Tim ”congratulations for your new job”

Jenny “dear.. I got selected in morning, got news of wrong fit at noon and by evening..I was informed not suitable”

Tim “wish you all the best for your new job”

Jenny “common.. do not irritate me?”

Tim “congratulations on feeling irritated”

Jenny “Why so?”

Tim “because I got the same job last week”

Jenny “why so?”

Tim “I do got chucked out within a day”

Jenny “is their recruitment team crazy”

Tim “they are a large HR company so need to train their trainees employment induction.. so to demonstrate that process to them, they conduct real employment scenarios”

Jenny ‘Interesting.. hey 1 min.. an amount got transfered into my account’

Tim ”yes you have been paid US$200 by them as you contributed to the trainee learning process.. congratulations to earn 200$ for a day”

Jenny ‘Absolute strange ways of life… never realized virtual reality shows exist in corporate work culture too”


Confessions of a failed entrepreneur

Aakash ”I failed.. because I tried doing everything on my own’

Saakshi ”it was failed by my team who left me in lurch’

James ‘I focused more on meetings then the product”

Kranti ”Imitating what my competitors were trying to do.. made the patchy product as it was’

Som ”no scalable vision.. too local focused.. lack of enthusiasm to attract other market”

Moses ”friends and relatives bought in company.. lacked professional approach’

Robert ”never paid salaries in time.. ”

George the entrepreneur coach asks all one question

”Did you really wish to be entrepreneurs”

All respond in unison


George smiles..

George ”never do things which you do like.. Without PASSION any pursuit is meaningless”




job seeker

Rose is seeking job desperately.. one day she has a unique thought..

an advertisement put on net

‘Need 100 mobile repairers úrgently’

Soon she finds around 1000 plus repairers sending responses..

Rose ‘Nancy never realized such a fabulous response’

Nancy ‘let us target mobile shops and check if they need resources’

Rose ‘sure’

2 months later

Nancy ‘such a big success… 100$ per resume.. we earned 10000 in just 2 months’

Rose ‘I guess never realized would become entrepreneur by accident’


Love fever humor

“Love fever is a particular kind of fever, where you may vomit if something untoward happens, you will feel a headache if it goes in your head… body ache if you get stuck  and stomach pain.. if you try to hide some thing… your eyes will get weak.. if you fall in love too much..”
Sandra the Love Startup Founder talks on her launch of her initiative and finds a burst of laughter. Tom, who has broken relation with his wife… asks ‘What is your business model?’
Sandra ‘to remove fever… ‘
Tom ‘am not able to recover…’
Sandra ‘many a time no one understands Attachment = Detachment + Focus formulae..
so here it goes… I chalk out a personal road map for you.. and then we begin working on the focus formulae’
Tom ‘do you really feel it works’
Sandra ‘Just 100$.. why not.. it is a 16 week session’
After 16 weeks
Tom ‘Am again getting those symptoms’
Sandra ‘common now you have got good job.. you are doing well.. why this’
Tom ‘I think am in love with you.. one sided.. .but it is a strong crush’
Sandra ‘I think you will need to again shell out 100$… we will have my husband Rob treat you this time’

Loved ones

Rita ‘If you love me so much. do help me get a job’

Jack ‘If you feel I love you so much, do help me get introduced to your friend as I love her much more then I love you’

Rita ‘I promise once I get a job.. will do the needful’

Jack ‘I promise once I get introduced.. I will do the needful’

Rita introduced Jack to her friend Rose

Rose ‘If you wish to be my friend.. help me get introduced to Rob your friend whom I love him so much’

Rita and Jack look at each other

Rita ‘Little Jack realize that always love the person who loves you truly’

Jack returns back with Rita and is eating FRIENDS ICECREAM wondering why heart gets complex and keeps getting distracted always







Life is a Line supposed to be singular focused to move to a destination and what happens is that when we are being nurtured small branches begin coming out here and there.. out singular focus is lost in moving to those branches.. where you could get lost and again you to have get back to the main line and move further.

Some are happy in those branches and may just carry themselves with those branches towards the focus. The weight of those branches are too heavy and you may just collapse without reach the destination

If we have too many baggage of relationship around us, good to be connected, good to mingle but do not carry all those baggage at work place or get lost in it, to forget your own goals, identity etc.

Oscillating between yes or no, between should I, should I not.., an individual begins loosing friends, relation, jobs, goals and achievement too as mind is wavering, heart is wavering and poor little soul is confused by our body and keeps wondering why decision making capabilities are so weak in us and how we can groom individuals to improve decision making capabilities.

Professor Derek has launched his workshop in Strengthening Decision Making Capabilities. A small startup with a fee of only US$20, you get various case studies, games to play and Derek monitors your brain zones to make it sharper, better after all he feels

‘Why drag relationship for 10 years and not remain committed as it shows weak decision making capabilities or commitment phobic tendencies’


Love speech

Dear Sweetheart,

I am short of money but managed to take a few rose photographs from Europe Rose Garden. Sending you now through messenger..

Why did you stop interacting with me? Just because am about to start a company. Why do girls love rich business men and successful professionals but do not like to be part of struggle process during an individual’s goal to be an entrepreneur.

I am also sending you my heart which still belongs to you.. truly belongs to you..

I really felt hurt.. when you asked me to take up a job and stop pursuing my dream..   sweetheart! entrepreneurs never stop pursuing dream.. they thrive on challenges and risks..  they wish to see something new coming of their efforts.. love to raise venture baby.

But I feel your family.. were confused.. 8 years of relation.. everything going fine till I decided to start something of my own.. and then after all of my savings gone drain..  you got nervous that I would ask loan from you

Hope you read me.. till end.. and if you have drop of tear in your eyes.. just wipe that away.. Am still available for you 24/7..  as true lovers wish to remember their beloved 24/7 and ones who begin focusing on profession prefer to remember their beloved a bit in lunch, dinner or sleeping time..

Why is a 24/7 lover not preferred though all ladies love to watch romantic films, read mills and boons..? if space needed.. when space really comes in and an entrepreneur becomes a business man.. why then you worry of feeling neglected? what you wish ? a morning to evening job doer who gets fixed salary.. life is all set?

Sweetheart.. love is just not 3 letter words but being in thin and thick and be together to achieve goal. Ok a big hug and kiss to you

With paucity of time.. I do appreciate that you adjusted self to virtual love.. but do think over it.. we should unite soon

Ending letter with loads of love and care and happy new year

A day later

Susan ‘Einstein… you brainwashed me.. you stupid fool.. is this a way you write love letters..  all I asked was to be in job till we get married; my family gets confidence on you and then after 1 year leave it, and then pursue your startup’

Einstein ‘then a baby will come.. responsibilities will increase and I will remain in job forever’

Susan ‘so.. you are adamant’

Einstein ‘theory of relativity.. my father named me Einstein thinking I will make it big..  but now they too wish me to take job’

Susan ‘ok then.. let us break’

Einstein ‘won’t you wait for me to be successful?’

Susan ‘let us see… bye’

After Susan leaves

Einstein pens a thought

‘Entrepreneur’s heart remains in love with its venture and at times a real close friend or beloved is lost too in this process. Hope she is proud of me one day’