someday somewhere

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

from nowhere

if today was a day of failure

tomorrow will be a day of success

sun shining all the way..

so what if there is no demo day

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

without a demo day

someday somewhere

you will stop chasing investors

and begin believing in self

to do it all on your own

and emerge successful

Beloved Startups

Beloved Startups, the era of investors running for good idea, seed funding is diminishing. now is the time where they would be more happy to invest on proven business model, profit making companies and ones who already have a well defined team built.

So did you already drain minimum US$10000 on your venture? If yes.. ask Ms Lovely about her experience..

Lovely ‘am fedup.. everytime i kept chasing them.. but always negated for some reason or other.. and one day Jack came in my life’

Jack ‘Lovely.. i see you in all events.. am just an advisor.. neither an investor nor a startup.. why you waste here.. I do it just to be connected and if you wish to do so, this platform is good but do not run after investors.. they will run after you.. once you make profits’

Lovely ‘how.. My music portal hardly has any traffic. I need to build team’

Jack ‘PASSION.. what is it all about? just connecting dots..  Identify a company and set a deal.. for each positive response, they get 100 points and for just a response 50 points.. and if they give 100 positive response, it means they get 10000 points =  500$

Lovely ‘let me try it out’

4 weeks later

Lovely ”I make US$100.. he makes US$500.. it is wonderful… in 2 months, am in profit track’

Jack ‘please remember.. Investors are not GOD.. they are human.. Angels too are not GOD.. stop worrying too much about them..  what is the use of being an entrepreneur if you again have to behave like employee under Investors.. think about it.. just focus on your business rather then focusing on Investors”


startup secrets

never begin approaching investors till you have not completed your product.

never focus only on seeking investments.

budget your startup with following economics



2X investments needed

X is something which can be decided by only you..

so with this economics, you realize you do need always a cofounder.

so 2 technical folks can get into initiating something, but partnering with 2 marketing folks may give better leverage

always remember.. the X component has to be as lean as possible.


Crowded focus

Abdul is worried that there are many startups coming in fashion space..

Abdul ‘this is going to head to disaster.. consolidation needed’

Mathew ‘Sir.. we just cannot help.. all wish to follow leaders’

Abdul ‘think something unique’

Mathew ‘do you have money to blow’

Abdul ‘how much?’

Mathew ’20M$’

Abdul ‘it is too high..’

Mathew ‘we will acquire 20 startups in that space and slow consolidate’

Abdul ‘what about their other investors’

Mathew ‘All will be happy.. do you have 50M$’

Abdul ‘why so much?’

Mathew ‘just acquire one more big fry at 20M$ and you are up in this game’

Abdul ‘is acquisitions only the way going ahead?’

Mathew ‘many ways exist.. but first acquire and then we will have IPO and you remain the undisputed king’

Abdul ‘how much will I get on an exit?’

Mathew ‘1Billion?’

Abdul ‘this seems endless’

Mathew ‘this is how the eco system functions.. hence many fail..’

Abdul ‘am still not sure if I will plunge or not.. but it is overcrowded’



The magic behind a ransom acquisition is  as follows

100 Million Users x 40$ contribution to the site…

4000 Million value

What happens when valuation reaches such heights..

A bit of adjustments, CEO shifts, CTO shifts may be…

and then.. at end of all that.. a calmness

What happens to those million users… they are happily using the tool…

and nothing much happens

what happens to the founders who have gone rich?

it is time god gave an opportunity to contribute back to society and do more further meaningful endeavors and invest further in some good startups or ventures..

Serial Entrepreneurs are most valued in the industry in startup eco system..

Investors invest in them more easily then 1st time investors



Fixing Matches

If a prospective husband wishes to get married to prospective bride, the mediator is a broker and the broker fixes matches.. for service being paid.

If the broker bets on a prospective husband or bride with a group of other brokers and even individuals,  fixing match begins holding new definition..

Rocky the great orator explains to a large group of audience in California on Gambling Morals…

Why is betting considered a crime?

Reasons it makes a person move away from hard work and focus only on gambling…

Historically an individual never got benefitted by gambling.. some loss did occur..

What about trading?

Stock trading.. 🙂 again gambling.. but not a crime.. reasons it is public.. Publicly institution needs funds.. so many companies need funds.. entire stock eco system.. how can it be crime..

