Letter to Startups

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneurs,

Please do not try to seek employment in garb of initiating a company..  Startup is a search for an appropriate workable business model for a venture…

Here it the catch, we should not assume investors will invest in startup just to ensure business model will work or not, so what will an investor want…

a) Appreciate whatsoever links, contacts, network, legacy experience which Investors, Incubation heads will  bring to table..

b) Do not  try to close venture just because an Investor has stopped funding the venture as here your true capability of being tough entrepreneur is at test…

c) Bootstrapping calls for startup entrepreneurs to not take too much money in form of salary from investor’s purse.. It calls for spending the money wisely on all aspects of business.

d) Make the product a success story rather then a failure and be open to any client opportunity which comes to you..  If you are focusing only on product development and not marketing then you are going to be a risk of failure

e) For a change, startups should have courage to take loans may be excluding collaterals and run a business too

f) Have patience, strong will power and the project will do well for sure..





Tomato Journey

Ram was a village bumpkin who loved to just be to self and one day his Aunt Soumya decides to call him in Maharashtra, India. She is returned from US but decides to stay in her big villa where tomatoes grow all over..

Soumya ‘Ram can you throw these tomatoes as it of no use’

Ram ‘Aunty.. so much…waste 200 kg of Tomatoes to be thrown’

Soumya smiles..

Soumya ‘Do you know in Punjab same story for Potatoes’

Ram ‘Why cannot we have tomatoe pickles made and you sell the same in US’

Soumya ‘Not so easy.. Food license, export norms.. a big headache’

Ram ‘If you have a couple of lacs, I can attempt’

Soumya ponders….

Soumya ‘Ok let me discuss with your cousin, my son Ramesh and if he is fine.. let us begin’

Soumya ‘Ramesh.. as you are in US, do you feel it makes sense to invest around 15000US$ for tomato processing plant’

Ramesh ‘Mom.. that good for nothing..guy.. you will loose’

Soumya ‘He is 34.. still single.. foot loose, let us support him’

Ramesh ‘your wish Mom.. i will not invest anything beyond 5

3 months latter

Ram ‘Aunt my cousins and my name is same.. but he is gone so ahead’

Aunt ‘What about tomatoes processing business’

Ram ‘Aunt.. preservation challenge exists…but still have begun with ketchups and nearby companies taking it..

I will give you 15000 INR tomorrow’

Aunty ‘why?’

Ram ‘I am considering this as loan repayment.. ‘

Aunt ‘but I thought i would be investor’

Ram ‘Aunty.. you will still remain investor.. i am giving you 50% of my profit rightaway’

Aunt ‘why.. don’t you re-invest in business’

Ram ‘you are wise.. save that.. for me.. I spend.. over spend..’

Aunt ‘Hope all entrepreneur realize.. each of them is a tomato.. soft, vulnerable,, anyone can punch them and take away the juice and also realize over spending is bad.. save money for hard days’

Happy Heart (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Happy Heart is one which keeps everyone happy.

A bit of smile, A bit of laughter, A bit of love, A bit of feelings

A clean heart always remains clean from evil thoughts

Happy heart doesn’t cry on break ups

Doesn’t cry of death news

Happy heart doesn’t cry on pink slips

Doesn’t cry on EMI defaults..

Happy Heart all is well as long as we have Happy Heart..

Banks chasing all over..

Happy Heart smiles and closes the Mobile for ever….

A pigeon comes and says ‘Don’t do that.. pay bills on time’

Happy heart listens to it and manages finance and family well

Happy heart is now free from finance worries

Free from family worries

Relaxing in a beach

Watching the good looking beauties all along

Thinking why they do look sad a bit..

Happy Heart rushes to them and says

Next time Smile and Come out of Water

You will look all the more beautiful

The  beauties vanish will a giggle

Happy heart smiles at self

and whispers ‘moderate your needs and all will go well’

Bank Chasers

Sophia visits a shopping mall with her friend and acquires the latest game.

As she swipes her card.. Her friend from China Piu observes around 15 cards

Piu ‘My good ness’

Sophia ‘Here Banks chase us and we chase banks’ and begins laughing

Piu ‘What limits each card has’

Sophia ‘i earn around 50000US$, so may be around 2000US$ per card limit.. as I have never missed the loan transactions’

Piu ‘So you have 30000US$ worth credit spending capacity assuming you have 15 cards’

Sophia ‘Yes.. why this question?’

Piu ‘What if you loose job?’

Sophia “Will get into hiding lol.. Phones ringing me.. and i will answer for while and then plead what else’

Sophia ‘They will be running after me.. coming to my house and i will need to manage to give bare minimum EMI’

Piu ‘Will you pay finally’

Sophia ‘of course why will I dupe them’

Sophia ‘Strange is fact of life.. Credit Worth is important and if we end up taking more loans.. our credit history goes for toss and even if we don;t use credit card it is bad..’

