work lessons

“never ask boss the reason when a task is given; complete the task and arrive at conclusions.

never stop the boss from doing things which the boss feels is right; let the task complete and boss realize whether it was right or wrong decision”

Fred stops the Management Expert Joy who is addressing a group of students in reputed Management Institute and asks a question

“If we cannot ask our boss reasons nor stop the boss from doing things which we feel it could lead to disaster.. then why are we learning management?”

Joy “Managing one’s boss should be a specialized topic and alas we keep teaching all the disciplines but fail to teach how to please one’s boss. Do you know some bosses may not appreciate the detailed business plan but would be very particular about look and feel, font sizes and so on”

Melissa “yes Sir.. hence when I fail to write a question, I always write ‘Please give me grace marks and a big hug icon’ in my test papers and I always pass exams.

Joy begins smiling

Joy ‘many bosses feel employees may not manage it.. so do it themselves’

Neo ‘why do they hire employees then?’

Joy  ‘a boss will get confident about an employee if client appreciates that employee.. then dependencies begin.. and one day employee demands high salary’

Neo ‘then?’

Joe ‘dear all.. understand that the employee back up gets created and then..’

Melissa ‘understood Sir’

Joe smiles

Melissa ‘the employee becomes an industry expert and begins teaching in Management Institutes to folks like us on Work Lesson’

Joe ‘wow.. so you guys loved my teaching style and also understood how I have becomes a visiting Professor’

All burst out laughing..

Joe ‘hence folks.. have back up plans.. become entrepreneur in small way.. any time you can be kicked out’

Fred ‘Sir.. you are great.. you laugh at own self’

Joe ‘work lessons – enjoy each moment with a smile and courage of a king to give confidence to your employer and never show your interest to become an emperor else..

All echo ‘you will end up being a trainer’

Joe ‘give big claps for this session’





A festival is celebrated for a reason.
A birthday is celebrated for a reason
A party is given for a reason
What about an individual who believes in giving party for no reason…
Sam loved giving parties. His startup GELLWITHALL has been doing well. What is missing in his life is some good companion…
Sam meets Madhuri a bright researcher from India in one of party. She has tagged Susan the high profile socielite.
Madhuri ‘why do you squander money’
Sam ‘do you know in each of these parties, there are opportunities for networking, business deals..’
Madhuri ‘I feel.. without a purpose, life is meaningless’
Sam sighs..
Sam ‘an ageing bull with no cow at sight’
Madhuri smiles..
Madhuri ‘do you know that victory is sense of achievement. I see you look proud of your achievements in giving party.. I see you feel that you have won a battle’
Sam ‘sort of.. but till date never found an avid observer like you’
Madhuri ‘victory of good over evil.. why don’t you create this theme party?’
Sam ‘this is absurd.. it means someone will be in bad group.. some in good’
Madhuri ‘you have a vice.. i have.. no one is perfect.. why cannot we pledge to leave one vice every year?’
Sam ‘common sheer madness..’
Sam announces an attention..
Sam ‘ladies and gentlemen.. are you open to pledge giving up a vice and stay in control for 2 weeks?’
All wonder..and burst out laughing..
Rob ‘no parties for 2 week’
Sam ‘that is not done.. vice means smoking, drinking, bad mouthing, witch hunt, sitting idle, sleeping late, waking late and so on’
Madhuri ‘let us jot down a list now of all volunteers participating in this’
Soon they have 20 participants..
2 weeks latter
Madhuri is looking gorgeous
Sam ‘Madhuri.. 20 years age difference between us’
Madhuri smiles..
Sam ‘so.. what is the result.. who stayed in control. who didn’t.. need honest answers’
Madhuri soon finds 5 of 20 participants stayed in control..
Sam ‘great.. so let us have another milestone for next party..’
Madhuri ‘Sam.. am a social entrepreneur and this is an experential learning’
Sam ‘Madhuri.. you were silent on me informing the age gap’
Madhuri ‘not yet ready for any type of relation.. had bad parenting.. so’
Sam ‘but we can be good friends?’
Madhuri ‘hope so.. victory over emotions too is important to evolve as good human’
Sam ‘you are too serious’
Madhuri burst laughing..
Madhuri ‘never spill the bean of secrecy if you wish to conquer the world..’
Sam ‘like good old age.. when wars would come unannounced’
Madhuri ‘yes.. to win a lady’s heart.. a man should be a good gentleman for good old 20 years’
Sam ‘common.. i would be 65 then’
Madhuri ‘but you forget that i will be your friend for 20 years.. is it not victory?’
Sam smiles..and says cheers and gets to dancing floor and dances with Madhuri.


Jackie was a successful educationalist. He had acquired multiple degrees in his life. Still unhappy. His wife Rose had left him when he was doing his research on human psychology and its impact in marketing.

He remembers his conversation with his wife

Rose ‘of what use are ornaments if the closest one do not understand those values’

Jackie ‘means?’

Rose ‘you are imbalanced. you never care for your family.. you never participate in any family functions.. you get happy when you get an award. I have everything with me but you’

Jackie ‘the problem with ornaments is that the more one wears it begins pricking the heart and then one gets used to those pricks and are happy putting them’

Rose ‘come out of this and look at the animals and birds.. no education.. but they too survive’

Jackie ‘i cannot change self’

Rose ‘am separating out and going back to Australia and be in those greenery’

Jackie ‘so you wish to lead your own life’

Rose ‘yes’

5 years latter Jackie is shaken again..

Jackie has got the best literate award and is going to be part of a huge education VC fund..

Jackie is called to give a speech

Jackie ‘all ornaments are of use only if it contributes to glory of others.. else it is self glorification.  I got over 200 degrees. But of no use if i cannot share my knowledge with others. my wife told me an important lesson that nature is the best education provider.. This fund house will be for causes of unique education innovation ‘

The VC founder Charles smiles and reciprocates ‘I saw Jackie’s dedication in learning but realized that it is absolutely of no use if a research is not reached out to commercialization or gives clue to another research. This fund is for commercialization of research.. One of its kind in world;’

Jackie ‘and do you know what.. who will be one of the decision maker’

VC Found Charles ‘it is his wife Rose.. we have bought in practicality to academics. She is not too learned.. but has been closer to nature.. we want to take her insights’

Rose ‘I left Jackie and realized that again I too was clamoring for ornaments – Attracted to nature. got addicted to traveling and it became a quest sort out to see new places.. i realized each person has some addiction, some weakness. Why not adjust and accept those and make relationship stronger’

Rose hugs Jackie