Sweet test drive

Louisa ‘please do not take me for this test drive’

Manuel ‘do not worry dear… I am there with you’

Louisa ‘what if it crashes’

Manuel ‘no dear.. just it will be a test drive in busy NY street’

Louisa shrieks ‘no.. not for this life’

Manuel ‘100000US$ dear.. just for this experimentation with driver less unmanned vehicle’

Louisa ‘why me?’

Manuel ‘they need a lady too as it boosts sales’

Louisa ‘surely not.. am leaving you forever’

Manuel ‘my technology dear.. your sweetheart for ages’

Louisa ‘no means no..  identify someone else’

Manuel ‘not also for your beloved?’

Louisa ‘no for sure.. am not confident’

Manuel ‘big banner working with me’

Louisa ‘who is the CEO of that banner… ask that person to be the first test rider along with his beloved’

Manuel ‘they are paying 100000US$ bucks dear’

Louisa ‘just for you.. am doing this.. will be part of your life.. but if am gone up.. remember it was you who killed me.. so will come as ghost to hound you’

Unmanned Vehicle.. Electric Vehicle… and what not for you.

The war begins between MAN and MACHINE

Vehicle vs Human

Robert a philosopher feels human can never be Machine

His doctor friend Rayon feels Man can become machine

Robert ‘common.. a human has emotions.. machine do not’

Rayon ‘do you know a human can be trained to mechanically work.. skillset development is all about tuning human to not get distracted. And now about emotions.. self control which all advocate is what? Is it not training a machine to control self?’

Robert ‘the whole globe began with forbidden apple.. god did design us and sometimes we kid that manufacturing defect exists hence so and so behaves in particular way… so I agree’

Rayon ‘humbleness, arrogance, greed, love, hate all these dimensions trigger human body to react… and same way machines need many parameters to trigger reaction.. but what I say is all abstract attributes hence human can never be machine as any perceptive attributes can never guarantee machine learning to succeed.. so hope all vehicle lovers and data analytic lovers understand machine learning or vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to infrastructure.. all these concepts will succeed only if human be trained to mechanically work’