Startup Struggle

Startup Struggle is a journey which begins from an idea and then to product and during this phase the struggle is more towards completing minimum viable product and experiment in market..

What is the story around the struggle?

The story is that everything looks realistic as long as cash exists.. the moment cash is burnt, everything looks unrealistic. Why does money make same object look different is not known to many till date…

Startup struggle is to understand the perception theory of investors, stakeholders, self and family members…

Is this a story in first place?

It is not.. why will anyone bother for a jobless entrepreneur who never got into job in first place…  however the same entrepreneur now gets hold of another jobless entrepreneur from a large company with huge connects…  two negatives become positive..

life is such ..that if two depressed people meet each other, there are chances they will fall in love with each other if left alone.. or even if two happy individuals.. but what if a happy and depressed person gets together…  here dear + x – = – never works.. rather the happy person may make the other person happier… or depressed person will make other person depressed…    it means + x –  can be + too..  everything is perceptive

Story is –  perceive things for what you see and feel and not for what your hear.. as heard story can be false too


Search Engine

Search Engine for fuel

Search Engine for energy

Search Engine for movement

Search Engine for its reliability to give you assured results.

Human brain is such that if they research over something, it is already existing

If human imitates, they are labeled copy cat

If human innovates and no one is aware of its value, they are called mad

If others appreciate you, thunderous applause comes all of sudden

Mad person becomes sane person and if these applauses go viral

A mad person can become celebrity too and at times worshipped too

Search engine optimization can make anyone a celebrity

so what if the sane person who was labeled mad initially and got applauded later actually is caught in this web madness of twitter, facebook, linkedin, tumblr and next what..?

god knows some blog too

didn’t it mention search engine.. (engine is our brain and we are trying to search something there.. our identify.. our existence and so what if till then people call us MAD

MAD = My Adorable Darling too


I (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

I am what I am for myself and not for others.

Alfred quotes these favorite line when questioned about why he chooses to innovate always in his daily life style..

Alfred ‘My story is a bit weird.. and borders to madness’

All in the conference echo ‘Why you feel so?’

Alfred ‘In an Innovation Class, mostly we talk of various ideas funneling down to a chosen concept and then you begin working on a prototype to build a workable model’

All echo yes

Alfred ‘As a child I chose to conquer everyone’s heart and found it the most difficult’

James asks ‘Why so?’

Alfred ‘My mom wished me to a be doctor. My father an engineer, My friends felt I was good in sports and I felt am good in communication so I began documenting all the episodes of my family when they were in angry mood, happy mood, sad mood, when they were having ego and would show the clips since age 8.. At 17.. I have series of such clips including myself ‘

Rob ‘isn’t it encroaching on personal lives?’

Alfred ‘yes i was declared Mad by my Parents and landed in asylum as I would shriek at them if they dared to stop me from shooting so unconsciously they got used to my habit.. and then at asylum too i would take such clips of doctor, patients and you guess what?’

All echo ‘What?’

Alfred ‘Found almost all mad people laughing at other mad people assuming they were mad’

Audience look at each other

Alfred ‘Now the latest clip for all of you’

Audience realizes that each seat happening is being shown in video.. They are left with wide open mouth.. My latest innovation.. no one can escape me and be non – attentive.. Am having a business model and it can be used in training sessions’

All ‘this is bad.. it means if we yawn, sleep behind or gossip.. all will be recorded’

Alfred ‘Hope am reaching your heart soon’ and begins laughing

Alfred ‘How much to innovate is what we need to decide.. I am what I am for myself not for others’

A huge uproar ‘But you are encroaching on privacy or others’

Alfred ‘Nothing is private these days but your home.. Hence spend more time at home not on facebook, whatsup but with your family members.. the moment you are out.. the moment you are in shopping wall, theater, restaurant, office.. CCTV is staring at you’

All agree ‘yes’

Alfred ‘Am the inventor dear of that piece of nuisance’

All say ‘You are kidding’

Alfred ‘Ideas can be robbed right.. who can prove am wrong’

Scientist Frank ‘Alfred.. patents are filed.. It is through due diligence’

Alfred ‘you tell me if same idea is filed by 100 scientists the lucky one’s patent may get filed.. what about others.. same idea can come in mind of many ‘

Alfred ‘hence don’t get scared.. publicize your idea and let world know by you yourself that you are the inventor’

Peck ‘Thanks for the great speech on I , IDEA AND INNOVATION and wish Alfred best of lucks for his madness and zeal to keep inventing disruptive products

Dust bin

Warner is a young kid in China who keeps playing with dust bins when his mother leaves him alone at home with a care taker as she is the lone bread earner..

His mother always wonders why he is so fascinated with dust bins.. He will throw the garbage , clean the bin.. and again keep playing with it..

His mom takes him to doctor..

Doctor Xiang ‘Alice.. not sure why is he so fastidious of dust bins?’

Xiang ‘We will need to keep him in observation’

Nothing improves

Over a decade, Warner is now an 18 year boy. He is still fond of playing with dustbins and decides to make eco friendly bins..

He engineers a metal box and uses technology to covert the wet food waste to manure

It becomes a big hit in his society. manure for organic farming..

