial investments from us’

Garry ‘can you share us proof’

Bob gives an entire file of Jim

Garry and team observe over US$100000 paid of to Bob in addition to official investments’

Garry ‘source of money?’

Bob ‘we would pay him as consulting fee or even as advances and then when we asked for payment back.. ‘

Gsrry ‘he threatened he will commit suicide’

Bob ‘exactly.. this is what has happened’

Garry returns back to the police station

Garry ‘should I ask my son to pursue startup or not?’

Garry’s friend Kris ‘relax.. let us not take 1 bad example as population’

Few days latter

Garry ‘my son managed a 100000$ fund.. seems he is happy.. hope he works well but he does need to understand what can go wrong.. will guide him’

Investment Lessons

Investment Lesson

What type of tree you wish to plant?

I have seen multiple investors who wish a very rapid investment return from innovation. This  is simply not possible as innovation needs acceptance and then it grows.

So what really happened was all who stopped thinking of innovation, invested in copy-cat models and some got huge returns, many failed and then the investors cribbed that the startup ecosystem is not conductive enough.

What happened to the fruits (startups)

They were never ripe fruits in first place, it was like selling a half ripe fruit like GRAPE to someone and obviously you will have bitter taste. you failed to realize GRAPE VINE itself takes 2 years for yielding fruits.  Analyze the costs yourselves and Investors will realize themselves where we are failing.  We should not invest in startups but invest in STOCK if you want things to happen too soon.

That GRAPE vine will yield minimum 30 years, if maintained properly.

What happened to the individuals who invested maybe in something like a MANGO tree (UNICORNS)

They had that patience for minimum 8 years, to collectively grow it, without any greed to exit and results are there for everyone.

Some love fooling

Jam ‘I am going to get you at any cost… you are mine’

Sherry ‘hey you are 10 years younger to me.. do not think this way’

Jam hugs Sherry

Sherry is happy internally.. She just had a break from a bad relation few years back and is longing for a friend’

2 months later

Jam ‘it is all finished’

Sherry ‘what? I helped you in your business,I got into an emotional entanglement with you and assumed you would be the one for life with me’

Jam ‘didn’t you see my track record of 7-8 bad relation earlier’

Sherry is silent

Jam ‘the problem with girl’s are that they look for beautiful hunks like me who are all grey then straight hearted clean individuals and vice versa at times handsome guy’s like me assume and know when to exit of relation’

Before Sherry can react.. Jam has posted in facebook ‘All over with Sherry. Open to Mingle all over again’


Why we fail?

We fail not because we wish to fail, but rather because it has to happen…

Our mood, behavior everything is influenced by something unknown.. some call it is Moon’s mood swing.. some call it the devil inside us, not allowing us to think logically and some may feel, there is some evil magic done on us…

Romel ‘can you guarantee success?’

Joe ‘no.. I can guarantee failures’

Romel smiles

Joe ‘to break something is most easiest thing to do… but to unite that piece; it takes time’

Romel ‘so who can actually guarantee success?’

Joe ‘no one but your own self’

Romel ‘how’

Joe ‘I was in construction business… making buildings.. but lack of investments and debt made me realize  I could not deliver what I promised’

Romel ‘so?’

Joe ‘got into demolishing of illegal buildings.. and that gives me good money’

Romel begins laughing

Joe ‘sooner we realize we are masters in failure.. we need to check, what triggers our failures… and ensure we avoid all those checklist points when we take up next assignment’

Romel ‘like’

Joe ‘a school going kid may not like to go to school.. let that kid get into home schooling’

Romel ‘seriously not sure what you talk…’

Joe ‘we blame the moon, the space, the unknown for everything but ourselves, so let us all learn to understand our failure checkpoints… a new startup in making’

Romel ‘common.. this time i will not invest.. you bootstrap it’




Love can wait

Rob ‘Love can wait.. this opportunity is once in life time.. I have to be in USA for 2 years.. and with stringent visa rules, never know what next’

Mary ‘In Vietnam, we always wonder.. why this rush push to US.. is $ so important to all of us’

Rob ‘obviously.. ‘

Mary ‘separating out family, friends, dear ones .. all for slogging for some company and grow it.. and then what you get in return?’

Rob ‘we need to improve quality of living.. Ok.. then I will be leaving this weekend’

Mary sighs…

Mary ‘imagine if the whole immigrants just decide to return back one day?’

Rob ‘we will see what will happen then…but that is a land of opportunity and that is where we observe multiple startups , ideas, investments all happening in a nice way’

Mary ‘ok.. then we can call it quits’

Rob ‘thanks for understanding me…’

Mary ‘hope you understood me too’