International Entrepreneurship

All who wish to focus on international entrepreneurship, need to have following protocols..

  1.  Have a brand ambassador for self identified
  2.  Need to identify right partners who can represent you in a particular country
  3. Have an attractive commission model planned out
  4. Ensure ethics maintained in transaction flow
  5. Understand the country statutory rules and regulations
  6. Price the product reasonable enough to attract clients
  7. Ensure product has good security precautions taken…

and most important ”never cheat your client “

Homeless Gang (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

We the homeless

Rains and Rains

Cold and Cold

Heat and Heat

We the homeless

tough as we are

We are still alive

all our organs functioning

We the homeless

let us not wait for

one more to be homeless

A pledge to have all in home

united, happy and enjoying life

Homeless Gang is committed to bring in Family Union.

Why are they homeless? Because they have to move out of their cushy home and begin working with real homeless groups and bring them to state of having adequate food, shelter and clothes with some basic education too included.

So next time Rosina see’s someone in cold not having anything.. she will just see what it takes to bring that person to bare minimum living..  In a country like Camodia or in remote of Argentina or Africa or Vietnam or India or Bangladesh or Pakistan..  problems remain same.. solutions alone can come from within.

Mayor will ensure he will reach out to families having conflicts and resolve them.. Homeless gang is a new bred of social entrepreneurs who claim they are homeless because of no other reason but willing to work in worst of situation with absolute below poverty line individuals..

Is anyone willing to work?

Peter got an absolute silence and soon a few hands came up..

Peter ‘give them a big applause and we launch our Homeless Gang team’

Service Woes

Rose is a Service Manager who loves to address customer complaints and is researching on Service Woes

She comes across a group of researcher’s working on operation research..

Rose ‘Shortest distance of travel saves huge money to anyone who is commuting.. ‘

Researcher 1 ‘Loading problems too exist…’

Rose ‘Am working on an algorithm for providing shortest distance of approaching influential people through semantic analysis’

Researcher 2  ‘Why?’

Rose ‘Most of service resolution happens through right service design but unfortunately the key stake holder is never aware of the problems in first place’

Researcher 3 ‘Example?’

Rose ‘Assume you research so many things.. and even few get proven.. who finally decides which research to be implemented? ‘

Researcher 4 ‘Committee’

Rose ‘Precisely.. I am creating an analytic around email approvals.. ‘

Researcher 1 ‘My head is reeling.. does it mean to get approvals, we need to check shortest route’

Rose ‘yes.. Service woes multiply only if stakeholders are not aware of the service woes in first place’

Researcher 2 ‘Example?’

Rose  ‘Check the UK Metro trains.. Jam packed.. As good as Mumbai Locals.. Check the trains in Jersey city.. On weekends the maintenance causes down time.. to reach particular destination it may take 40-50 minutes.. ‘

Rose ‘The commuting travel woes are never notified to stake holders..So is it not right if some algorithm emerges to check on train loads and track that and on basis of which increase or decrease frequency of trains.. same applicable for buses too’

Researcher 1 ‘excellent idea.. load balancing for mitigating service woes’

Rose ‘So let’s get going’

4 months later, Rose pilots with her friend in Singapore and finds the loads too heavy…

Rose ‘It is dangerous.. No vehicles allowed in roads and train loads optimum.. What next’

Researcher 2 ‘May be they need to plan more train routes. redundant routes.. and…  hey why we thinking so much’

Rose ‘Problem Solving is all about long term solution.. No short cuts.. No short term solutions.. If you wish to make impact’

Feeling Fillers

Susan was a mid aged new gen lady who was a thorough professional and who didn’t believe in committing to a relation.. She wished to have her independency. technology savvy.. and would love to escape to exotic locations for picnic with her friends or sometimes alone.. Her office colleagues would whisper around when she would come dressed using the latest fashion brand.

A hot favorite among her top management board of directors. Her colleague Renu was a contrast.. Traditionally dressed so what if she has been in Singapore for ages..

Susan a US citizen worked for a London based startup focused on home energy saving product. This was being imported through China and Susan chose Singapore as a destination to act as bridge between her startup and the manufacturing unit..

Need less to say she had all luxury for freedom… till one day when both are alone at work

Renu ‘I adore you.. you are so much well groomed.. For me am caught up in my house chores and then work.. so not sure will I ever change’

Susan hugs and kisses her forehead ‘Dear friend.. you need loads of love and someone to take care of your internal need’

Renu feels ackward

Susan ‘Do you feel bad if a lady kisses you?’

Renu  ‘Not sure.. hope folks don’t mistake me to be a lesbian’

Susan holds her hand and says ‘Love your individuality. Celebrate it.. Let us have startup around a product to be fillers for feelings..

Renu ‘What?’

Susan ‘Toys for hugs, caresses..’

