Kid Abuse

One of the worst crime any person can do is to abuse kid..  a sexual abuse.. and that too by teachers..   Some times a media may be blamed for over hyping a situation but at same time, we cannot ignore the pitfalls of human psychology where in with too much of information bursting out, people are experimenting on anything and everything in name of thrill and pleasure..    It needs to stopped.. It is a fundamental duty of global citizens to create safety awareness among all your circles and educate kids, teenagers, adults, senior citizens too or even at times your pet animals in whichever way to be safe and train them on self-defence strategies.


Startup 24/7

Joy ‘we need to work 24/7 to be up and running’

Mona ”common… 3 shifts.. it is too tiring.. never seen this largely in developed countries’

James ”chill pill..  we too overlap your timings’

Mona ”in this skype.. not sure why are debating this.. but virtual project management is always a challenge’

Joy ”do you know.. the biggest challenge a startup faces is SERIES A fund.. subsequent fund is not coming in easily’

James ”we need to identify entrepreneur traits.. are they employee in garb of entrepreneurs or are they just into this ecosystem because they are not getting jobs”

Mona ‘cool.. should we initiate a startup to put such scores.. it is very simple.. if you like independence and also flexible to work as team,  love to take decisions, strategize.. then you need to experiment entrepreneurship..  in case you are scared, not confident to face audience, feel dejected, rejected, insecure and like to balance life then please do not experiment being entrepreneur..  it is not your cup of tea.. do not then crib by that X person grew so well or became a brand or whatsoever”

James ”yes.. I agree.. Startup 24/7 is a philosophy.. not a pressure or a mandate.. it is thinking about what you love.. and be passionate to pursue that love.. it could be research on any field..  if  this ecosystem is not right for you.. then get into MNCs”

Joy ”common.. they literally make you work 24/7 and boldly announce 24/7 work”

Mona ”all assume and want a cushy job.. but that is possible only in government / academics”

Robert pops in ”Hey.. hi.. suddenly you put academics.. was watching this skype fun”

Robert ”you are mistaken.. there it is syllabus preparation, these days mandatory research papers, getting students is biggest KRA.. so seriously I too am thinking to be part of startup”

Mona ”cool.. welcome to this 24/7 circus of passion.. you just cannot think of being relaxed if you wish to build a large foundation or company..  if you wish to relax.. please relax .. this is not your cup of tea”

Robert ”common dude.. I am voluntarily coming into this circus.. I am experimenting with a research on identifying individuals who just cannot take any pressure”

Mona ‘wow”

Robert ”it is a pattern analysis.. deep learning..  check on statistics of how much restless you become just by slightest pressure of work or family or kids or anything”

Mona ”then”

Robert ”if you run away and try to meditate always.. you will be found in religious places for ever.. but rather then running away.. we need to guide them to work confidently.”

Mona ”then.. how it is linked to entrepreneurship?”

Robert ”these folks should never get into leader role.. they are followers..  they should reconcile and not be overtly ambitious.. then it would lead to complex personality disorders later on”

Mona ”wow.. you need to prove this”

Robert ”ya….  it is a hypothesis.. “I am a prospective entrepreneur” itself is an hypothesis.

Mona ”anyways welcome to PASSION again”


Do I owe you anything?

Sam is a happy go lucky guy.. full in love with his parents aged 65 and 70 respectively..

One day father Rahul gets a heart attack and he is gone for ever leaving behing Sam and his mom..

Sam is 25, and as his mom struggled to have kid.. it was after near 2 decade, he came on earth with god’s grace..

Needless to say Radha , his mom loves Sam tremendously..

Sam.. is Shyam.. who has moved over to USA and has removed HY to make the name more familiar..

One day Sam gets a frantic call from his mom

Radha ”Sam.. you have never told me, that you removed me from the bank account joint holder ? the bank refused to give me even money..  ”

Sam ”Mom.. relax.. my girl friend Somya felt.. better to have control right away rather then getting into settling all that.. ”

Radha ”smart girl.. so she is ensuring no complexity comes when am dead”

Sam ”nothing like that mom”

Radha “how should I fend then?”

