US India relation

Brother ‘what is it that will make this relation tick’

Sister ‘only one focus China’

Brother ‘isn’t it weird.  we want the relation to build, but H1B too curbed’

Sister ‘it is only for few months. All will be fine’

Brother ‘will relations strengthen?’

Sister ‘please remember neighbors fight every day but eventually they get united’

Brother ‘so?’

Sister ‘the US India relation will always be good because of service model. The US China relation too will get better because of supply-chain model. For US to build a strong India or for India to build a strong supply chain, it needs investments to pour in from all quarters.. with election round the corner, this will take a bit more time.. but will happen’

I support

Common Man confusions

Common Man is a person who is caught in this struggle to move upwards in Maslow’s Pyramid to reach a stage where all the basic and even advanced needs taken care of and now the common man strives to be in path of self actualization…

What a common man realizes is that each country is saddled with unemployment issues, each country wishes to someohow have a heroic effort to solve that.. The wars are no longer about boundaries, but of human basic security of a job and settled life vs an equity game of valuation where the rich may get still more richer..

Is education to be priortized or is it safer to migrate to a developed country? Is it safe to just imitate the social media culture of getting into numerous social sites and advertise, broadcast self or is it fine to just lead a normal life with less noise, less social media buzz as after all 15 years back, there was no such social media buzz or sharing so much piece of information.. There would be community ecosystems.. the gossips, the group discussion on topics were more within community and may max reach other community.. but now the same has reached to become viral… A wink may soon get viral… An event can get sensational… but what about the outcome… after all those protests.. we will only find peace admist nature.. wondering if any justice really will ever exist.

With the so called hype in startup ecosystem.. multiple youngsters got into this bandwagon.. to a point where you will find FOUNDER word in 1 out of 20 profile… the bridge between experienced and not experienced has diminished as investors got into a frenzy of investing in rounds.. and once the investment results failed.. almost many investors stopped… The conventional business folks remained aloof from startup ecosystem, they flourished for a while and again got into stage of collapse, largely because of conservative mind sets.. The need of the day is to open up vistas for startup – industry collaboration in whole hearted way,… not with a mindset of acquisition as this whole hype was to actually make a common man empower to build a business to create employment…

Does money really multiply money? obvious yes… however does common man really multiply common man? the answer is again yes… as each common man who becomes a sensation or a hero at some point of time tries to bring in monopoly to consolidate position which in turn leads to more automation and finally the common man is confused.. is technology a boon or bane?

As I begin a new journey to groom individuals to path of success.. it becomes important for me to make as many self realize that there is no point making a social work organization or social initiative unless we do not firmly believe to introduce low cost education system with quality imbibed in teachers, students and not get hung up only for tier 1 institutes.. rather tier 1 institutes should begin adopting more institutes/schools/colleges and have common man kid to also get benefit of joining good MNCs right from day 1 rather then struggling in metros/town to keep grooming/training in hope of getting job in MNCs..

If we wish to make an individual an entrepreneur, we need to come out of tier 1 institute mindset.. it is a conscious decision which all need to take collectively.. of course tier 1 institutes are the best,.. they know art of teaching. make investments in teachers.. collaborate, co brand and multiple other factors exist but globally as per my research, if we consider 1000 top institutes x 500 resources … so globally 500000 resources is what are supposed to generate employment opportunities for million and millions of population.. reality is only 1% of those really manage to do so… and others are again caught up being common man in some other overseas land, struggling trying to get citizen ship and so on..

The mission has just rebegun.. after 20 years… will need very active contribution from all like minded individuals.. who care to bring innovations of common man and scale them up.. with loads of internationalization approach brain stormed to arrive at successful business model..

Download the app, and join free training program on quality, data science.. and do share with your near dear ones who are in IT industry..

startup secrets

never begin approaching investors till you have not completed your product.

never focus only on seeking investments.

budget your startup with following economics



2X investments needed

X is something which can be decided by only you..

so with this economics, you realize you do need always a cofounder.

so 2 technical folks can get into initiating something, but partnering with 2 marketing folks may give better leverage

always remember.. the X component has to be as lean as possible.