Soon he gets funded and his mother wonders does obsession really lead to creativity too? It is beyond her understanding as she finds her kid to unusual, a crazy boy who needs medical help too


Martin is caged in an asylum. He has developed a tendency to attack humans and bite them.. A ferocious beast..

A few years back,

Martin was a happy entrepreneur and was having everything going fine.. Happy kids Rose and Marigold and wife Betty,

Martin had a huge retail floral outlet and had franchisee all over US

Martin ‘Betty, I need to visit Philippines and then India to launch my outlets there’

Betty ‘Sure, hope everything moves well’

Martin lands to Philippines and he is returning from shop in Manila

Martin ‘it is pitch dark.. My hotel is nearby. Let me walk ‘

His colleague Jose ‘Be careful.. Lot of stray dogs’

Martin ‘I don’t think they will harm us. Barking dogs seldom bite’

As they are walking

Soon Martin and his friend is surrounded by stray dogs

Martin ‘Hope they don’t bite us’

His colleague Jose is hounded by a dog and is bitten.. Martin tries to push him and is again wounded and bitten by two dogs

Both reel in pain

Jose ‘Am going to hospital’

Martin ‘I have flight to India, cannot miss it’

Jose ‘We need to be medicated.. Multiple injections’

Martin ‘Let me have an injection today and latter I will treat self in india. You can take full treatment here in Manila

Next day Martin comes to India Mumbai

At Mumbai

Martin ‘Let me complete my trip in Maharashtra and then medicate’

As he is in a village; soon he finds himself in a similar problem

A few dogs begin following him seeing his wound

Martin rushes to reach his car, but again is bitten by a dog

His drive Ramu ‘Sir it seems you were already bitten once.. Let me take you to doctor’

Martin ‘I will treat self in US ‘

A few days latter he moves back to NY

He suddenly begins having nausea sensation

Martin ‘I am feeling uneasy.. the itch earlier and now I feel hallucinated.. take me to doctor’

Betty rushes him to doctor

but till then Martin gets into an angry mood

Doctor ‘It is confirmed Rabies.. Why didn’t he medicate in Philippines or India’

Martin ‘Didn’t trust those doctors’

Doctor ‘We only have supportive treatments. Hope you recover

‘A few days latter Martin feels like biting  Betty

He is now a full blown patient

Betty meets the Doctor in Asylum

Doctor Joseph ‘Unfortunate.. Timely treatment helps. I can only pray for his peace and yours too’


Melin “Huge data of mentally challenged people”

Melin was a reputed doctor working in Mental Hospital. He wanted to understand how folks become mad. ofcourse one’s who got mad not from birth but because of some incident or series of incident..

Melin “Dear Joe – I rely on you. It is full of unstructured data. Check what happens”

Joe ran a semantic analysis tool and found most of mad people think of only 1 to 2 words or paragraphs and repeat them almost 3 to 10 times in a day.. and keep engrossed on those words or happening around it.

Melin “Hope this is not true”

Joe “Seriously Sir. I ran the test so many times”

Melin “What did show…for Rosy”

Joe “Rose Rose.. Romance Romance.. Valentine.. Valentine.. Dance Dance Dance”

Melin “For Louisa?”

Joe “Abuse Abuse.. BullShit BullShit… Hate Men … Hate Men… Punish  Punish”

“For Francis?”

Joe “Politics Politics  Congress Congress… Leader good,. People Bad.. Bad, System Good”

“For Donald?”

Joe “Church  Going, Sunday Prayer, Prayer, Fear Fear….”

Melin “What it indicates?”

Joe “All of us are mad including you and me”

Melin “What is this nonsense”

Joe “You too.. Analytic Analytic..  Some decades back Windows Windows… Then tablet tablet.. then facebook facebook, then whatsup whatsup..”

Melin “Are you sure this will be proved?”

Joe “You want to lay a bet –  let us have hypothesis “Each individual do not repeat even 1 word ever 2 times”

Melin “Smart bugger”

Melin “Food Food it will get repeated right?’

Melin “Let us exclude all necessity items from the analysis. No it wont help.. let us understand so”

Joe “What do you feel I am obsessed with?”

Melin “Analytics”

Joe “Hence I got funded. looking at my passion and belief in Analytics – first round”

Melin “But your second round?”

Joe “You gave me a big subject now – if it is proved all are mad, then no one will be bothered to get angry or annoyed or grieve if any bad talk ever happens. rather people will feel the second person will surely do a PHD in that word one day”

Melin “How you are so confident?”

Joe “My wife kept saying me “You are boring.. your are boring.. and so on”

Joe “If you prove my wife is Mad, I will suggest her to do Doctorate in Boredom”

Melin begins laughing

Melin “Hope you understood BIG DATA and SEARCH concepts”

Joe “I know 25% of corporates going mad thinking of these words and repeating it”

Melin “I agree. I am also mad”


Mad Nomad

Mad Nomad        

The life of a NOMAD begins with search and ends in settlement The life of a MAD begins with settlement and ends in search
All our life we explore and reach to a conclusion or finding or results and when we see the conclusions not giving us expected results even if we are in the best of comfort zone we again explore.