Small Ego’s

Rita ‘this is not done.. I feel insulted’

James ‘why?’

Rita ‘you scolded me in front of all’

James ‘remember.. if you are an entrepreneur, first learn subordination’

Rita ‘I can never become an employee’

James ‘Dear Rita, when an entrepreneur takes money from investor, it is first step towards subordination. If you take money from your client, it is again subordination. In life never ever keep small ego’s to ruin self’

Rita ‘I am seriously not sure.. I guess I never worked on my own’

James ‘we need startup founders to work themselves and not burn their money through appointed people’

Startup dialog

“I am Krishna.. here on, will be referred as Startup, Am not the Lord.. just my parents gave me this name’

Startup ‘I am thoroughly confused.. investors want paying clients. Government introduced schemes and when I go there to check, they mention asset centric startups prefered as banks need protection’

Investor ‘I really cannot invest in individuals who just have PPT with them’

Startup ‘am confused, I thought you invest in great idea’

Investor ‘great proven idea’

Startup ‘it is then not innovation’

Investor ‘ok.. great proven innovative disruptive selling idea where you already made some money’

Startup ‘but I need to still sell’

Investor ‘ok.. I suggest look for accelerators who can invest in you’

1 month later

Startup ‘I approached many accelerators.. even they want paying models’

Investor ‘ok.. how well connected you are there’

Startup ‘I reached over 100 investors, 50 accelerators.. so I guess am well connected’

Investor ‘why don’t you join my company as incubation research facilitator’

Startup ‘not a bad idea.. thanks’

Krishna reaches home ‘it is an illusion world.. all having their own MAYA and LEELA’ for performances..

Krishna hugs his girlfriend Reena

Krishna ‘Reena.. I managed to get a job.. now onwards my worst ideas will also become investable.. crazy world this is. No incubation managers.. and we plan so many accelerator programs.. No banks willing to invest.. but we declare we will create employment opportunities.. come lets go and eat bread cream in some Irani restaurent.. . need to butter’

Entrepreneur Delight

A successful good looking good hearted investor
A successful good looking good hearted partner
A successful good looking good hearted project team
A successful good looking good hearted client

Jim ‘Hello Sona.. are you day dreaming?’

Sona ‘yes… as from what I see, everyone seems good looking, good hearted’

Jim ‘The investor has stopped funding us’

Sona ‘is it so?’

Jim ‘Sona.. wake up.. only good looks and good heart not enough’

Sona ‘is it so?’

Jim ‘what is this is it so? business’

Sona ‘is our product not selling? I guess we have profitable business’

Jim ‘yes.. but they want to have monopoly control’

Sona bursts out laughing

Sona ‘ask the investor when they wish to exit.. Let us find some good like minded investors’

Jim ‘are you nuts… 10M$ payback?’

Sona ‘let us schedule the payment.. intent should be good’

Few days later

Investor Bob ‘so.. you want me to exit from you?’

Sona ‘yes Sir.. with wide eyes.. i admired you, respected you, thought you to be good looking, good hearted man.. and then I hear all this’

Bob ‘you never informed me’

Sona ‘common.. should we keep telling all good looking guys HANDSOME’

Bob bursts laughing

Bob ‘Sona.. will not exit from your venture.. tell me when to send the next investment funds’

Sona ‘today Sir.. trust needs to exist’

Next day

Jim ‘is he handsome?’

Sona ‘my eyes see’s him as handsome, so what if he is bald, teeth crooked, even has a bad odor.. but see his genorisity’

Jim ‘good looking, good hearted successful person’

Sona ‘yes.. all need to believe that they are good looking, good hearted, successful person’


Joy is convinced that he is born to bring in joy to people on earth.. One day
Joy ‘how I wish I can help millions’
Nancy ‘I feel you are delusioned’
Joy smiles…
Joy ‘is it so?’
Nancy ‘how is it possible to give joy to millions?’
Joy ‘through entertainment’
Nancy ‘but you are not an entertainer too’
Joy ‘so many of us have various delusions in life and we believe in them.. everything is so contradictory to what we believe. Each entrepreneur is supposed and believes he or she is successful. Each investor believes money will come at least once and we will be happy… I am JOY. A delusion to most, reality to few’

Love strikes back again

John is a depressed loner as he recently broke from his marriage, his wife Jenny used to be extremely possessive about him. This lead to a particular incident where in his wife taunts a young entrepreneur Rose about how she is just seeking favors from Investor John’. This results to Rose committing suicide and John has been depressed ever since then..

