Camera never lies

Rose took a photo of Charlie and found he looked handsome, his face has good curves but for a small little wrinkle coming near eyes..

Rose ‘Charlie you are ageing’

Charlie ‘Yes I know.. tell me what to do?’

Rose ‘My friend has started a service of full relaxation center.. something like VIPASANA.. Leave all your lap top, mobiles all outside and stay confined to nature for 10 days.. Strict discipline maintained and you can do soul searching’

Charlie ‘Hey why you chose to copy VIPASANA’

Rose ‘In US it is different, am using game therapies and it is targeted towards small project activities’

Charlie ‘Smart girl’

Rose ‘Can you join?’

Charlie ‘No wonder you took my snap when I was sitting in this restaurant’

Rose ‘Am aware you are celebrity.. my business model is hanging out in 5 star hotel lobbies and getting business’

Charlie ‘What is the cost?’

Rose ‘Only US$200.. for 5 days.. Vipasana is free’

Charlie ‘I will go for Vipasana then’

Rose ‘We teach you team building.. Vipasana teaches you solace and peace’

Charlie ‘You are absolutely marketing your service’

Rose smiles…

Charlie calls up his Indian Friend and books for Vipasana course and then turn around and signs a cheque of US$200 and smiles back ‘I will experiment both.. I need peace as well as lessons on team building’

Why did you break my heart?

Nero was a serious guy who loved to write biographies of celebrities. He was extremely popular and known for bring poetic script to even the most of routine predictable story.

He meets Celine who is a controversial celebrity. She is a model turned actress and after many flings she got into a very serious relation with an investor who invests in entertainment projects.

Nero ‘Celine the joy of sparkles of light which moves all over and just as the flash lights capture you.. He comes closer to you and whispers ‘Only for you dear, I chose entertainment.. I moved out of serious business stuffs only for you’

Celine just gets up.. She is furious but has pains in her eyes..

Celine “Nero.. how dare you.. do you mean to say my present boy friend does this only for me?’

Nero ‘Much as the family oppose, the heart feels only for you and it defy all norms and tradition and may be even a separation from family to be with you’

Celine ‘I never wished to break him from his family’

Nero ‘The heart wished many things but I chose to be with only you and don’t feel I invest because I love entertainment. I see happiness in your face which makes me feel good as am in love with you’

Celine ‘He lost huge money in entertainment business’

Nero ‘Love never thinks of monetary loss. It is blind. So what if I spend millions and get just hundreds but finally I feel happy when I fulfill your each and every wishes’

Celine ‘He is into huge debts’

Nero  “Love for a celebrity, to be near one costs a lost.. so what if I am in debt, at least I am known for my love like what the great Shajehan did and build Taj Mahal’

Celine ‘The end was tragic’

Nero ‘So what if hearts are broken.. Don’t you feel someone will again come to restore it all over again?’

Celine ‘You mean to say I will chose to leave you once you are bankrupt?’

Nero ‘As a writer you tell me what you wish to do with your present friend?’

Celine smiles and kisses Nero

Celine ‘Never knew you could pen my thoughts so beautifully. So he great story teller.. tell me should I make my biography predictable happy ending or twist it?’

Nero ‘so you plan to ditch him?’

Celine ‘Never dear but why don’t you marry me and I be with you forever. You have 2 broken marriages so third time it should work’

Nero ‘What about him?’

Celine ‘He too will be there.. Once I marry you,  he will do everything and anything to be a winner’

Nero is surprised with this proposal

Nero ‘So you wish to enjoy both the worlds?’

Celine ‘I will be loyal to you but don’t wish to see him loose his wealth because of me’

Nero ‘But I will loose peace’

Celine ‘Dear.. why did you break my heart by telling me the truth of my life’

Nero ‘I realized biographies need not be too real. It could be fiction too’

Celine hugs Nero and kisses him passionately

Celine ‘This is our secret.. Never let him know what he is loosing because of me’

Celine kisses Nero’s lip and whispers ‘Silence is golden’

This story has shades of grey, human feel where at times for convenience a human wishes to ignore truths and continue to lead life of false illusion so what if it helps the hearts to not break too soon’

Dacoit Entrepreneur

Robin used to watch Robin Hood Movies and was very much fascinated by rich man robbing wealth from rich individuals and distributing it to poor.

He creates a project Dacoit where any person can put a costly item which he or she lost and he will have his own logic to resolve the robbery.

His mom Mary feels it is a risky project.. as it means dealing with thieves and robbers. Above all the police.

He gets an assignment of a diamond ring which is lost.. The lady in question lost it when she was in loo.  Robin announces his site and publicizes it quite well ‘The only site which can recover lost items. All thieves welcome to share techniques of robbery’

Soon enough he gets loads of tips / techniques published on different type of robbery and there he finds a particular tip which matches the way the diamond ring got robbed..

After 3 months, the ring is handed over to the lady.. She gives 25% of that value to Robin. He shares 50% of it with the person who helped him get the ring and ensures 20% of the money is distributed to poor.

His mode of operations come under question…

Robin’s site is blocked… and Robin decides to write a book ‘1000 ways of cheating’ which is best seller

He gets contract from a security service provider to provide solutions to mitigate risks of cheating…

1 year latter

Robin is in the top most elevator pitch

‘Guys and Gals.. hope you remember me.. The Dacoit Entrepreneur.. My intention was not to teach robbery but hold attention of criminals and focus them to look at my site…  The site got blocked and banned but no one bothered to check on the million IP addresses globally which kept flooding the site with tips, tricks and techniques to rob and other 25% on tips and tricks to avoid getting cheated’

All are slient

One investor  ‘We don’t propagate such type of projects’

Other investors ‘Our CEO called you as guest and we respect at that’

The CEO comes and Robin surprised… She is Angel.. the one whose ring had got lost

Angel ‘It was a 20M$ ring. I lied you.. I paid you only US$10000 and neither you nor the robber who robbed it actually realized that worth’

Angel ‘I realized hoarding a gift from my husband who only satisfied my materialistic pursuits is of no use.. So I sold that diamond and set up an accelerator and investment corpus. Am going to fund you for the security control venture where you have expressed you can sae small items from getting robbed’

Robin smiles

Robin ‘Is telling lies equivalent to robbery? Are al of us not dacoits in small way?’

