love need not ask question

Sama is in love with Riya her child hood friend..

Riya has developed infatuation for Harry ever since she met in NY meetup.

Harry ”Riya.. please.. am married.. this will not happy”

Riya ”am open for just being with you”

Harry ”sometimes we need to accept life as it is”

Riya sullen returns back to Singapore..

Sama greets her warmly..

Sama ”hey.. you have gone so sad.. what happened.”

Riya ”please do not ask such questions”

Sama ”sure.. but let us have a good breakfast and share your photos”

Riya looks at Sama eating breakfast gleefully.

Riya ”how is your startup faring?”

Sama ”lol.. do not ask such questions.. still trying to seek investor”

Riya ”common.. how much you need”

Sama ”10000$ to begin with”

Riya opens a cheque book and gives a cheque to Sama

Sama ”hey.. are you sure”

Riya ”yes..”

Sama ”why so?”

Riya ”do not ask such questions.. I do not like it”

Sama ”sure.. but can I tell you something”

Riya ”yes.. you love me since childhood and care for me always”

Sama is silent

Same ”can I ask you a question?”

Riya ”love need not ask question as answers need to be understood”

Sama “So should I assume you too love me?”

Riya “Again a question.. sorry.. I will not answer”







Saraswati toils her day making Idli’s and selling it in various locations of Chennai.. at 10cents  for 2 Idli’s.   One day..

Rick ”isn’t it weird.. everywhere I see these white puffed food and people eating it.. Let’s have one’

He stops at a stall ‘give me IDALY’

Rick’s friend Ramu begins laughing.. Not IDALY.. It is IDLI

Rick gobbles two. for Rs6 and finds it amazing..

Rick ‘who is the owner of this’

The stall person informs ”Saraswati”

Rick ‘wow.. I will want to have this in US”

Saraswati informs in Tamil ”it will not sell there.. who will make the dough.. who will make the puffed rice.. cookers are not in vogue in US”

Ramu translates to Rick

Rick ”no worries.. we will make Idli packs and send it as breakfast.. but I want you there”

Saraswati ”how is it possible.. visa etc”

Ramu ”do not worry Sir, many South Indians  out there in US. we will start one”

3 months latter

Rick ”what a business. it is selling hot in Jersey City, NY and never knew i would make a business out of IDLI”

Ramu on skype ‘Saraswati wants to open more franchise.. will you invest?”

Rick ”of course.. Idli is one of my favourite dish now on.. pack up time for fat PIZZA’s’


Slow runner

Mary ‘I have been a slow runner always’

Tom ‘no problems… the one who runs slow, has a chance to run faster later as has still conserved energy ‘

Mary looks surprised..

Tom ‘in life if we wish to accelerate too soon, there will be no other milestones left later, so you may end up time spending on philanthrophy, more business, more hobby pursuits etc.. but then even you may get bored with that.. as there is no compeling reason to live your life’

Mary is silent

Tom ‘so do not regret you are a slow runner.. I am an Investor.. happily investing in startups.. but that zeal to do something on own is lost.. even I do.. because I had loads of money.. am not too ambitious now.. and I always feel life should be lived at right moments, right time with right contribution to pain and success spanned out in entire life span rather then an imbalanced one’


Letter to Startups

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneurs,

Please do not try to seek employment in garb of initiating a company..  Startup is a search for an appropriate workable business model for a venture…

Here it the catch, we should not assume investors will invest in startup just to ensure business model will work or not, so what will an investor want…

a) Appreciate whatsoever links, contacts, network, legacy experience which Investors, Incubation heads will  bring to table..

b) Do not  try to close venture just because an Investor has stopped funding the venture as here your true capability of being tough entrepreneur is at test…

c) Bootstrapping calls for startup entrepreneurs to not take too much money in form of salary from investor’s purse.. It calls for spending the money wisely on all aspects of business.

d) Make the product a success story rather then a failure and be open to any client opportunity which comes to you..  If you are focusing only on product development and not marketing then you are going to be a risk of failure

e) For a change, startups should have courage to take loans may be excluding collaterals and run a business too

f) Have patience, strong will power and the project will do well for sure..





Mingle Companion

Sam is a budding investor  and a loner… To ensure he keeps a companion; he puts an advertisement

‘wanted young charming girl to look after me’

Soon he get couple of profile…

Interesting enough he choose Dia who is a budding journalist to be with him…

Sam ‘Dia.. do you know at this age.. am just seeking someone who is besides me’

Dia ‘yes.. am aware….’

Soon enough… Sam is happy with Dia…and they enjoy each other’s company..

one fine day

Sam ‘No investments happening from my end.. properly.. someone ends up sharing my strategies to my competitors and I end up loosing client’

Dia ‘dear.. relax.. possibly they have better proposition’

Sam ‘it is not straight…’

A month later

Sam ‘hey … how come you know Morris my competitor… I just happened to see an old photo of yours with him… accidently.. got to know from Morris’s most trust worthy person who shared this photo of yours’

Dia ‘He is my past…’

Sam ‘this is strange coincidence… ‘

Sam continues to loose his investments however now he has got smarter.. he begins cross checking all profiles he received in that advertisement’

Sam ‘let me cross check .. if all of them are from Morris’s associate’

Sam ‘Jack.. you are the most trust worthy officer of Morris.. please help me on these profiles’

Jack begins smiling..

Jack ‘All are his ex employees’

Sam ‘Now I got the whole story.. so it is a systematic sabotage’

Jack ‘yes… as you never allowed him to invest in good proposals.. before he would arrive.. the deals would be yours’

Sam returns home

Sam ‘Dia… it is over.. I do not need anyone now… can look after self’

Dia ‘wait a minute..are you aware I have a 3 month baby of yours ‘

Sam ‘common… do not talk rubbish’

Dia ‘trust me..’

Sam returns back to his room and wonders ‘a small litle mistake of asking for companion and this is what am now in… hope people are careful when they get vulnerable in their life and try to adventure themselves to unknown territories’


Future Peeps

If anyone decided to start a venture to preserve history of locations.. pat came an answer from investors ‘wikipedia is beautifully doing so’

another investor ‘facebook etc too can preserve personal history’

investor Arif ‘what is so special about your venture?’

startup founder Jose ‘it gives you correlation of your past with present and future.. a karmic influencer and through virtual reality takes you into whichever location you chose to and whichever attire you choose too excluding only dialog delivery… so next time you choose to romance your favorite movie star.. you can indeed do that through this tool’

Samuel the investor is shocked with this

Samuel ‘this is innovation for sure.. am willing to invest 5M$ in this immediately’

Jose ‘one minute…

Jose configures Samuel and other investors personality traits and puts locale as ‘Fiji island’

Samuel ‘wow.. we are discussing about your venture now in Fiji’

Jose ‘please continue conversations as it is and keep viewing your actions there’

Samuel ‘I only wonder how come you showed us in those half pants interacting and even showed us having good bodies like film stars’

Jose ‘Sir.. we need 20M$ for this’

All investors agree and project gets funded