happy friendship

is it love, or care or just mere friendship.. the soul knows the happiness when around.. the love is silent but nevertheless existing..   so what if no definition comes to this friendship.. it is still friendship .. so what if there were no hugs, no kisses.. but feelings were more intense then all of these physical promixities as friendship remained as it is .. intense, attractive and special to heart..  call it soul friendship or love friendship or anything but still remains integral to life..  love need not be expressed, penned or communicated here as friendship is meant to remain as it is where it is.. distant too,  but always to remember that am the most special person in your life above everyone else..  friendship tends to get little selfish.. so what.. as it is just a humble request to a friend only.

Entrepreneur – theory of dream

Once upon a time, there was an individual who dreamt to be big. See self in all posters of the country.  The easiest route was to become an actor. Chose to become one.

Soon endless camera captures, interviews.. the individual was a celebrity.

One day he meets Jackson the leading Entrepreneur Expert in one of the events.

Jackson ”cool James.. a celebrity indeed”

James ”I am an entrepreneur”

Jackson burst out laughing

Jackson ”Common James.. do not confuse your achievement to becoming an entrepreneur… how many of your movies did you experiment with? did it succeed?’

Jack ”no.. all failed”

Jackson ”experimentation focuses are startup culture. Till you evolve a business model.. so it is a myth when someone says he or she is entrepreneur after successfully running a business for ages.. they were an entrepreneur in initial stages.. so you are no longer an entrepreneur till you decide to do something new”

Jack ”my next dream is to act in a hindi movie”

Jackson ”great… pursue it like an entrepreneur”

Jack ”should all entrepreneurs think of becoming famous and successful or known as big business men”

Jackson ”absolutely all should think.. but focus on craft and art, do not focus on your exterior goals.. hawn the skills which will pay you better.. no point in you learning chemistry if you are not going to use it.. learn acting.. hope you are getting what I mean to say”

Jack hugs Jackson and whispers ”Dance like there is no tomorrow.. are you any relative of Michael Jackson”

Jackson ”common.. all mistake me.. see the brand he created.. However I cannot change my name.. so am lost in his identity.. but if you see my linkedin ID, I too have 2000 followers”

Jack ”what is dream theory?”

Jackson “believe you will do it.. but do not go overboard assuming you will just get there.. you have to work hard or easier way, spend money to get there soon.. but purpose should exist, or just 1 minute fame and you loose million bucks.. do not overspend on promoting self if you really didn”t have a good product or service quality in you or your brand”

hindi retrospective note (Meri kya galti)

yeh busy day kya hota hain? life mein bus 24 ghanta hi hain.. manlo 3 ghante soye, 21 ghanta kaam kiye.. tired hogaye par usmein meri kya galti hain.. mera message toh yehi time pe milega na.. scheduler ke duniya mein, har minute busy hota hain processor.. 24/7 ki aadat joh humare company ne diye aur hum yeh sochkar ghada mazduri karte hain, ki bus peeth pe shabasi milega aur kuch increments. par woh nahin mila, aap tired hogaye toh meri kya galti. friends ko khona chahte ho toh theek hain, par friends hi toh hain joh tumhe hussi aur khushi desakte hain. yeh space wace ka chakkar mein aadmi bus akela hi ho jata hain aur mayat mein bus 2-4 reh jaate hain aur motappa hain toh aur 2-4. yeh kya jindagi ji rahe ho, whatsapp, facebook ki emotion icons mein uljhe ho.. khubsurat ho, real ho toh bus real mein bhi mila karo. good morning bolun ya good night, bus ek icon bhej hi do jab bhi time mile.. yeh toh malum pade, ki aap jinda bhi ho..



Go ahead

Go ahead with what you wish to

as life is not coming second time

in way it is anyways

If life can pause a bit and

look back at you..

you will feel.. there is some thing more

which can move ahead .

Go ahead and achieve what you should

and accept all your weakness

gracefully as you can just go ahead further

once you realize that the small little

push you get will always be there

to move ahead ..

it could be in form of beloved

or colleague or boss or friend

or kids or siblings or some family member

and if no one else.. at least the unknown



Bringing clarity to thought process is what Jenny was trying to convey in her address to young graduates..

Jenny ”our life needs to undergo a recession at least once.. reasons that is when we begin realize real worth of people who matter to us..”

Ram “In Hindu philosophy, a human has an opportunity for getting 3 such recession cycles..  called SADE-SATI”

Jenny ‘oh that is great.. so imagine 3 opportunities for you to change course of life or may be life will bring new changes by itself”

One of the student “Madam..  a bay. has 3 side water.. ”

Jenny “same holds true to human.. on one side spiritualism (which is deep as your heart permits), on second side, detachment (which is deep as your heart permits) and serving (which is as deep as your heart permits) and then materialism in form of land on one side

we chose to be in land as we fear the sea.. and heart is like ocean which may get flutters of spiritualism, detachment and serving qualities but eventually we prefer to remain where material exist”

Ram ‘”complex thought.. complex view of life.. never knew bay means clarity… clarity of choosing to not forget that we are having 3 important sides of life which we neglect (spiritualism, detachment and serving for cause)