Piu ‘Our earlier days were better.. But Sophia.. can you swipe the card.. I want the latest camera available there’

Sophia smiles ‘Piu you can have that…’

Sophia ‘Piu remember that once you get job.. you too need to give me a gift.. ‘

They return home and Sophia see’s a bank notice

Piu gets tensed..

Piu ‘Is it because of my camera purchase’

Sophia ‘relax.. I will manage that.. Do you know surprisingly even after bad credit history eventually after 6 months you begin paying regularly.. banks again begin increasing limits’

Piu ‘My good ness. whole world runs only on loans’

Best of Lucks to You

Susan ‘You always give me these wishes before I initiate any activity’

Rave ‘I do it because lucks are important for anything’

Susan ‘What if some day luck ceases to exist?’

Rave ‘Hence these wishes always’

Susan ‘Do you know I have a huge loan and am struggling to come of it. You are my good friend hence am sharing this with you today.. Whenever you call, we interact.. but had to inform you today that lucks didn’t work’

Rave ‘Positive wishes if keep getting accumulated can ward of all problems’

Susan ‘You are funny’

2 days later

Susan calls Rave

Susan ‘I landed a plum job in a startup company.. hopefully my problems should end soon. They valued my long forgotten project and are also offering equity’

Rave ‘best of lucks to you’

Susan ‘It seems you are very sure that this wish always comes true’

Rave ‘yes.. ensure anyone around you is wished best of lucks as it will bestow luck on that person ”

Susan ‘I will”


in earlier days of India, LALA concept prevailed..

Who is LALA…

Seth was a successful money lender who would pay around 1000 bucks at an interest of 4 to 7% interest rate per month. In lieu  of which either gold would need to be mortgaged or some vehicle or anything…

Philips had come from US to India in 1970’s for studying the micro finance trends in India.. He realized LALA culture prevailed all over India..  He asks his friend Rohit if he can borrow loan just for heck of it..

Looking at Philips.. LALA smiles..

LALA ‘how much you need?’

Philips ‘Around 10000 bucks’

LALA ‘Who is guarantor..’

Rohit ‘I will be the one’

Philips is amalzed.. He signs some document, Rohit too and Philip and Rohit have 10000.. They have a nice dinner and then visit Mumbai.. Soon expensive spending leads them with only 5000 bucks..

Philips ‘I have to ask my parents send me around 3000 Dollars…

Rohit ‘Hope they do.. else we will need to pay 600 bucks early next month.. As it is LALA cut 600 already’

Philips ‘I never realized.. This is surely classic case of falling in debt track

Rohit ‘Do you know if we default payment, they charge 6% of even that 600.. It is cumulative interest’

Philip decides to start a road side tea shop in Mumbai.. It is unauthorized.. He takes a slum boy for that as subordinate

Soon enough Phillip and Rohit make 200 bucks every day…

After a month Phillip ‘I realize that any type of finance is good provided we know how we repay.. I realized that in Mumbai folks love tea and i see it all over India, so tea shop was chosen and may be because am fair, folks come to drinkl’

Phillip ‘Luckily Panvel near Mumbai so we can do up down trip daily in locals’

Phillip ‘We should start more outlets’

Rohit ‘Am amazed by you.. We Indian lack innovation thought process, we are good executors. We are also shy to do road side business but you taught me a lot’

Philip ‘Thank your father who became my father’s friend in US’

20 years latter

Phillip has initiated a credit card business and it is doing extremely well.. Need less to say Rohit is the technology brain behind it  Model – almost same like LALA but a bit evolved.. limits as per salary slab or IT returns.

Loan a Pain Credit a Woe

The entire world works on debit and credit cards..  Moses was no different. He had around 5 bank credit card, had a loan on his house..  His wife too working. A lavish life style though were upper middle class. His wife Freida doesn’t know to cook.. So husband and wife both eat out..

Frieda ‘Our model of using rolling credit card is dangerous.. We keep doing this transfers from one card to other.. What if one day we get pink slip’

Moses ‘If one gets it is fine, if we both are jobless then it is an issue’

Frieda ‘At least our parents should have made a house for us.. This is crazy.. One generation has to slog to get basic infrastructure in place for a family.. and not sure what our kids will do then’

Moses ‘We don’t have kids yet’

Frieda ‘I cannot dare.. It is not possible… I think once our furniture loan and car loan ends we can plan late next year’

Moses ‘Will this world continue to work on plastic cards only?’

Frieda ‘It helps.. Sometimes if we are just having money crunch.. cards save us’

Moses ‘Frieda, next month I plan to host party for completing 10 years in same company’

Frieda ‘We can manage upto US$500 budget for party through my card’

Moses ‘Interest rate of 3% ..reducing balance..not bad’

Frieda ‘Will we ever come out of debt?’