Smart Startups

Smart Startups are the ones who abide by following rules

1) Keep focusing on their goals and do not rush push to seek investments.

2) Keep identifying right senior talents and negotiate / convince them to be with the startup in thick and thin and offer a generous equity or even compensation or if nothing else have a human empathy to build relation with them.

3) There will be a need to continuously collaborate, build relation with other startups and see where your venture product or service fits in that eco system.

4) Build small community and collaborate and bring more individuals to believe in what you are doing.

5) Keep building customers.. and more customers or fans and more fan following.. or followers and more followers..

6) Avoid getting into controversies and stick to their focus.. so no loose comments on twitter, facebook or any social media site..

7) Get the cheapest, greatest small module training from reputed institute and build relation there..   if that too is unaffordable..  identify quick learners and include them in your team..

8) Having a human binding with your employees or contractors or consultants is most important and at the end of it, are they going to earn good remuneration from your startup?  If the answer is No and if you feel you are the most conservative successful entity who does not wish to spend on employees then you are not there… you can never be able to build a foundation company.. you may wish to sell your startup to someone else..? but it is of no use as finally again you are in that cycle of entrepreneur to investor journey and you will not be the right fit to create large employment opportunities.. so vision focus most important.

9) If your aim is to just sell your startup eventually.. identify all potential acquirers and understand where all they have limitations and strategize fully on that model only..  finally be clear of what you wish to do..

10) Does incubator / accelerator deserve small equity for guiding you.. absolutely yes as finally they have built a strong network of entire startup eco system..

11) How much minimum money you need? depends entire on the startup? It should not be a case of a business plan by an employee being given to a CEO for budget approval and startup will perform only if business plan gets sanctioned..

so please do not chase investors and let investors chase you..

PASSION FRAMEWORK the one which have built and evolved is a 2 decade journey of ups and downs in an entrepreneur journey and name it.. everything is experienced…  and so do not get bogged down by ‘No replies from investor’s”or ”Polite smiles” or “Harsh criticism ” or “Even copy / imitations of your product” as finally if you have decided to become an entrepreneur.. it is your special charm.. there is something in you which compels you do so.. so you are bound to win…  if you have patience and perseverance.

Social Service Model for Entrepreneurship Eco System

Sarah is an economically backward lady.. One day she is reading PASSION FRAMEWORK and decides to probe the author…

Sarah ‘How can you make me an Entrepreneur?’

Author ‘Sarah… collect a group of individuals like you.. and we will begin small scale business units’

Sarah ‘Done.. what next.. where investments will come from?’

Author ‘you work as care taker with a family right?’

Sarah ‘yes’

Author ‘get all such families in this group.. they become angels’

Sarah ‘who will provide space?’

Author ‘space is available in plenty.. .relax’

Sarah ‘next?’

Author ‘the family where you work, their bread earners work in corporates’

Sarah ‘yes.. he is CEO of big firm’

Author ‘they become your angel investor’

Author ‘hope all understand this social eco system model well’

Sarah ‘thanks.. I do keep a close tab on this blog’

Author ‘bring in more followers, publicize this blog better’

Mock Pitch Dais

The dais is available and you have to just go there and do a mock play..

James should be playing role of an Investor

Sam an entrepreneur

At Angel Network, it is a huge gathering and at the deal workshop James the VC staff gets to dais

James ‘so tell me your business story’

Sam ‘am building an AMM for medicines.’

James ‘wow.. what is AMM’

Sam ‘Auto Medicine vending Machine’

James ‘is it not tricky’

Sam ‘yes.. am just doing a Proof of Concept’

James ‘ok.. good luck’

All look surprised

James gets back to the audience

James ‘any innovation which is not fully reached commercialization stage, VC will not be interested, He needs to incubate it through government or college funds. we seek simple scalable products with traffic or revenue and a reasonably stable company for investments’

How to make money in US$500 investments?