Renu  ‘This is crazy.. I doubt if my husband will agree…. Just cannot imagine Renu selling Feeling Fillers’

Susan ‘I found you great in product design, so it is an offer.. With over 1 million frustrated folks who pang for love. why not attempt’

Renu  ‘Only if you just hold my hand but don’t kiss my forehead.. something happens to me’

Susan smiles.. and whispers ‘Begin bonding then with a male’

Renu is red  and she says ‘Am very much in love with my husband’

Susan ‘hope so.. but from today you will turn modern.. I will wish to see you a poster girl’

Renu is shocked..   Night over she ponders

Next day she agrees to Susan..Both start a venture Feeling Fillers..  and needless to say..  Arun who is Renu’s husband gets extremely annoyed. He runs a Vedic institute and feels this is a way beyond imagination

However destiny makes this a huge success  and Arun decides to separate out off Renu

Renu ‘Susan you are right feeling fillers will always be in demand’

Susan smiles and hugs Renu and says ‘Love is genderless’

Timepass Duty

John ‘It is 8.30am now.. no one yet in office.. Let me grab cup of coffee’

John sips the tea and watches facebook and is smiling at his girl friend’s new dress

It is 9 am.. John rushes for the meeting.. and again grabs a cup of coffee

In meeting; it is the regular onsite / offshore issues and John is restless as he twiddles in whats up and twitter

Meeting over..

John decides to visit rest room and then smokes in the Smoking Zone..

John ‘It has been a hectic day.. Hope my girl friend is back home safely. Let me call her.. She is in London to visit her family’

John calls Susan..

John ‘Susan; am missing.. not feeling like working.. plan to go home early’

Susan ‘Do anyone check your in coming / out going timing?’

John ‘Early startup.. Nothing like this happens’

Susan ‘Lucky boy’

It is 12 pm; John grabs some food and eats

1 pm; he again puffs his cigarette


John ‘Hey Jack; am leaving a bit early not keeping well’

John leaves the office and while walking through Down Street he comes near a Movie Multiplex..

John think it is not too bad an idea to watch latest show

He books ticket and keeps his mobile on silent vibrator mode and watches movie peacefully.

Where am I lost?

In the hustle bustle of NY, catching 33 Down Street Metro, looking at people hanging their hands and shoulders and rushing to work and returning back and I compare again life in London and then in Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia and India.  Find a very common symptom

Lost in day-to-day chores and may be only a tablet or Soduka or mobile to entertain us and in case some beautiful soul smiles at us, we can reciprocate the same with a smile.

Life is Puzzling as here we try to balance family and professional life and then in between struggle to keep interest in our personal hobbies and friends..

I muster all courage and make a resolution to not get lost in crowd and be my own unique self which god created who needs to take time for creative stuff and I pen a song

Where am I lost

My body shakes fast

My hand pains hell

My shoulders crammed

Life moves fast

But am I lost

Where am I lost

Gadgets all around

Soul is missing

My heart is bleeding

Life moves directionless

But am I lost

I pause myself

to pace myself

to enjoy small little nature

and be peaceful

to pen

Where am I lost?






Changing Tracks..

Life as it is, with two legs walking similar to a rail way track.. Then for a support a person comes into our life and we are matching our speed, adjusting the same and still moving on parallel sides trying to achieve something. A typical story of an average couple who struggle to make their family grow, have a house, car and other amenities but in a railway network, the change of track doesn’t depend on the driver but an external help who guides the train to move in right directions least it collides.

In Life, who guides us but our own selves.  We can believe in unknown and is it the unknown who changes our tracks or is it our own self.

Everyday Job struggles to catch a Princeton train to NY at 6am to reach his office at 8.30 and he is awake at 4,30am. Returns back similarly around 7pm.. His wife Susan is similarly having a job in Edison and the struggle continue. The skyrocketing prices of property.. and 2 kids. Should they put the kids in local government school or private ones?

Alice in China is newly wed and she is busy collecting funds for her honey moon along with her husband. She also experiments quick network marketing schemes..

Jane in London has a similar problem and she is wishing to pursue her higher studies and has an old mom bed ridden and insurance too has stopped. She is perpetually in train and is a part time direct sales personnel.

In India, half of individuals hanging outside in a local train not sure when they will be pushed out of the train on opposite track with a risk for life.. just to survive their kids have decent living.

Who can change their tracks but they themselves where they need to realize that if they are not able to get what they achieve even after days, year and month of hard work and even after full faith on the unknown, then what is wrong?

It is because they don’t set small goals. It is because they have reconciled to a fact that there is nothing beyond what they are already doing. They neither wish to take risk and here the only push which can make people wake up is that of ‘SELF REALIZATION and easy steps would be take some risk to experiment a hobby of their own liking.

Pursue at least one hobby and ensure you pursue that hobby zealously without fail.