Leadership Letdown Lessons

Leadership Letdown Lessons

Leadership begins with a great vision accompanied by focused mission to serve a cause. Politician can focus on employment or immigration or farmers or industry. Corporate leaders can focus on productivity or quality or cost optimization or profit maximization.

Letdown begins when implementations fail, when promised deliverable’s not met, statistics depict a nice to read story, but ground realities are totally different. Governance weakens, each member tries to pull each other, ego and conflicts surface and Leadership Letdown begins

Lessons to learn: Involve group buy-in when working for a cause, Non-transparency never works, give all leads a due credit, focus on critical internal issues and ensure only security factors considered for external issues. Not to overspend on any fanciful dreams, ambitions or compete with others, rather use the budget wisely to support your focused mission

More you talk, more you fail. Actions important and then the talking. All failed projects have a reason to fail. All failed leaders have an opportunity to re-think of what they are doing. No institution or corporate or systems will get sabotaged by any association or party or group or people. Effective incident and problem management systems be established.

Investment Lessons

Investment Lesson

What type of tree you wish to plant?

I have seen multiple investors who wish a very rapid investment return from innovation. This  is simply not possible as innovation needs acceptance and then it grows.

So what really happened was all who stopped thinking of innovation, invested in copy-cat models and some got huge returns, many failed and then the investors cribbed that the startup ecosystem is not conductive enough.

What happened to the fruits (startups)

They were never ripe fruits in first place, it was like selling a half ripe fruit like GRAPE to someone and obviously you will have bitter taste. you failed to realize GRAPE VINE itself takes 2 years for yielding fruits.  Analyze the costs yourselves and Investors will realize themselves where we are failing.  We should not invest in startups but invest in STOCK if you want things to happen too soon.

That GRAPE vine will yield minimum 30 years, if maintained properly.

What happened to the individuals who invested maybe in something like a MANGO tree (UNICORNS)

They had that patience for minimum 8 years, to collectively grow it, without any greed to exit and results are there for everyone.

Stories of life

Nancy ”Stories of life is a beginning of expressing self freely…  multiple websites allow such expressions, however the unique point is”

Joy ”it is all about confessing what mistakes we committed in life and lessons learnt from it”

Fred the investor ”what is the revenue model?”

Joy ”each person makes a mistake in life..  a 0.001 cent for each lesson learnt”

Investor ”why you feel… a reader will be interested in getting into this site”

Fred ”only because… these mistakes will be expressed by very senior big wigs”

Investor ”not convinced yet.. but do begin with this idea.. and reach out to me after 1 month”

After a month

Investor ”so how many logged in”

Fred ”100”

Investo çan I see?

Fred puts it on projector

Investor is shocked

Fred ”your wife felt she made a mistake marrying you as you stopped caring for her way back.. and lessons learnt was to never marry in haste”

Investor ”common.. why you reached to my wife?

Nancy ”Sir.. no better way then to explain the impact to you”

Investor pauses and says ”still am not funding you”

In evening..

Investor reaches home and takes his wife for dinner

Investor ”do you really feel you married in haste”

Wife ýes..”

Investor hugs his wife

Wife ”why this sudden flush of love?”

Investor ”I realized that stories of life if read back, can bring in new changes to our own thought process”



Happy Teacher’s day

Student ”happy teacher’s day” madam

Anne “My pleasure dear.. but only once a year, you remember me’

Student ”Sorry madam.. have been so busy with work”

Anne “At least you remember me..”

Student ‘Any lessons for me?”

Anne ”whenever you fall in love, love with passion. whenever you do any work, work with passion and whenever you wish to study anything, learn with passion..   It is very important for you to have zeal and enthusiasm in whatsoever you undertake, else you will not enjoy what you are doing. In case you are not having that zeal.. then please think of what all things..makes you happy and just do that”

Student ‘thanks madam”


A new beginning again

Mark is sitting near the seashore and watching the sun set… end of another year..

Mark had a turbulent 2016.. his startup crashed… he had quit a job in 2013 and even got invested.. however burnout took toll.. his staff also have decided to quit..

His fiance Julie rushes from behind and hugs him tightly…

Mark smiles weakly..

