Startup Astrology

Startup Astrology.. does it hold same as to an entrepreneur’s horoscope or their founder’s horoscope..
Does it really hold relevance?
Who are the stars which influence a startup?

The 9 + 2 combination (A perfect team)
All can be diversified fields.. (Similar to planets)
Each of them can have their own armies (Similar to satellites)
Each of them can be governed by the numerous stars (Nakshatra).. the eco partners..
and all moving round the sun which invests its energy on you…
If we observe the entire universe is revolving round some purpose, some object, some entity..
sometimes we are where we are but the world is revolving round us.
So do we need to get affected by success or failure of darkness and light?
Absolutely no… as whenever there will be moments of darkness, there will be light too be seen soon..

Startups need to understand the influences of all actors in the startup eco system and acknowledge their presence for right balance of mind and success..
Being grounded is most important

Hopeless Lover

Richard is an ageing father of 14 year old kid Tom. One day he meets Sarah in one of the conference meet. She is 26 years and becomes friendly with Richard..

Richard ‘how is your work?’

Sarah ‘Am researching on renewable energy so am here for this conference. You seem to be an expert in this field’

Richard ‘yes… I had loads of energy when Prisha was with me.. But then one day she decided to separate out of me.. God snatched away her from me’

Sarah ‘Oh sad..’

Richard ‘Am a hopeless lover..’

Sarah ‘How?’

Richard ‘In Energy business, it is important to keep tab on cost.. so I followed her for almost 360 days… flashing the lights when she would walk alone on road to her house.. I in bicycle with my solar light lit would keep following her.. right from the station till her home’

Sarah ‘Oh I see’

Richard ‘yes’

Sarah ‘Did you express love?’

Richard ‘No.. I relied on my solar lantern to do the magic’

Sarah ‘How?’

Richard ‘One day i could not reach to station in time. She kept searching.. I was not there..She decided to wait for me at station’

Sarah ‘wow’

Richard ‘and ..there i was with my bicycle.. and slowly with light.. as she walked.. i mumbled a song for first time..’

Sarah ‘which?’


‘if you were my sweetheart..

why do you need any light

I am there with me

and my light.. caring for you

Preserving love in day

Emitting it in darkness

Love in that moon light

with my solar light

glowing your face

pink as apples

Am there my sweetheart

available in dark

illuminating your heart

with my solar light’

She began giggling and said ‘you are die hard solar light fan.. how i wish lovers move with solar lantern to light love in heart of people’

Richard ‘Sarah.. do you wish to purchase one solar lantern from me?’

Sarah ‘How much?’

Richard ‘Just 50US$’

Sarah ‘ok I will take it..’

Sarah see’s the label

Sarah smiles as she see’s HOPELESS LOVER as a brand with richard in cycle and a lantern’

Sarah smiles…

Richard ‘Love is strange.. unexpressed.. you can show your sincere devotion and the girl will melt soon’

Sarah ‘and what if she hates that person and feels it is eve teasing”

Richard ‘love makes us patient…if the person falls in love with you. for your sincerity and you are honest.. love marriage surely will take place’

Sarah ‘crazy you.. you believe in love marriage?’

Richard ‘yes why not’

Sarah ‘my boy friend never shuts lights off’

Richard ‘a solution for you.. this solar enable switch can connect your home devices and through sensors understand if you are asleep and switches of the lights’

Sarah ‘crazy man.. from love to technology.. ‘

Richard ‘hopeless lover of technologies too’

Sarah ‘be in touch?’

Richard ‘have a solar transmitter.. which will check when your heart beats get heavy and you are about to become vulnerable and emits a soft siren ‘wake up wake up don’t loose control’

Sarah bursts out laughing

Sarah ‘you are genius..’

Richard ‘me..not sure.. PASSION teaches me probing and innovation. i only do that’

Light a Fire (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Strobe is a solar engineer. He loves to focus on renewable energy. As he researches on net he arrives at an island where there is no electricity..

He decides to check the number of families in that island.. hardly 300..

Strobe decides to visit the same as it is in remote pacific ocean…

Strobe meets a person Hank who is care take of the island..

Strobe ‘Why no one thought of electricity here?’

Hank ‘Not possible.. it is a remotest of place… not viable’

Strobe takes out his kit and puts the first solar light…

Hank ‘why could I not think of it first’

Strobe ‘because you believed nothing can happen’

Hank ‘Yes I agree.. sometimes we are aware of the solution too but never decide to solve the problem and remain in mess’

Strobe smiles

Strobe ‘Light a fire in your mind and keep thinking how you can improve your living condition.. only you can make it happen’

A few months latter

Strobe ‘Hank.. it is amazing you have converted the island to mini picnic spot.. Now the tourism should increase’

Hank ‘yes Strobe your renewable energy changed my direction and it light a fire in my mind’

Lost in Crowd?

Sarah is walking in one of the busiest roads in NY.. and as she waits for light to turn to ‘Walk signal’. She finds at least 100 folks standing all around her.. waiting to walk across road..

A happy go lucky soul working in largest venture capital house.. she realizes that every day, there are millions in world trying to be different,. unique, impress investors to seek funds with a dream that they will make it big.. Whole quest to be unique..

Soon she finds the rush pushing all around her and she too moves to catch a Subway Train and while sitting in a crowded evening train, she observes folks standing, few gazing tiredly, few prancing with their mobile phone..

Sarah retrospects ‘Is she lost in crowd? Why she didn’t attempt to stand out and again attempt to get funded even when she was in funding house’

She reaches home.. and her drunk husband Philip greats her..

Philip ‘Dear one.. So tired you look. I made for you the food and you can now just take rest .. I need to step out as usual’

Sarah ‘When will you stop drinking and begin working?’

Philip ‘You are there for me dear.. Ok have to step out’

Sarah eats her food and retrospects ‘At least he makes food for me.. Just look at positives.. And why I stick on to him is only because he is so faithful to me… ‘

Sarah realizes that she needs minimum US$3000 for her and Philip’s survival in NJ city..

Sarah ‘Do these entrepreneurs really don’t wish a safe earning.. Are they mentally prepared for ups and downs of life.. Why I cannot dare to do it? Is it because of my husband or my own self esteem which could be low’

Next day she again is in crowded train and looks at the train driver.. The driver is smilingly getting into engine coach to drive all..

Sarah ‘Sometimes we need to get used to routine just because no option exist.. May be an entrepreneur doesn’t like the idea of routine, hence begins and closes company or always wishes to seek an exit’

She reaches office and again gets back to work