Vegetable Woes

Prank has inherited gift of understanding vegetable languages.. He has strong passion to be in garden and observe vegetables talking to each other

Tomato 1 ”god made me juicy, red with so many seeds in it.. ”

Tomato 2 ”we all will be thrown or cut. Why our life is so small”

Tomato 3 ”just the other day found onions being thrown by those farmers.. more supply.. less demand.. not sure why farmers imitate each other and keep having same crops”

He moves to the farm where onions are growing

Onion 1 ”so tired to make all cry.. but no one understands that the bacteria’s and virus attack us when cut and not used”

Onion 2 ”why were we not born as humans or animals or even tree’.. why a vegetable..  Have seen a lady telling that her mother-in-law has become a vegetable.. bed ridden.. means vegetables have no purpose,,.. no mission.. no one values our mineral content too. I heard a lady telling to her husband.. don’t become a lady finger.. most of times skinny and not erect at all’

He moves to lady finger’s farm land

Lady Finger 1 ”many love me and cut me in bits and pieces.. not sure why those white seeds inside me..  sometimes soft.. sometimes erect.. not sure how people select me.. do they want softness or they want stern ness or they want a mix of both??”

Lady Finger 2 ”dear.. women want a mix of both… and men too… hence we are lady fingers…  the ones who can hold their beloved with mix of both love, affection and sternness too if men go wrong”

Prank burst laughing….

His girl friend Sarah comes in

Sarah ”Are you mad? who said vegetables talk…

Prank ”wait a minute…”

After few minutes

Sarah ”common.. don’t play mischief.. why you made me into a potatoe of all things?”

Prank ”potatoe is the favorite item and put in all food.. hence…”

Sarah ”please… make me a human again”

Prank ”promise me.. you will eat vegetables regularly and respect it.. for what it provides us”

Sarah ”please.. will do that”

After few minutes

Sarah ”Are you magician too?”

Prank ”A botonist.. please.. now don”t ask me how you got converted to potatoe..”






did java

did .net

did php

did everything

same old syntax

old wine in new bottle

shake me up… someone

skake me to do something

which I love

sipping cup of tea

programmer life

all in loop

all in if condition

exit and exceptions

all part and parcel of

programmer life

bugs and issues

all inbuilt in programmer”s mind and heart..




a bag of life

all empty in beginning

add an item here

add an item there..

full and overloaded in no time..

remove an item here

remove an item there

trim and sleek in time

a bag of life

choose an item here

choose an item there

all cannot fit in one bag

need to discard few

need to accept few

do have some space left

the space needed to

let items breathe fully.

a bag of life


depends on us

what we treasure

what we discard


Successful person

Rob ”a successful person is one who is having money, power, fame, education and happy family life”

Swamy ”Rob.. agreed.. many get it through their own effort.. and many acquired through their earlier generation folks”

Rob ”in this forum of ART OF NON-LIVING.. I only wish to tell you one simple message

Stop living your present life for a day or week or whatsoever.. sans any philosophical discussions, sans any boy friend.. sans any girl friend.. sans any whatsapp.. mobile, photography.. and just go to hill station.. spend time with birds, bee, animals.. and try to understand the animal mentality…  No cribbing about what they didn’t get..  adjust to environment all by own.. they may not even steel your clothes to protect themselves from cold, or heat.. and unless it is a monkey.. will not try to take away what you eat.. or if it is tiger.. max it will try to eat you… but if you throw a large piece of meat .. they really do not try to eat that and also grab you and have another round of meal”

Swamy ”what are you indicating”

‘Rob ”a correction to my earlier statement..   Successful person is one who is happy in giving what they have and just doing their bit to not clamor things for themselves.. they will not crib if they loose something.. they will not get excited.. if they win something.. absolute neutral to life.. as they understand the value of themselves being a living entity”

Sum up

“Sum up life in one sentence..  ” George the professor asks questions to all..

Mary ”it comes unexpectedly I guess and goes unexpectedly”

Rafi ‘it is a journey and opportunity given to us to do what we can”

Susan is silent…

Professor Harry ”Susan! tell me what you think”

Susan “just geting abused by my own family member and nothing else”

Pin drop silence..

Harry “Susan! Life is not about being silent unless you were born with a defect.. but to express your views and see how it can be addressed…  ”

After the class…

Harry ‘”Susan.. I will be your guardian from now on.. just come out of your step father’s house”


Susan bursts crying..

20 years later

Susan ”Sir.. am going to advocate welfare schemes for ones who express their most secretive problems”

Harry ”good dear..”

Susan “am also getting a grant”

Harry “Cheers.. now how you sum up life”

Susan “life is a purpose given to us to solve a problem faced by us”

Harry “cool”




Erasing moments of life where I made mistakes.. and soon found the page gets darker, the marks remain all over.. spoiling the page itself..

Life is given to us to make mistakes.. so when we are born, the first crawl or the first fall.. we get up and learn to walk.. we skid and again learn to run..

We keep running till we get tired and find that there are ways to run marathon..

Soon we begin enjoying others run.. other making mistakes.. and we tend to be engrossed in their mistakes and seek reasons for it..

Just keep pushing selves erasing bitter moments of life.. retain good ones.. keep watching them, inspiring them…

A magical eraser is one.. where in you just erase and find a new message

”WISH YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR dear.. everthing will move well..

(A story

A small little kid struggled almost every day till one day she meets an angel.. and questions

“”Why I struggle so much”

Angel “god is trying to gear you to take up high responsibilities”

Kid ‘what is that?’

Angel ‘a task to help all erase their bad moments of life”

Kid ”how?”

Angel ”you need to spread smile, love and warmth to all.. and keep smiling”

Kid ”why.. but am struggling now.. how will I smile”

Angel ”just widen your lips.. and say cheers”

Kid ”cheers…” and bursts laughing

Angel ”so simple right.. just say cheers always whenever in trouble and trouble will run away soon”

Kid ”how?”

Angel ‘attempt dear..”

1 week later

Kid ”cheers uncle.. you keep giving me alms but I would just take it and ..”

Uncle Sam ”dear.. no one around you”

Kid nods No..

Kid ”my parents expired way back.. my grandma takes care of me”

Uncle Sam reaches her house..

in small slum

Sam ”mom.. can I adopt her.”

Grandma ‘is happy and overjoyed

Kid is smiled but worried

Angel returns

Angel ”dear.. someone is always there as guardian for us.. it is destined.. just wait for it.. you have found one.. do become guardian to someone else too.. one day”