Little secret of life

Tom is a rich celebrity who is happily well settled, and though his last movie on social cause has failed.. Tom is not overtly disturbed..

Tom ‘Julie… experiments need to happen to break from routine’

Julie ‘as a hubby… I know you wish to break from routine’

Tom suddenly puts a break…

A small child is begging with a board ‘In only US$1.. you can save my father’s life’. Child is around 8 years.

Tom ‘who pushes you into this’

Child ‘my father…’

Tom ‘let me tell you a little secret of life’

Child ‘what?’

Tom ‘Never ever beg for anything.. the more you beg.. the more you become vulnerable… be debt free as much as possible’

Child ‘what is debt?’

Tom ‘loan taken from someone.. like today if I give you US$1.. you need to return me back US$3 by next 2 days’

Child ‘how?’

Tom ‘do you know cost of operations come to over US$10000.. It means you will need to beg 10000 times to get that amount.. and in this street.. not sure.. which vehicle will stop to give you money..can you take me to your father’

Child ‘ok’

Tom see’s the child’s father happily drunk

Tom ‘you should be ashamed of what you are doing.. don’t teach your child begging.. ‘

Tom ‘now the last litle secret child’

Child ‘what?’

Tom ‘work hard and give your father US$10 every day.. so that he is happy in what he is doing.. that is drinking.. but never ever support him for his hospital bills’

Full stack developer

One who knows the diplomacy to face the management when in trouble and the aggression to learn everything and anything under the sun to remain always hot in market…

the front end… the open source.. the backend and every thing under the earth..

sky is the limit for ones who specialize themselves in more then 2-3 tools.


Machine Learning

Samba ”why is Gabbar asking mathematical formulae so often. like how many existed, when is Holi etc”

Jose ”Samba.. relax.. I understand you have reborn and have a problem in mindset that you were Samba in last life..  I also watched that movie Sholay for you.. but you are in USA dear.. not in India’

Samba ”not really sure.. but I guess the machine learning started from that film’

Jose burst laughing

Jose ”an ace data scientist like you with a mental block of being reborn and now you tell you got inspired by Samba of Sholay?”

Samba ‘see in that movie.. Gabbar was trying to make robots of human..  he didnt want No for answer… he wanted automation.. he wanted intelligence in them…. he wanted guy like me to intelligently know what he wants”

Jose ”oh i see… so how you can know what I want?”

Samba shows him one report…

Jose ”hey common.. you cannot do this to me”

Samba bursts laughing

Jose ”how the heck you got to know that I still wet the bed at night and facing a disorder”

Samba ”Jose… machine learning is all about intelligently tracking you, your behavior, your pattern of search.. your likes, your dislikes, your comments in various social sites.. and then even your shopping pattern”

Jose ”these companies.. do they leak the data”

Samba ‘god knows.. but why were you searching diapers”

Jose sheepishly ”seriously it is becoming costly.. why cannot they come up with low cost diapers for senior citizens like me”

Samba shows him another report…

Jose ”wow.. all research on diapers.. what the heck it is..”

Samba ”In Sholay movie,  Gabbar understands Thakur’s strength and weaknesses.. he knows his hands are his power.. so…”

Jose ”so what…”

Samba ”Gabbar cuts his hands….”

Jose ”it is ridiculous analogy…”

Samba ”dear.. all are using machine learning only to cut each other’s strengths ok.. and understand weaknesses”


Magic of Formulae

Joy has a penchant for working on various management formulae for success..

He arrives at a formulae


All are surprised at this vague mathematical formulae.. A contradiction.. when he spells out this formulae..

Joy narrates a real incidence..

Joy used to be very detached from everyone.. including his wife.. spiritually inclined.. he feels that succumbing to god is the only way for salvation..

His wife Celine is fedup of him..

Celine ‘am sick and tired.. no romance left in life.. why you even create formulae in first place..  science is not about just theories.. it is also about practicé’

Joy hugs Celine and kisses her cheeks

Joy ‘Celine.. you are the only one whom I experiment with.. and then others’

Celine ‘why but.. why all this.. ‘

Joy  ‘what are you pursuing these days’

Celine ‘found a cool boy friend for self and am experimenting with food processing stuffs.. I plan to partner with him and have a manufacturing plant’

Joy ‘cool…       all the best… do take care of Joseph… he needs you too’

Celine ‘here comes the male aspect of relation.. you too look after him.. why me’

Joy ‘cool.. no problems… ‘

After few months… both are at restaurant

Joy ‘so… how was my identified formulae?’

Celine ‘are you crazy…. we are meeting after months.. and you again on formulae

Joy ‘you separated from me… and then you got focused on your startup and new boy friend’

Celine ‘yes as you never cared for me’

Joy ‘I got separated from my work and got focused being with my kid and ensuring the kid goes to school, eats well’

Celine is silent now

Joy ‘hope you get the message now..  Attachment = Detachment plus focus only..

Each attachments has a detachment behind it…

Celine hugs Joy

Celine ‘this is where.. I always love you.. you are unique.. you are different.. and even after being with someone else.. find you still charming, humble and I think.. I will need to again come back to you’

Joy ‘so again detachment from your BF?’

Celine ‘hey… now enough..  ‘

The audience is spellbound.. and give a big clap..

PASSION FRAMEWORK is all about discovering the hidden truths out of life which can help an entrepreneur look at each perspective of life in a different way..