Sweet Hearts,

One of my friend asked me this question and i wondered does Network Marketing create more wealth or a small business?

The few who believe in power of network marketing and are networked can grow through network marketing..

but for ones who are struggling

US$200   A tablet with internet enabling facility

US$100   A 3-4 month internet pack unlimited usage

Begin looking out for buyers and suppliers on any chosen field you decide. (Health, Education, Placements, IT, Crockery) and become an agent..

Being an Agent is also form of entrepreneurship.

Historically all who became millionaire and billionaires dared to sell and they sold products or acted as mediators for reputed products or people or projects.

Assumption: you do have a house to stay, bare minimum food to eat and 🙂 remaining US$200 is for small advertisements, registration in Linked In etc to popularize self.

Mr and Miss Agents – get going..  nothing can stop you….

Each business wants to grow..

Loads of love to you as love teaches us to share what we have.


Wang was crazy to watch movies.. As kid all would joke ‘She should do PHD in Movies’..  As she grew up, she began watching all languages of movies…  One day she came across Discovery theories in google.  On probing she realized that indeed she should do PHD in Movies..  Thesis title ‘Script Writing – Discovery or Creation.. Movie Success Empirical Analysis’

As a Chinese Student she had profound knowledge of all international movies.

She got into analysis of all movies made till date… and realized.. Creation is not successful Never..  Discovery is successful. She approaches top director Steve for a discussion..

Wang ‘Sir.. why does your movie flop if it is creative and whenever you follow your brand loyalty.. the fiction genre.. you deliver a hit’

Steve ‘Creation..  All creation is abused in this world.. No one accepts creation easily.. Einstein’s relativity theory,  Even in colleges.. no one funds creation.. research funds less..  So whenever i experiment with some thing new.. no takers.. they say  that I will flop.. so unfortunately i need to get back to fiction’

Wang ‘Sir.. Good v/s evil..  Love triangle.. Horror Revenge.. Humor (couple, friends, kids, animals)

Steve begins laughing.. and then we have ‘Super Man.. Spider Man.. Alien’

Wang begins laughing..

Steve ‘Discovery.. It is easy.. we borrow old hits and convert them to latest style movie.. Very easy.. plagiarism.. All copy rights go for toss. franchising model.. movies these days titled  ZOOM-1, ZOOM-2 and so on.. Discovery is where huge investments needed.. Only VC or big money folks can pay…   Creation is where Angels, family. friends invest’

Wang ‘Hence we find all movies using formulas which are proven’

Steve ‘Absolutely.. Some times we create unique fully knowing we wont’ get returns but we aim to get OSCARs’

Wang begins laughing

Steve ‘I have been conferred Doctorate  too’

Wang ‘Sir you are genius.. I took so much pains to reach you.. Need to collect 25 more samples.. Interacted with 25 directors and all said.. Only successful formula acceptable to investors.. and hence am confused’

Steve ‘Why? ‘

Wang ‘All these while i kept seeing formula movies and then few different.. So who can be game changers’

Steve ‘Creators.. but they will need to accept failures’

Wang smiles…

Wang ‘Sir i wish to be a game changer.. I want to bring in short films on internet.. Need your support’

Steve ‘Absolutely.. I can…  Am admitting you in our Movie Fellow ship program..  You can pursue PHD from China even then..’

Wang hugs Steve

Wang ‘Sir.. I love you for your professional contribution’

Steve ‘Wang.. important that what you do.. you need to connect to audience.. reach their hearts.. audience need to cry, laugh, emote like what you visualize and depict in big screen’

Steve ‘Pain Point.. Controversial Movies.. All creations.. Surely gets noticed.. ‘

Wang ‘Like?’

Steve ‘An actor singing songs in toilet’

Wang and Steve both begin laughing

Wang ‘Sir.. dinner with me?’

