Jobless? Unemployment? Fresher?

Engineering Stream
Should I really invest in skill development during college tenure?
Answer : If you are very confident that you will gain adequate knowledge in JAVA/C++/MYSQL etc, no problems. However any investment should not be more then US$150/- max per year.

But I will get only a training certificate?
If the certificate adds value to your portfolio, no probs, else internship is right way to gain experiences.

I do not want any paid internship?
If there are costs associated to training, you may need to pay, or you may need to get into bond etc, again, review the offerings, compare market rates, look at overall project prospect and get going..

It doesn’t sound like internship?
Dear.. freshers, when they get into large companies, are trained, or in bench or keep struggling in small companies, so any learning opportunity is internship only. More the knowledge, more the advantage.

I just cannot decide?
Confusion is because we tend to be very overconfident of getting jobs. However the reality is you will not get jobs if you are not confident to attend interviews, not assess your skills, not bother to groom and above all not serious on projects.

We need project desperately, do not mind paid projects?
You are heading to disaster as you will anyways not get any learnings, experiences

I do not understand the project at all?
Project grasp, full understanding of company, project life cycle takes minimum 6 months. No one is going to give you full domain knowledge in couple of days..

Do you really feel quality is useful? I want to learn only JAVA or Angular JS?
Dear.. with good knowledge of quality, it will serve life long purpose. The market demand for quality professionals are huge.. You do need to realize global market needs CMMi, ISO, ITIL and so on.. do not ignore quality.. and you do need to understand nuances of project management

I want to work on data science project… only want to learn R and Python?
Dear… who said to you only knowing R and Python can qualify you to become data scientist or data engineer.. ? Multiple integration touch points you need to know, building foundations strong, fetches better results.

I already know C / C++? Can anyone help in JAVA or Javascript?
Each person needs to be aware of OOPS and the entire DOM structure.. Knowing indepth knowledge of pointers / classes help you more better

I am not interested in report writing / analytics but am asked to make reports only?
The problem with you, is that you ignored SQL and just got overboard learning couple of controls and assumed you know JAVA or .Net.. reality is you have never bothered to complete 1 decent project in your education tenure.

I am not interested in joining you.. I have already joined a company and getting job..
Cool.. 2 years down the line, you will be stuck with same technology and you will never have opportunities to upgrade skills , so enjoy the job, but realize, you are going to be obsolete within 2 years, then you will again be groping to join some courses, or may get more payment in same skills in other company and after 10 years, you face a risk of job loss, no growth, insecurity.. married and all that, you will run to high cost institutes, pay very good fee, desperately trying to look for jobs..

Why so much lecturing? we know what to do?
It is our business, none of your business?

Excellent.. welcome to the IT industry and experience the thunder sooner or later.. No one tells the bitter truth of this industry, till you experience it. Next time, you see some of your friends idling, not doing anything and still getting paid and you are struggling to get decent job..
understand… no college teacher knows the reality, unless the college professor is not in industry.. so searching truth is what education is all about.

What you expect us to do?

Just ping a hi , with a smile…


Live Project

Sam ”this whole process of getting a job itself is a live project”

Madhuri ”yes.. staying in hostels.. eating road side.. and then hoping against hope.. searching for job”

Ram ”Why cannot we listen to him and just work on a project for change.. and see the miracle”

Sam ”seriously do you believe him?”

Madhuri ”I feel.. PASSION has the power to change.. if we pursue our goals passionately”

Nancy “Does it really work?”

Joy “Common the intent is right.. why will it fail.. as it is over 2 decades of research put on this.. and anyways rather then idling away..  he is putting us in right track”

James “Who is he?”

Madhuri “Not sure.. who is he.. someone somewhere… but surely will wish to get more focused”



H – Hey.. had enough of this…  if a country doenst need skilled resources.. god bless them…

1 – if country doesnt have skilled resources… then am there to skill them… so reach out to me

B – Between us… why is there such a hue and cry about creating employable skilled resources…  if resource is good, they will never be jobless.. and if resource is bad..then they need to get trained… and if resource is mediocre… dear… those days have gone …

no longer there will be need for quasi agents, middle men… everything from source to consumer….

Joy ”hey.. harris dont speak way”

Harris ”adapting innnovation and turning around is where future lies..”


Faltered Role Model

Som ”in our life many a time we choose role models and then…”

Mike ‘do not taunt me… agreed I imitated him.. just relied on lavish life style,.. did whatsoever he was doing and went bankrupt’

Som ‘ Look at nations.. in quest of imitation.. unemployment issue is overlooked..”

