Marriage Proposal

Jose ‘can we get married today?’

Sim ‘I am still at work dear.. and you are saying it to so casually’

Jose ‘got in touch with a marriage maker, he can organize marriage in 8 hours ‘

Sim ‘what? how?’

Jose ‘I want to invest in his venture and thought what other way then to test business model in self.. ‘

Sim ‘why experiment on us? ‘

Jose ‘now.. please.. it is 10am.. see you at 6pm. They just charge US$100 for marriage, plus add US$500 for bride dress and bridegroom attire and for food.. you will be surprised.. any food company can launch their food items with them and even perfume retailers.. so for 50 folks free meal and with only 1 condition ‘in party reception, they will be put a board

This Marriage sponsored by ‘Ree… ‘, ‘Lo…’ etc and the sales representatives will be reaching out to each guest and try to sell their products’

Sim ‘see you at 6pm’

Jose calls Morris

Jose ‘Morris.. if my marriage succeeds.. you will get investment.. How much sponsorship revenue accepted..’

Morris ‘we get 20% commissions on total sales’ and marriage cost around 3000$ borne by them.. congrats Sir, for a free marriage and also being brand endorsement model for good brands’

Jose ‘who gave this idea?’

Morris ‘Do understand any path breaking ideas in story format.. who else can provide but…’

Jose ‘do you really feel this will work?’

Morris ‘trust me.. who doesn’t want free marriage?’

Jose ‘who gave this idea?’

Morris ‘PASSION for ventures need to exist.. ‘



Dancing Fashion

Scene 1

A little kid swaying all the way

gracefully moving her hands

shaking her lips,

looking at all and saying

‘Don’t I rock you’

Scene 2

A fashionable gal swaying all the way

gracefully shaking her waists

raising her hands

looking at her admirers shooting a flying kiss

and saying ‘Don’t I hook you’

Launch of ‘Dancing Fashion’ is met with an applause.

Claudia the entrepreneur is happy that her campaign has caught audience attention. Her you tube launch got over 1000 likes on day 1