Life Journey

life is an infinite journey with a definitive purpose and undefined objectives. you could have a success or failure depending on how you accept life and tolerate the imperfections around you and inside you and try to keep learning and educating self to perfect being a good human. Ultimate goal is to see what best you can do to motivate people and build a people impact.


Positivity is all about bringing in positive vibes to all around us.

If we begin with a negative thought, things are ought to go negative as we have conditioned our mind to think so..

If we begin with a positive feeling and even if we fail, and remain calm, that is the hallmark of a sportsman and in true spirit you clap at other person’s success and strive hard to become successful again..

giving up hope is not a solution and we need to fight our own small battles to remain positive throughout our journey of life.


Start soon

Start soon on the way… the summers and rains.. the autumn and winters.. the springs galore… body keeps changing.. heart wishes to be same.. mind too.. but what about the soul who too wishes to change..

Is change only constant?

Why do we have this irony of life where we need to remain same, consistent all the time to sound like the most ideal, perfect leader or entrepreneur or investor or wife or girl friend or husband or boyfriend or even an organization or a startup..

When on the way of journey everything around us changes… the rhythm, the mood, the context, the perception and then the only truth..

Look at the mirror and see where we lost the innocence down the memory lane.. life brings a sense of maturity in eyes, wrinkles around it.. the hands seem not too soft.. the leg soles look tough.. and then up above the head.. a few white hair.. a bit of hair loss.. and still folks say ‘please remain same as you are’

How is it possible when the nature around us has made us realize that changes will keep happening and all you need to do to remain same in your heart and mind is enjoy exploring new adventures, new ideas, new thoughts, new challenges and rediscover the child in you every day to make you feel young

Entrepreneurship journey

Entrepreneurship journey is a funny terrain where initially each entrepreneur tends to be happy about individual success and then when begins failing, realizes that the team which contributed could have been retained and more opportunities identified, but alas the team realizes the stagnation and just moves away just to next door competitor

2016 – Year of Achievements

Life Amendments

bring change to our life in case you feel you are loosing out as new year will bring in a sure success if you pause, think and act to do something meaningful in life

bring change in your heart and realize you need not be too tough for small mortals like your beloved.. they want only love and care.. may be an occasional kiss and hug too.. so leave the professional diplomat cool exterior and let your hair down and have fun with your beloved.. do not become a disciplinary parent who keeps pointing mistakes.

bring change to your mind and realize you are stagnant, you are on last phase of your work career.. now onwards only you need to think of doing some business..

bring change to your soul… over spending, over eating, over traveling, over doing things.. is not too good. even over exercising is not too good.. spend some time with society and understand issues and problems in your society and see how you can help and solve in small little way

The year ends with a bang.. let each day be a milestone to ensure next year end, you have many stories, many poems, many incidents to narrate, to share.. get going.. enjoy the journey of life as in a while the vehicle will stop for a while.. some will celebrate with dance, some with kiss, some with hug, some with partner. some with friends.. but new year is just going to begin.. Happy New Year 2016.. Prosperous New Year 2016

Year of Achievement 2016.. not for me alone, for all of you.

God bless and My sincere love to all of you

Some Stories never end…

The morning sobs of your kid refusing to go to school

The afternoon woes of your lead who refuses to acknowledge timely delivery is more important and keeps focusing on new technologies to perfect a small piece of work which may not also fit into main product line.

The evening probe of your beloved to check whom all you interacted with during entire day

The night grill of your overseas partner wanting to have more late meetings..

and then where does it leave one?

“Relax and forget all these stories and sleep now.. Life is not about never ending stories, it is about a journey where many stories come and go but what remains intact is your own story which has to any way move forward’