Entrepreneur – theory of dream

Once upon a time, there was an individual who dreamt to be big. See self in all posters of the country.  The easiest route was to become an actor. Chose to become one.

Soon endless camera captures, interviews.. the individual was a celebrity.

One day he meets Jackson the leading Entrepreneur Expert in one of the events.

Jackson ”cool James.. a celebrity indeed”

James ”I am an entrepreneur”

Jackson burst out laughing

Jackson ”Common James.. do not confuse your achievement to becoming an entrepreneur… how many of your movies did you experiment with? did it succeed?’

Jack ”no.. all failed”

Jackson ”experimentation focuses are startup culture. Till you evolve a business model.. so it is a myth when someone says he or she is entrepreneur after successfully running a business for ages.. they were an entrepreneur in initial stages.. so you are no longer an entrepreneur till you decide to do something new”

Jack ”my next dream is to act in a hindi movie”

Jackson ”great… pursue it like an entrepreneur”

Jack ”should all entrepreneurs think of becoming famous and successful or known as big business men”

Jackson ”absolutely all should think.. but focus on craft and art, do not focus on your exterior goals.. hawn the skills which will pay you better.. no point in you learning chemistry if you are not going to use it.. learn acting.. hope you are getting what I mean to say”

Jack hugs Jackson and whispers ”Dance like there is no tomorrow.. are you any relative of Michael Jackson”

Jackson ”common.. all mistake me.. see the brand he created.. However I cannot change my name.. so am lost in his identity.. but if you see my linkedin ID, I too have 2000 followers”

Jack ”what is dream theory?”

Jackson “believe you will do it.. but do not go overboard assuming you will just get there.. you have to work hard or easier way, spend money to get there soon.. but purpose should exist, or just 1 minute fame and you loose million bucks.. do not overspend on promoting self if you really didn”t have a good product or service quality in you or your brand”

Search Engine

Search Engine for fuel

Search Engine for energy

Search Engine for movement

Search Engine for its reliability to give you assured results.

Human brain is such that if they research over something, it is already existing

If human imitates, they are labeled copy cat

If human innovates and no one is aware of its value, they are called mad

If others appreciate you, thunderous applause comes all of sudden

Mad person becomes sane person and if these applauses go viral

A mad person can become celebrity too and at times worshipped too

Search engine optimization can make anyone a celebrity

so what if the sane person who was labeled mad initially and got applauded later actually is caught in this web madness of twitter, facebook, linkedin, tumblr and next what..?

god knows some blog too

didn’t it mention search engine.. (engine is our brain and we are trying to search something there.. our identify.. our existence and so what if till then people call us MAD

MAD = My Adorable Darling too



Morris wants to start a global business. He is an Indian Citizen because his father Hari married Julie and Hari had great desire for Morris to be born in Indian Country.

Morris did his schooling in India and he conceives an idea to give global visa’s to Asian Citizens

Morris sets up an office in Saudi Arabia where he provides resources job opportunities.

Morris ‘do you know if a resource works continuously for 6 years. it is much easy for visa issues from middle east rather then other countries’

His fiance Saira smiles and says ‘hence you married a Dubai citizen’

Morris smiles and hugs Saira

Morris ‘Darling.. this business is bound to flourish.. we have become experts in immigration’

Saira ‘how you plan to do it?’

Morris ‘have built over 100 friends through Linked In – locals and am setting satellite office all over’ hence it is easy’

Beloved MOM

Beloved Mom Nancy, wish you a happy mother’s day.. I know you are far away from me and may be I will not be able to convey to you small little secrets..

“I loved you more then dad, but didn’t ever understand why you stopped him ever from doing business’

“I didn’t like your interference with my girl friend’s thought process but so many times you proved you were right that i got confused whether I was wrong or I was right till one day you just hugged my girl friend and whispered a secret’

“She told me after many years that my mom had whispered “Men are kids, so pamper them silly but don’t spoil them by making them feel that they own you.. don’t allow him to take you for granted.. you need to have your own identity’

“I smiled at my foolishness to doubt you.. and wondered why you remained strict and dotting on me?”

“I hated when you left me and as you lay there in grave, i wondered whether it was me who needed to cry or was it you who was supposed to laugh as you handed over a legacy in form of your education business.. a network marketing tool which you established so well.. How many of us try to cash on our parent’s contacts.. i too never realized till I opened my face book again and found just before you left for abode, you had informed all to invite me in your group”

“Modern day mom.. you loved twitter, face book, linked in and taught me to socialize and network.. and now you smile and wait for me to put some mud over you.. some flowers.. wreath and then you are gone up”

“Who says mother are sweet and sour.. i say all women do have maternal instinct and all kids have sweet and sour relation with mom but finally the chord.. that chord which united us before i was cut off from you by the doctor to come and evolve in this world independently where you didn’t wish your husband to start some business as you were scared i would not get good education and same mom didn’t mind being an entrepreneur and wanting her son to be one..”

“Times and have changed Mom.. hope god blesses you with loads of peace and happiness”

“Time to say bye” “Happy Mother’s day MOM.. I love you a lot”

Fred has drop of tears in his eyes and leaves from the graveyard,

Modern Day Technologies

What is meant to be used always?   Whatsup

What is meant to be looked upon always? Facebook

What is meant to be used for probing always? Google

What is meant to be used to keep everyone informed always? Twitter

What is meant to be used to let everyone know about your professional background? LinkedIn

What is meant to spread your work through media? Youtube

Why are these technologies so popular? Because they help you reach to wider audience..

One minute… Where do we write stories and incidents of our life?  Common you have wordpress dear..

Press the alphabets and create words and then sentences, paragraphs, prose, rhythm.. and dance to the tunes of your own magic as a blogger…



A strong desire to achieve an object and seek security from an object.. – A perception which moves forward and manifests in form of dream, ambition, mission, vision, ideology, principles and finally leads a person to become fully passionate about that object.

In love, many a time we fail to see pros and cons.

In business too which has loads of PASSION, you may tend to get blind..

To moderate the PASSION, you need to cultivate another PASSION and it could be towards a hobby or social work.

So now we have 2 PASSIONs

What about the 3rd PASSION

Here you inner psychology is at work and you may even cultivate a PASSION for Social Media Outreach.

Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linked In..

Enjoy being PASSIONIT