Sam ‘See I will try to send US$100 per month.. it will be in my common friend”s account and he will give you in cash”

Radha remembers the struggle to have Sam reach earth..

Radha ‘seriously.. a name I thought would make you be like the most beloved Lord and I regret naming you Shyam too”

Sam ”hey relax mom..  why are you so worried. am there to look after you”

Radha ”how is your startup doing?”

Sam ”excellent Mom.. just raised US$2M”

Radha ”Am happy.  ”

Sam ”am still your kid mom.. just understand why am doing so.. just to ensure no complexities come in account handling”

Radha ”Do I owe you anything further?”

Sam is silent..

The phone is disconnected.

(This piece of writing is absolute fiction.. no relevance, coincidence with dead or alive and not intended to hurt any religious or any sentiments..  It is just a trend observed where kids are not taking care of their elders..  not sure why? but it is really sadenning to see elders wiping away their entire funds to groom kids, train and educate them and subsequently only to land themselves in mess..

wake up call for all elders to be careful and ensure everything is in your hand till you live and keep loving your kids all the way.. do not go overboard in emotions and repent later”

For youngsters : look at all the years of your life.. Friendship day also means being friends with your parents. I am sure all are friends.. if not, tomorrow is another opportunity for you

Happy friendship day

fearing fear

Simple was a cute looking girl who has small fears of life..

Every morning she would feel restless thinking of why a school is needed in first place.. why there cannot be an alternative.

Her mom Mary feels most of drug victims, ADHD folks would be in those alternative schools so encourages Simple to be in the same school..

Suppressed, dejected.. she is now in same class for past 3 years..

Simple ‘Madam..I really do not like this atmosphere… ‘

Madam Louisa ‘dear Simple.. not sure why you got so frightened. I fear you will again get fear for something else..  ‘

Simple returns back home..

No one from family talking to her..

Simple is looking at a TV show… where a  dear is shown getting scared of lion and as it runs for safety… the lion attacks the dear..

Simple has tears in her eyes

Simple ‘this could happen to me too.. the class headmistress may just hit back.. ‘

Her father Donald is worried however he does not give up…

Donald ‘dear Simple.. a startup for you.. is it possible for you to train disabled kids on games every day’

Simple gets happy…

Donald ‘no studies.. only play games and teach games.. you need to be quick learner’

Simple is joyful…

Simple begins practicing online, outdoor and inhouse games..

soon there are around 10 students who have enrolled in Simple Game and Motion Studies.

Simple is very happy.. she is earning around 100US$ every month..

After 2 months..

Donald ‘simple.. you will need to learn accounts to manage money’

Simple begins learning Quickbook

Donald ‘great… just my lovable daughter’

Simple is now good in entering figures..

Donald ‘I do not know why you use computer for addition/ subtraction/multiplication/division.. suggest you to learn a 3 week basic Arithmetic session’

Simple remembers her primary school days

Simple ‘Dad I did know it..but forgot.. ok willing to learn’

Donald ‘please create a multiplication quiz game ok for a group of 20 students’

Simple ‘wow great’

Simple introduces some dance/drama and organizes the show herself..

Donald ‘Simple 100 students.. all willing to pay 20$ for the event.. how much is the expense’

Simple ‘1000..’

Donald ‘wow 1000 profit’

Simple ‘Daddy, can we give 500 as price’

Donald ‘óf course dear’

Simple’s school friends visit the event

One of her friend Anne

Anne ‘please begin learning in school’

Simple smiles ‘I do not mind sponsoring ones who wish to study.. 500 for the needy students from my side’

Donald has drop of tears.. he doesn’t know whether he did right or wrong.. his only objective was to remove fear from his kid for education’



What makes an eyes wink?

