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Mr Manuel jumped from the skyscraper and remained unhurt. Reasons there were live saving brakes which if he pressed would slow down his speed when landing. Any takers for this product..  1M$ deal..

Joy got into a circus ring with Lion and the Lion decided to eat him up, but as the Lion reached Joy, he found a mirror which showed another lion. It paused.. and Joy guided the lion through the mirror images and tamed it.. 2M$ any taker.. A mirror solution to tame animals.

Linda and Margret were walking on road and they found a big advertisement ‘we sell gardens not roses or lilies, all for only US$10000 per annum.  they rushed to that location and found a huge queue. Designer gardens for sale… Any takers. 3M$ investment

Soumya and Rafi were about to get married when there were huge conflict type situations and lo and behold a modern day robin hood came and said ‘he can support run away marriages and has huge team.  Risks are many but if couples really want to get married, an investment of US$1 only before marriage and US$200 annual fee after marriage. The money will help kids who starve on road

Roy is planning to how a planet auditorium where an individual can escape into the world of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury.. a 100M$ proposition.. Any taker

Who said dreams cannot be thought of, big visions cannot be conceived.

Who said innovations never happen in developing countries and we need to rely on other countries ?

Innovations happen every moment in your mind, my mind, everyone’s mind. Be bold enough to jot down, spread the message and may be some day some national leader will acknowledge you for your crazy idea

and where does Innovation come from?

Probing.. please keep probing your mind, heart, soul, body and prick it, torture it and you will get your pain points.


ACTING, SCOPING, SETTING comes latter on

and once someone invests in your ideas.. you OWN AND NURTURE it.


Zoo Business (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Derik has a zoo business where he collects rare animal species from different parts of the world and mates them in his 200 acre of lands in Tanzania.  He has strange fascination for snakes, elephants, tigers, foxes and surprises of surprises he has such huge acres of land in Newzealand, even Antartica and Europe…

Derik has his only daughter Kim who loves animals.. She loves to be with animals…

A group of reporters come to meet Derik

Reporter ‘Derik.. what drives you to have zoo’s created all over’

Derik ‘Humans love to watch animals in cage, animals free and they love be in cage moving around watching the animals.. I love to see human in cage watching animals and hence my zoo has animals moving freely and humans moving in caged vans’

Reporters begin smiling at each other…

Derik ‘Meet Tom, my latest pet;

Reporters are shocked when they see a huge Lion coming besides Derik

Derik ‘My business is simple, i take CSR from business men and feed animals in my earlier investment of lands, mate them, grow them and the move them to artificial zoos’

Reporter ‘What is the profit?’

Derik ‘If the zoo is well maintained, good animals and birds exist, easily we can make upto US$50000 as we have plans where couples can feed animals of their choice, donate lunch / dinners for animals of their choice., adopt an animal and  do you know what?’

Reporter ‘What’

Derik ‘Jackie has adopted 4 Lions, 3 Tigers, 2 Snakes, 5 Elephants and around 10 Deer’

Reporter ‘wow Jackie Chan?’

Derik ‘Jackie the Siberia Tycoon ‘

Reporter ‘why he does so?’

Derik ‘He got cheated by his family and almost on streets when his pet dog guided him to one forest in Siberia..

Reporter ‘what was seen?’

Derik ‘Jackie saw animals binding more then human.. Animals do not cheat like how humans do.. so’

Reporter Thanks Derik.. will publish this article soon’

Derik ‘Thanks..  am getting huge orders from politicians all over the world for their private zoo’s but government rules mandatory.. no one should hurt rare species of birds’

Reporter ‘i agree.. so how you got permission’

Derik ‘Long struggle.. 60% of earnings go to government.. It is a public private model’

Reporter ‘got it’

Dont let the animals take over the Zoo

For a day; the zoo keeper got drunk late night and was playing with the monkey’s

Zoo Keeper Brandy ‘Ha Ha my name is Brandy and your name Naughty.. so Dear Naughty.. am going to teach you a lesson’

Brandy gulps Rum and gives it to Naughty..

Brandy ‘Naughty.. after me, you need to take care of zoo.. I am not sure how long I will live.. take the keys.. please take the keys..’

Brandy dozes of to sleep..

Next morning.. it is chaos.. he finds a snake just besides him.. Brandy shrieks.. He runs to only find Tiger is roaming freely.. The elephant also.. he is wondering what could have gone wrong just in 10 hours..

Brandy suddenly realizes he doesn’t have any key…

He is seeing deer pieces strewn over.. the Lion has attacked the deer..

The birds have vanished…

He is in tears… Naughty throws the key at him..

Brandy is removed from his job..

Again late night he is with his friend Lobo and fully drunk

Brandy ‘I am not a news maker.. Naughty is..  If the zoo is not having a proper gate keeper.. this mess happens. I know of a HR Manager who would say we are gate keepers of organization.’

Lobo ‘Yes in our start up program too we are told; hire good HR Personnel’

Brandy is dozing… A couple of police come and take Brandy to police station..

Charges ‘Chaos and Panic to Human.. Potential terrorist’

At Edge Disaster

There is a saying ‘Never play with fire and water if you don’t understand its temperament’  Same holds true for ones who try to pelt stones at animals which in turn makes the animal revolt and it can be a potential disaster..

Sam would love to take photo’s of animals inside the zoo and wish to take close ups of animal..

Till one day… Sam is right in front of a big Lion

Sam ‘Please pardon me.. I will not repeat the mistake’

The Lion is playing around with his pug…

Sam ‘Please.. I recollect how I used to even not be sincere in my work.. playing around, fooling around… trying to jump from cliff for thrill’

The Lion is looking silently at him..

Sam is in tears..

The Lion finds Sam sweating and moves his paw to clean Sam’s sweat

Sam ‘I know you are caged and you also need freedom. I realize this today, this moment when am with you’

The Lion opens his mouth and yawns..

Sam rushes and sees some grass around…

Lion moves nearer to Sam..

Sam ‘I promise I will take care of my work, family and even animals’

Lion roars.. waits for a few minutes and thinks in its mind ‘It is just a flesh full of sins and is it worth consuming’

Lion returns back to his cave..


As humans some time we indulge in all type of risks for a thrill, it is fine as long as we know we are not playing with big powers. The fear of power can curb an untamed man. Hence it is very important to learn to be subordinate before evolving self as an entrepreneur or consultant.


Mary was a sweet little mom and her husband Joseph lazy..

Mary would toil whole day to raise her 5 kids… till one day

Joseph ‘Why you stopped working?’

Mary ‘I slog and you end up lazing and even my kids have begun becoming irresponsible’

Joseph ‘Mary have a news for you.. Am exploring staying with Gina’

Mary ‘What?’

Joseph ‘I mean it.. and all your kids wish to do something different.. and thanks that you saved those 50000 bucks.. kept 20K with me and distributed rest to kids’

3 years latter

Joseph ‘Mary am sorry… returned back. Kids too sad and all wish to be with you’

Mary burst out laughing

Mary ‘Joseph.. am a true lioness.. one who will hunt for food and then distribute it her family members and all have fun over lioness expense.. Alas am human too. found a good soul in Francis and am with him.. Sorry to break your heart dear. However i have asked Joseph to accomodate my family.. so will take care of kids again and for you give 500 bucks every month.

Joseph ‘thanks mary for all your help’