Mike ”relax.. we are going to get a big boom in employment soon”

Som ”let us stop this topic… I wanted to inform you of Jenny”

Mike has pains in his eyes..

Mike ”she..imitated her mother and broke from me”

Som ”can you stop it.. .do you know what happened to her”

Mike ”not sure.. last she was with me 5 years back”

Som ”she donated her last amount of fund to a village in India”

Mike ”so what… she has this habit of donating right from time I met her.. she distributed my wealth too”

Som ”she plans to work on a concept ”ALTERED ROLE MODEL”

Mike ”what is that…’

Som ”We should not blindly follow history and believe in it.. just at times, look at positive aspects of ecosystem and enjoy…   each person in this world has been destined to have a particular life style by default.. then the alteration process begins.. multiple teacher, friends, family relatives.. and so on .. each influence us.. so her concept is all about influencers in a person”s life and mapping them for you as gift.. the positive vs.. negative energy… did you like the concept?”

Mike ”Why she left me?”

Som ”because you had gone arrogant with your wealth.. you and those yatch parties with ladies”

Mike smiles…

Mike ”seriously..  life teaches us .. that when an anchor is at home.. never leave that anchor.. .can I meet her?”

Som ”who stopped you from meeting”

1 week latter

Mike in a Delhi 5 star hotel. calls up Jenny

Jenny ”hey… how are you doing..”

Mike ”altered model… plan to imitate you”

Jenny ”you ought to be kidding”

Mike ‘human relation of couple is such that if they gel well, understand well.. imitation process begins by default… Jenny I love you still.. can we give our relation and our faltered model of relationship another chance?:

Jenny ”let us go for a date today… evening Delhi Hatt’

In evening…

Mike ”so many state food and so yummy it looks.. wonder if stomach will get upset”

Jenny ”Mike.. so much of vibrancy here… sometimes.. I feel for all the imitations.. why cannot 2 countries.. 2 states.. all brain storm and make win-win employment situation”

Mike ”not again.. how come you also talking about same issue”

Jenny ”PASSION.. it compels me to think of a problem which all face in life… a low phase..

Mike ”Jenny can we check our future with this tarrot reader

a few minutes latter

The tarrot reader ”dear ones.. both of you are destined to be united together and be in India for long term”

Mike ”do not kid”

Tarrot reader sheepishly ”Sir.. you will be united together.. but we need bright entrepreneurs from USA to set up their offices in India.. be with us..”

Mike ”what is your background?”

Reader ”I was jobless for many years.. and then found here.. good number of god men succeed ”

Mike looks at Jenny ”please launch altered role model concept soon’

Reader ”what is that…’

Mike ‘dear tarrot reader.. we will be in India for long time”


Want to jump from a cliff?

If anyone wishes to jump from a cliff, realize you will break many things unnecessarily.. dear ones who have broken their hearts for some reasons or other…  do not waste time pondering on a cliff wondering what to do next…

Engineering day is meant for celebration… so if indeed someone jumps from a cliff, again recreate a robot of that silent body..

In case you a still jobless after being an engineer, do not worry.. as your skillsets can be used for any other useful function, the degree is valuable.. so enjoy the spirit of that degree.

Hey the one fell from the cliff is again got up.. trying to reach out up.. and struggling as to why knowingly jumped down.. when he knew he was not going to die so easily..



Moments of day

“Moments of day can become Memento one day

The day can become an event too one day”

Joy a happy go lucky fresher, jobless keeps dreaming of having his country declare a national holiday when he is up in the sky..

Joy wishes to become a politician as that is an easy route to have his mission successful..

At county level politics he meets Rob a tough politician and who is a community lover..

Rob ‘a strange stupid notion you nurture.. why so?’

Joy ‘as that would be a history.. my contribution to the world’

Rob ‘many of us get caught in the game of ups and downs, struggles and successes and we do contribute.. but may be someone above presents as they have accomplished…’

Joy ‘office politics I learnt.. home politics.. I experienced and now I wish to be part of country politics… think of me as political startup entrepreneur’

Rob begins smiling

Joy ‘can we begin having a sharing day in my name..  JOY SHARE DAY’

Rob pauses

Rob ‘unfortunately my name is Rob.. it would have become ROB SHARE DAY’

Joy bursts out laughing

After few days on Joy’s birthday 1st of April. Rob announces Joy Share day

“Anyone who wishes to share moments of life, experiences, product, innovation.. whatsoever can present in County Hall and a book would be published all at only 10$”

Joy and Rob share this idea to the county people and it is publicized neatly..

Entrance ticket only US$1 and kids free

Soon Joy and Rob observe 1000 turn for event..