Sam ‘Dirt’

Nancy ‘good joke’

Amy ‘handsome guy.. a bit of flirt’

Ram ‘if something is going wrong’

Farhan ‘if something goes right.. the way you wished’

Prikhod ‘to kid someone’

Paul ‘your body wishes to acknowledge something with one eye open only’

All look at Paul

All simultaneously ‘do not preach’ and wink at each other

Ram ‘winking is good for eyes.. a good eye exercise and at times used for ragging by any one.. even on messenger chat session’s


Magic of Formulae

Joy has a penchant for working on various management formulae for success..

He arrives at a formulae


All are surprised at this vague mathematical formulae.. A contradiction.. when he spells out this formulae..

Joy narrates a real incidence..

Joy used to be very detached from everyone.. including his wife.. spiritually inclined.. he feels that succumbing to god is the only way for salvation..

His wife Celine is fedup of him..

Celine ‘am sick and tired.. no romance left in life.. why you even create formulae in first place..  science is not about just theories.. it is also about practicé’

Joy hugs Celine and kisses her cheeks

Joy ‘Celine.. you are the only one whom I experiment with.. and then others’

Celine ‘why but.. why all this.. ‘

Joy  ‘what are you pursuing these days’

Celine ‘found a cool boy friend for self and am experimenting with food processing stuffs.. I plan to partner with him and have a manufacturing plant’

Joy ‘cool…       all the best… do take care of Joseph… he needs you too’

Celine ‘here comes the male aspect of relation.. you too look after him.. why me’

Joy ‘cool.. no problems… ‘

After few months… both are at restaurant

Joy ‘so… how was my identified formulae?’

Celine ‘are you crazy…. we are meeting after months.. and you again on formulae

Joy ‘you separated from me… and then you got focused on your startup and new boy friend’

Celine ‘yes as you never cared for me’

Joy ‘I got separated from my work and got focused being with my kid and ensuring the kid goes to school, eats well’

Celine is silent now

Joy ‘hope you get the message now..  Attachment = Detachment plus focus only..

Each attachments has a detachment behind it…

Celine hugs Joy

Celine ‘this is where.. I always love you.. you are unique.. you are different.. and even after being with someone else.. find you still charming, humble and I think.. I will need to again come back to you’

Joy ‘so again detachment from your BF?’

Celine ‘hey… now enough..  ‘

The audience is spellbound.. and give a big clap..

PASSION FRAMEWORK is all about discovering the hidden truths out of life which can help an entrepreneur look at each perspective of life in a different way..

All formulae, concepts originated here are original in nature.. and in story format to entertain folks.. An experiment to mix theory with logic and convert same in entertaining format..




Shrewdness lies in art of negotiating your way to success.

Pop ‘I will give you a chocolate if you study well’

Kid ‘I will give you two chocolates if you become serious at work and not take leaves as I do not know why you love to be so easy in life’

Pop is annoyed with this bluntness

Pop ‘this is not done.. I was trying to motivate you’

Mom ‘This is not the way you talk to elders..  you are a good kid.. say Sorry’

Kid ‘Mom.. I will say Sorry but let Pop say Sorry to his boss too’

Pop looks at his wife ‘you told him right that I am lazy and not taking life seriously’

Mom ‘No dear.. the kid is growing.. see’s you at work from home everyday and feels you are lazing’

Kid ‘mom.. study from home? does it exist.. I too wish to do that’

Mom ‘am not aware of this dear’

Kid ‘start one.. I will have my friends come too for the same.. keep watching something about startup.. you should start one.. money too available’

Pop looks zapped

Mom too

Mom ‘you are just 10 and talking like a prime minister’

Kid ‘I know .. I wanted to test if the prime minister really distributes money for startup or just talking.. ‘

Pop ‘I will not work from home dear’

Mom ‘I too am rushing for work.. please take food and study well’

Kid ‘Mom.. Will watch some comics too.. love you mom and dad’