John ‘does possessiveness really harm so one so much?”

Jenny ‘dear John, sure she is not done suicide for this reason’

John ‘do not bug me.. I murmur on my own … so why you stepping into my space’

Jenny murmurs ‘never knew Investors would be in so much love with entrepreneurs’

John moves out to Garden

John finds a small girl looking at him gleefully’

John ‘Whose child…? ‘

Mary shoots out ‘hey.. why you troubling uncle’

John ‘oh Mary.. what a pleasant surprise..  since when you came in our apartment complex’

Mary ‘am on assignment… seriously world is so small’

John ‘remember the roses I used to give .. without fail.. every day’

Mary smiles

Mary ‘yes John.. I remember everything.. including your marriage with that possessive creature’

John ‘Not sure why… I wanted money.. and her father offered me a 50-50 partner in his venture fund’

Mary ‘so how is it going?’

John ‘just an entrepreneur committed suicide recently// she was in love.. not sure… but still.. I feel it is because of Jenny’

Mary ‘hey she was my younger sister.. She committed suicide not for your wife but for you… as you had in anger mentioned ‘die.. but do not tell me a thing about my wife’

John ‘Is it so?… am I still in love with Jenny?’

Mary ‘not sure.. somewhere you are subconsciously loving the possessiveness’

John ‘what about the girl’

Mary ‘my sister had bipolar.. she died as she was not able to cope up with insults etc.. so stop worrying about her’

John ‘should I give rose to Jenny today’

Mary ‘celebrate your marriage anniversary again’

John ‘never imagined.. I would fall in love again with such possessive wife’

Mary ‘all women love their hubby to be focused only to them’

John smiles.. rushes to his wife

Mary smiles and murmurs ‘wish he understood me ever’


Investor surprised

A question was asked to an Investor ‘Sir.. is my product so bad.. am not getting any investors for this’

The investor smiled and said ‘The product comes secondary.. your profile reports are available with many’

Entrepreneur ‘I do shared deck with so many folks’

Investor ‘no dear.. your behavior analytic report being shared to us’

Entrepreneur ‘but as per GDPR, my private information cannot be shared’

Investor ‘what is that? I never heard of it’

Secrets of Investor

Investor Roy addresses secrets of investors to a bunch of zapped entrepreneurs

  1. We always wish someone leads first… then we can follow on
  2. We never invest in something not already done
  3. We want only full time resources who head the venture.. no part time entrepreneurs
  4. We will ensure shares are vested…  we are paranoid of entrepreneurs who wish to exit in between
  5. We prefer a 26% shares to get better control on startup
  6. Startup needs to have an exit plan else it is meaningless
  7. We are investors who wish return on investments.. it is not our baby.
  8. We do not wish employees in garb of entrepreneurs. We do not want them to get salaries during boot strapping phase.
  9. We prefer entrepreneurs who have succeeded earlier
  10. We prefer individuals from top tier institutes being founders..

At end of session

A student ”Sir ours is a B grade college, I guess.  so not sure why you came here to give this GYAN (knowledge)…

Investor ”hey.. I was kept informed that you are accredited A class institute..”

Student ”Sir..  all institutes are A class only here.. but we have over 80% B class candidates so not sure whether we should seek job or start a venture”

Investor ”am not sure… how we go about then.. best of lucks”

After the class a student whispers ”all this hype is only for ones who know this game of entrepreneurship…   this game needs to be understood to even rural /town candidates”