Angel ‘God gave us tongue to talk and eat..  Sometimes small lies to save bigger cause is alright as long as the lie doesn’t create grave consequences’

Robin ‘Do all the entrepreneurs and investors sitting out here only speak truth?’

angel ‘Transperancy and honesty is what is appreciated.. Even if you lied.. Be honest to admit it’

Some Lies Work

Tom was a mischievous kid and having read Tom Sawyer’s stories, he would wonder if god actually re-incarnated him.

Tom ‘Sir, I feel the estimations you provided are wrong’

Alfred ‘Why you feel?’

Tom ‘I can complete the task in 1 day, why you quote for 3 days?’

Alfred ‘Those are buffers dear..’

Tom begins smiling

Tom ‘Some Lies Work? I am of same thought, I felt I will be honest to you, hence asked the question’

Alfred ‘I feel you can do the task in 4 hours’

Tom sheepishly ‘Yes. Some Lies work’

Alfred ‘Always estimate considering 60% productivity. so if you work for 4 hours, ideally I should quote for 1 or max 2 days, but you know what.. We need to go by market trend, your skillsets are hot, so charging 6 times’

Tom ‘Sir, I need my salary to be raised by at least 2 times’

Alfred smiles..

Alfred ‘Tom, fine, but only if you show me your girlfriend from China.. you always told me you have some personal emergencies ‘

Tom ‘Sir, sure’

Late night..

Tom calls up Nancy in China

Tom ‘Nancy, please for my sake… just say to me Come Soon, am missing you dear.. I will put you on speaker phone.. I will give you missed call.. and you need to call me immediately, I will be at boss’s desk

Next day

Nancy calls Tom

Nancy ‘Tom, I miss you dear, come soon’

Alfred overhears

Alfred ‘Tom, am happy with your work, want to set up an ODC.. do visit China, meet Nancy’

Late at Night

Nancy ‘Tom..  you never loved me.. you keep asking me favors.. why you don’t ask your real girl friend Susan’

Tom ‘Susan doesn’t like me to lie.. hence’

Nancy ‘Why you hide this personality of yours from her’

Tom ‘Give her a good news that I am visiting China for company work.. Plan to marry her soon. You are my dearest friend Nancy.. I love you too much’

Nancy has drop of tears in her eyes..

Nancy ‘how I can express this fool that I love him too’

At China

Nancy meets Tom at Airport

Tom ‘Where is Susan?’

Nancy ‘She wishes to not marry you?’

Tom ‘Why?’

Nancy ‘I suggest all of us meet for discussion’

Tom, Nancy and Susan meet in a restaurant

Susan ‘Nancy.. I always suspect something going on between you and Tom’

Nancy ‘Susan, we are good friends’

Susan ‘It is all over.. I have found a boy friend so am moving out of Tom’s life’

Tom looks shocked..

Nancy ‘Tom is a nice guy, he specifically came to see you’

Susan ‘Am planning to start a venture, so don’t wish to mess around that. My boy friend is an investor’

Susan leaves the restaurant

Nancy looks at Tom

Tom hugs Nancy ‘I lost her.. my lies didn’t work .. I got my answers.. I will marry you Nancy’

Tom ‘My boss too only knows your name as my girl friend’

Susan is walking in one of the busy hong kong street

Susan murmurs ‘Some Lies Work. Had our common friend Joe not met me, I would never have realized that Nancy loves Tom too’.

Susan smiles and her heart talks ‘Some Lies Work, if it benefits an individual or someone towards good path’



“Sweetly informing

Owning the mistake

Really grave

Really impactful

Your Sweet heart

I burnt your shirt today Lost myself while thinking..

I burnt the pizza too, Was thinking about you..

Why you had to give me those beautiful necklace?

Why you had to give me that big hug?

I lost myself in it..

Sorry Sweet Heart..

I didn’t realize it, I kept admiring your face

in that black passport of yours..

It fell dear from the 14th floor..

Why didn’t you give me a photo too of yours?

I am fully lost dear…

Why you decided to be with me last night?

Everything could have been avoided…

Sorry.. Am very Sorry

Not sure if you get the passport back?”

Alice this is not fair, I know Alice in Wonder Land as a fable, and here my passport itself…”

Peter rushes down without waiting for lift..

Lucky for him the passport is near one bush, as a pet puppy is smelling the same..

Peter “Dear Puppy, please.. please don’t spoil it.. It is my asset”

Puppy looks at Peter

Peter “Please Puppy., don’t..”

Puppy has now got into its typical style of peeing..

Peter “please.. please have mercy”

Puppy rushes to bush leaving the passport

Peter returns back gasping with his passport…

Peter “Alice, any more confusion?”

Alice “Peter – I had no other option but to let your girl friend”

Peter “What now?’

Alice “You were in my house right?’

Peter “But I was sleeping in corridor”

Alice “See you got scared, I told her that your passport is safe and you too”

Peter “Am sorry.. I thought you told…”

Alice mischievously “What? should I tell that you kissed me”

Peter “Alice am Sorry..”

Alice “Small lies at times to save friendship.. Ok I wont tell anything”