What about angel investments / venture capital investments??????

Common it is not gambling Ok.. we do due diligence.. we invest on people who can build institution..  they can sell their venture too…

Why are you equating all this to gambling?

All are pin drop silence

John a student wakes up and retorts

“Why do human being by nature are gamblers?”

Pat comes the answer

Mother gambles by giving birth to you assuming you will look after

She whispers in your father’s ear ‘this kid will take care of us’

Father smiles and whispers ‘common.. I separated out of my parents when I was 14, my father separated out when he was 25.. so he is gone on me.. I bet he will not take care of us”

and guess what..?

3 years later

Mother ‘promise you will take care of me.. I will give you the most luxurious race toy car’

The kid smiles and crawls and cries for milk

3 years later

Kid ‘Mother.. only if you give me that bike.. will I pass the exam with flying colors’

Jack shrieks ‘stop all this.. do you mean to say all are gamblers?”

Rocky ‘common be true to self and acknowledge this… everyone bets on something and everything is programmed that way… why did someone make someone dumb, someone deaf.. someone has everything going but next what.. that person has succumbed to corruption.. stop thinking of society…. was it not a gamble too… to give all qualities and richness on one person only to find that person never contributed ever to society”

All are silent..

Half audience vanished.. Half yawning…

and one sweet looking girl Nancy winks at Rocky

Rocky ‘I bet.. you are hooked on to me’

Nancy ‘yes.. as I had informed my friends.. that one day I would marry you even if you were married multiple times before’

Rocky ‘this is life.. nothing is planned.. so unpredictable.. where ever there is unpredictable feeling, betting begins.. match fixing begins… and how to make entities predictable?

Nancy ‘no dear.. till date no man can predict what a woman has in her mind”






Live a life of Imagination

Susan believes she can solve any type of complex life problems through structured interventions of process

James comes up with a strange problem

‘My startup is crashing and my wife has deserted me to cofound another company. My investors supporting her and I am in mess’

Susan ‘are you too worried for something?’

James ‘my repute, my social status, my finance.. everything.. is in mess’

Susan ‘Live a life of imagination’

James ‘means’

Susan ‘think that your startup will surely succeed and bring that belief while you interact with people’

James ‘I do try to do so.. so many other marketing folks too do it’

Susan ‘My father Robert told me an important lesson..’

James ‘what is it?’

Susan ‘success is an illusion.. failure too is..  just try to pass on a news to media’

James ‘what?’

Susan ‘you have bagged a project worth millions in past.. but took a back seat to work on a exciting project.. the ideas will be shared later.. just need investors who trust on you and you are just seeking 5M$ for this.. ‘

James ‘will it be right thing to do’

Susan ‘try it’

10 days later

James ‘Susan..  100 Investors around me.. wanting to work.. but where is the idea?’

Susan ‘Build a psychological game.. to analyze your past, present and future mood and come up with the various layers of your brain ‘

James ‘do you feel people are interested to know their true personality’

Susan ‘yes… many a time in life we do something.. but we do not know what we wish to do..  life is an illusion..  story writing is just a way of expressing..’

James ‘why you claim you structure a process around to solve a problem’

Susan ‘I look at your various facets of life and then provide a solution… you are still a kid in heart.. grow up.. your wife let you not for your startup mess but because you were obsessed with winning.. you would wish to win her mind, her thoughts, her actions and rarely acknowledged a team.. so do you realize where you messed up’

James realizes his mistakes..

Susan ‘what you plan to do?’

James ‘want to unite with my wife first’

Susan calls up his wife ‘Ana.. your hubby wants to apologize you…

Ana ‘have moved out of his life’

Susan ‘in relations.. always give a second chance’

Ana ‘why?’

Susan ‘because second chance helps to strengthen a relation better’

What if he fails again

Susan ‘then move away from his life for ever’

Ana ‘what is life full of imagination?”

Susan ‘believe all is well.. all will succeed.. all will prosper and believe in positive aspects of life’

2 days later

Susan ‘James.. Ana has agreed to be with you… and an Investor is willing to invest in our project ‘Live a life of Imagination’

James ‘but what is the business model?’

Susan ‘life healing is  way of life.. watch out for a startup soon in this space’