Steve ‘Sure my child’

Society Humor

(This part of story is absolution fiction and no correlation with any dead or alive entity)

Celina is an Ace Analyst who has very good grasp over semantic analysis. She is married to a writer who is Harold. Harold loves writing and adds humor to his writings.. An honest resource.. He makes digs on various political activities, simulates possible environment scenarios..

Celina ‘Harold.. I have done an analysis on your stuff and found you tend to love Satire’

Harold ‘One of the problem in our society, is that we lack Society Humor.  Why cannot i take dig on pot holes in road or may be some event where tons of money spent to just watch an under wear auction of a celebrity?’

Celina holds Harold’s hand

Celina ‘Some day we may just be shot dead’

Harold ‘Is voicing an opinion in world a crime. Unless pain points not shrieked out, no one is going to come and solve problem

Celina ‘World statistics show that people love slavery and some times it is good too as if all think of creation, who will execute it.. Ok enough of this ongoing topic.. Let us go for walk’

As they walk in the greenery of Europe, suddenly they find surrounded by a gang with pistols, rifles..

Celina is shocked..

Harold ‘May I ask why?’

Gang Leader Jose ‘You keep pasting stories on  a blog about crime, criminal and its nexus with politics.. You also started a social venture to curb crimes’

Harold ‘I have an idea.. if you allow me to talk and you don’t shoot me’

Jose ‘What?’

Harold ‘Can you co found this venture with me..’

Jose laughs loudly..

Harold ‘Think about it..  You know all the criminals in society.. We are going to make them self sustainable.. They have mastered their arts in tricks and all may at some point of time wish to lead a life of less threats.. Today a police shoots you.. you are gone’

Jose ponders.. and holds his gun on Harold’s forehead “No monkey tricks please’

Harold ‘It is a deal.. I will raise funds in my name.. you are my 50% equity partner.. We will declare boldly that all GLOBAL CRIMINALS can be part of this community to strive towards peace..  We will together solve society problems’

Harold ‘Think of the power, respect and position you will get’

Jose looks at his gang..

All his gang members smile and say ‘He does have a point.. We make max US$100000 per month.. and even through our syndicate network.. we can reach upto US$5M annually.. But all have police records around us’

Jose ‘What about my police record.. They will just put me behind bars’

Harold ‘Don’t worry.. i am going to be your guarantor and whatsoever crime you committed, let us help all those individuals who got impacted by you..’

Jose ‘I did 1 full murder and 1/2 murder too though no trace in police records’ and begins laughing

Harold ‘Ok we will surprise their families with giving employment opportunities

Jose ‘Hey I like it.. Salvation… So by the time i go up, all my crime records nullified at least from Super Power Lord’s eyes’

Harold ‘Not sure.. but surely it is.. ‘

Jose ‘What i need to do now?’

Harold ‘Let us set up an incubation center for small time criminals to begin with and guide them on compiled list of pain point areas and see how they can resolve them’

Jose ‘Investments?’

Harold ‘Dear Jose.. Robin used to loot Rich and help Poor.. From now on you guys are not criminals.. but you all may be having money right?’

Jose ‘yes’

Harold ‘Investments from there’

Celina is still shell shocked

Celina ‘Hey guys… My head is reeling with my husband’s logic.. Let us all at least have cup of coffee and look at sun rise with a hope to end society crimes’

Successful Disbeliefs

“I don’t think it could be so bad.. Let me attempt it”

“I never wished to get into this mess, but am happy I learnt many things from this mess”

“Love never creates pain in heart even if separations happen as remembering one does bring smile in face”

“I don’t think Google, Facebook or Twitter will get fully paid web site”

“Do you feel the water will drown me? Let me seek this adventure swim in this deep sea”

“I gracefully got old with a dye in one hand and an age defying cream in another”

“Love never happened to me only some butter fly moved inside when I saw him”

“Hunger can be controlled and I did it through meditation”

“I disbelieve all what is not seen, not heard, not felt, not smelled by me or my soul”

“Entrepreneurship is meant to succeed one day”

“Investments will give returns some day”