Julie ‘common Mark.. it is not end of world.. you tried.. you failed… but do you know one important aspect of life.. the sun will rise again tomorrow.. you will again have a good morning so now.. please gear up for new year eve’

Mark ‘the sea waves calm my mind… Wish to give an important tip to startups’

Mark ‘if you are down and out.. do give a big hug to your girl friend or spouse and say a big sorry for neglecting them’

Julie hugs Mark tightly and gives a big laugh

Julie ‘and please be sure if your cofounders, staff really wish to be part of startup ecosystem or they are seeking only jobs else every year will be a fruitless new beginning so do disrupt and bring team innovations’



Smart Startups

Smart Startups are the ones who abide by following rules

1) Keep focusing on their goals and do not rush push to seek investments.

2) Keep identifying right senior talents and negotiate / convince them to be with the startup in thick and thin and offer a generous equity or even compensation or if nothing else have a human empathy to build relation with them.

3) There will be a need to continuously collaborate, build relation with other startups and see where your venture product or service fits in that eco system.

4) Build small community and collaborate and bring more individuals to believe in what you are doing.

5) Keep building customers.. and more customers or fans and more fan following.. or followers and more followers..

6) Avoid getting into controversies and stick to their focus.. so no loose comments on twitter, facebook or any social media site..

7) Get the cheapest, greatest small module training from reputed institute and build relation there..   if that too is unaffordable..  identify quick learners and include them in your team..

8) Having a human binding with your employees or contractors or consultants is most important and at the end of it, are they going to earn good remuneration from your startup?  If the answer is No and if you feel you are the most conservative successful entity who does not wish to spend on employees then you are not there… you can never be able to build a foundation company.. you may wish to sell your startup to someone else..? but it is of no use as finally again you are in that cycle of entrepreneur to investor journey and you will not be the right fit to create large employment opportunities.. so vision focus most important.

9) If your aim is to just sell your startup eventually.. identify all potential acquirers and understand where all they have limitations and strategize fully on that model only..  finally be clear of what you wish to do..

10) Does incubator / accelerator deserve small equity for guiding you.. absolutely yes as finally they have built a strong network of entire startup eco system..

11) How much minimum money you need? depends entire on the startup? It should not be a case of a business plan by an employee being given to a CEO for budget approval and startup will perform only if business plan gets sanctioned..

so please do not chase investors and let investors chase you..

PASSION FRAMEWORK the one which have built and evolved is a 2 decade journey of ups and downs in an entrepreneur journey and name it.. everything is experienced…  and so do not get bogged down by ‘No replies from investor’s”or ”Polite smiles” or “Harsh criticism ” or “Even copy / imitations of your product” as finally if you have decided to become an entrepreneur.. it is your special charm.. there is something in you which compels you do so.. so you are bound to win…  if you have patience and perseverance.

House Warming (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Louisa is happy that she finally will finally step in the house. She put all her savings to purchase the property and has also got a bank loan.  A software engineer by profession. She has come from Hong kong 3 years back and her green card also is in process.

Louisa calls up her boy friend Philip to inform him to be with her during the grand party

On the event day..

Louisa ‘Dear All.. Am happy for your support and please enjoy the party.’

There is a big bang music….

and.. suddenly..

Louisa feels the vibration below… She can feel the tremors

All her friends shriek ‘Hoooooooooooooooo..  what is this? why are we feeling tremors’

Louisa ‘I guess it is a warning.. We at LA are vulnerable’

Friend Rob ‘But your’s is a new construction.. why should it shake so much’

Louisa ‘I will ask the civil construction company’

Suddenly they see a sudden crack being developed in the house..

All shriek and run out.. and before they can even blink the entire house crashes in 5 minutes

Louisa is shocked..  All are reeling in shock

Louisa has tears… Rob consoles her… suddenly every one says ‘Where is Philip?’

Louisa rushes to the debris and finds him stuck….

She and her friends pull him out and he has pain in his legs..

Phillip ‘thanks to everyone.. even am safe’

Louisa ‘There is a saying Home is built of People.. so here i am again left with my friend.. Not sure of insurance and not sure of whether I really will get a house back’

Her friends console her… and they decide to launch an investigation…

Louisa ‘How i wished I could have checked on the building codes and architecture and seek advice of friend.. And why it happened to only my house?’

Phillip ‘Louisa it is a lesson.. we may need to spread this awareness among people. if we get the money from insurance and construction company. let us have start up to review infrastructures and I believe some association do exist to groom professional’s

Louisa ‘Philip.. do you feel i will get back my money invested’

Phillip ‘Have faith..’

4 months latter Louisa has won the case and she has got her investment back…

Louisa ‘Phillip.. never knew an accident would turn my course of life’

Phillip ‘yes.. we were almost gone up’

Louisa ‘sometimes god teaches us and gives us an experience for a cause’