After a year.. message has reached to so many counties and nearly 100 have simultaneous events.. Joy has evolved a franchise model.. 20% paid back to the county from where it began..

Joy is happy..

Rob ‘what next’

Joy ‘will put all this in Wikipedia and then.. wish it can enter into school books’

Rob ‘you are crazy… before you die.. you wish to be in school books’

Joy ‘ok tell me something which I can do .. to get as a chapter in school book’

Rob ‘go and spread this in say a terror centric country’

Next day Joy is gone..

Joy reaches a country which has guns everywhere freely available.. He meets one of the referral county head given by Rob

Rob ‘am worried for you.. what is all this crap’

Joy ‘determined to be in school books of US’

Rob ‘this is madness’

Joy is guided to a county (village) which is notorious of robbery

Joy ‘wow ROB SHARE DAY at work’

Joy is lazily swimming in a pond when he finds he is surrounded by dacoits

Joy ‘what you wish from me?’

Dacoits ‘everything is ours… including you.. we have a bit of cannibalism streaks in us.. and bursts laughing’

Joy gets scared but determined asks one of the member a question

“WOH WOH WOH..  good English.. where you learnt from’

Dacoit ‘just studied till 5th’

Joy ‘do you wish your birthday to become an event in your country’

Dacoit ‘ýes.. am the leader.. why not.. it is after 1 week’

Joy ‘ok..announce NO ROB SHARE DAY’

Dacoit ‘my name is BRANDY’


Dacoit ‘interesting.. what will happen then’

Joy ‘all people free to go everywhere, anywhere.. voluntarily put around 10 bucks per person and they can express themselves.. they may even put your hoardings and tarnish your face.. but no probs.. you will be visible’

Dacoit ‘I love it.. NO BRANDY ROB DAY’

Dacoit announces this in few villages where they rob..

On that day.. it is a festive occasion.. all are moving freely..

Brandy ‘it is amazing.. how much fear they had for me.. but I guess let them enjoy once in a while..’

Brandy finds nearly 1000000 collected from around 6 villages

Brandy ‘cool man.. no tension.. revenue of 1 year in 1 day’

Joy ‘make it a franchise model and ask other dacoits to announce it.. ‘

Brandy is amazed

Joy visits the education minister office

Joy ‘can my name chapter be in your school text.. have removed dacoits terror from the county.. disruptive

Education Minister Louisa ponders

Louisa ‘ok write 5 pages.. no promises but will try’

Joy returns back to US

After a year.. he gets a letter ‘your chapter is approved..’

Joy jumps with joy

Joy ‘mindset change needed.. anyone can become a leader if determined’

Rob hugs Joy

Rob ‘Joy we plan to have you lead the county in forthcoming elections… are you open for it’

Rob ‘common.. wish to be president of this nation.. so anything for all this.. hope I create more histories. and more number of event business.’









Some Holidays remain Work Days

“Some Holidays remain work days” is a new caption of Startup ‘JUMPSTART’

What is JumpStart all about?

A 48 hours non stop work to work on assignments and have a pitch day subsequently.

Designed by Joy.. Joy is working in BPO for past many years in night shift. Disturbed with his work style, he decides to test this.  His girl friend Maria who is his colleague puts a pamphlet across all IT companies in Bangalore.

Both have no clue of startup eco system. They just are frustrated with jobs

Joy ‘this is not going to work’

Maria ‘check on it.. have invested around 10000 for a full computer lab. It is going to rock’

Joy hugs Maria tightly

Joy ‘do you know I feel extremely frustrated when some one from development or testing field ridicule and look at us and address us as BPO guys’

Maria is puffing.

Joy ‘quit smoking. I just don’t like that’

Maria ‘endless SLA target.. it is night mare’

Joy ‘so let us see what happens this weekend’

On Saturday 15 BPO engineers join the session

Joy wonders and Maria looks at their profile

All Software, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineers’

Joy ‘hey we are just 12th pass and here in BPO also engineers’

Joy ‘think of a product where all of us make a new beginning’

48 hours latter

Joy ‘it has been an amazing 48 hours.. we arrived at an Internet of Thing concept for politicians to get strange vibration feelings whenever any engineer works in career which can easily be done by low skilled resource’

Maria ‘hey all this fine, but hope they do not ban this product and will it ever reach..  A locket which needs to be compulsorily worn by all politicians and has wire less connectivity with jobless engineers who will just click on button on their watch whenever they feel they are compromising with jobs even after spending huge money on studies with donation etc’

All engineers shake hand and echo ‘Some Holidays remain Work days’