All formulae, concepts originated here are original in nature.. and in story format to entertain folks.. An experiment to mix theory with logic and convert same in entertaining format..



Do you wish to be successful entrepreneur?

How many of us have been determined to be an entrepreneur?
How many of us decided to purchase a 100 buck product and tried to sell it at 150?
How many of us visit a technical book shop and show a natural inclination to read technology and draw a technology roadmap of products or project?
As a rest less soul, an entrepreneur needs to keep researching, using google, using every social media to identify competition around self.

Enterprise Solution
Imagine your product cost works out at 1 million
You wish to reach out to 50 potential customers..
The product pricing comes to 20000
and ensure you save on maintenance and travel costs through cloud solution etc

Aggregation Platforms
Imagine your product cost works out at 1 million
You have 10000 potential your universe
The product pricing comes to 10 only

You choose the currency of your country.

Can we really penetrate and get more clients?
Building a brand takes many years. Out of good will, out of marketing thrusts, out of strategy to reach out.  It happened for PASSION too..  1996, folks correlated PASSION with love and then.. slowly and surely PASSION got acknowledged in academic institutes and students as facilitator for live projects and then.. PASSION PRO came in.. Pune.. the vehicle brand and slowly and surely with even a news letter to push the brand, PASSION IT  got circulated and we found the business model working out and then the word PASSION kept growing.. it seeped into the entrepreneur eco system.
After the usual copyright and trademark in place.. and spending almost 30 to 50% of revenue earned in advertisement and marketing, decided to get lean.. leaner and more leaner.. and began using the social media power to reach out to people.

Is entrepreneurship tough?
Absolutely.. if you are not determined and are not passionate about your initiative and do not wish to make personal sacrifices, nothing can move ahead..
Many a time folks wish sleeping or dormant partners and it fails as only an entrepreneur needs to understand that overspending on media is meaningless and overspending on expansion too. As long as the first client sets do not accept you, nothing works out.
For free bee’s many come in.. charge money.. and all are gone.

Who can succeed in this journey?
The one who are courageous, become visible, push themselves and focus on quality product and services.

PASSION will reach millions and no doubts about that.. It is the strong zeal to achieve an object and seek security from that object. Whether it is wishing to have a baby, or wishing to learn or wishing to have a boy friend or girl friend or marriage or whatsoever.. finally security plays an important role in mind of entrepreneur..

Can an Entrepreneur really scale up with no money?
Many did that successfully through small funds..  As long as willingness to return back debts exist, as long as courage exists to work in team and without being greedy and understanding pain points of a domain and solving a solution.. things will just work out for you. No point of end less discussions, thinking and not working an idea and taking steps to make a product or service

Just ACT, SCOPE AND SET  your initiative through right probing and innovation.
Nurture and Own your venture

passion framework

PASSION FRAMEWORK can be used in any of life goals. Try it out once

work lessons

“never ask boss the reason when a task is given; complete the task and arrive at conclusions.

never stop the boss from doing things which the boss feels is right; let the task complete and boss realize whether it was right or wrong decision”

Fred stops the Management Expert Joy who is addressing a group of students in reputed Management Institute and asks a question

“If we cannot ask our boss reasons nor stop the boss from doing things which we feel it could lead to disaster.. then why are we learning management?”

Joy “Managing one’s boss should be a specialized topic and alas we keep teaching all the disciplines but fail to teach how to please one’s boss. Do you know some bosses may not appreciate the detailed business plan but would be very particular about look and feel, font sizes and so on”

Melissa “yes Sir.. hence when I fail to write a question, I always write ‘Please give me grace marks and a big hug icon’ in my test papers and I always pass exams.

Joy begins smiling

Joy ‘many bosses feel employees may not manage it.. so do it themselves’

Neo ‘why do they hire employees then?’

Joy  ‘a boss will get confident about an employee if client appreciates that employee.. then dependencies begin.. and one day employee demands high salary’

Neo ‘then?’

Joe ‘dear all.. understand that the employee back up gets created and then..’

Melissa ‘understood Sir’

Joe smiles

Melissa ‘the employee becomes an industry expert and begins teaching in Management Institutes to folks like us on Work Lesson’

Joe ‘wow.. so you guys loved my teaching style and also understood how I have becomes a visiting Professor’

All burst out laughing..

Joe ‘hence folks.. have back up plans.. become entrepreneur in small way.. any time you can be kicked out’

Fred ‘Sir.. you are great.. you laugh at own self’

Joe ‘work lessons – enjoy each moment with a smile and courage of a king to give confidence to your employer and never show your interest to become an emperor else..

All echo ‘you will end up being a trainer’

Joe ‘give big claps for this session’




Micro Management

Micro Management is all about getting to desks and seeing who is doing what and ensuring work gets completed in time.

John is an excellent micro manager and he keeps a close tab on day-to-day happening in the company.

His friend Ronnie is of an opinion that team should be self managed..

John ‘No one is ever self managed in this world.. we were born to be groomed and continuously groomed’

Ronnie ‘But someone is doing grooming right. That person is self managed’

John giggles

John ‘For all you know that person is being managed by spouse’

Ronnie ‘it is not funny, Agile philosophy is self managed team’

John ‘Hence we have folks complaining headache and leaving company in between or manipulating story points in name of velocity’

Ronnie ‘this is an unending debate’

John ;if everything is so agile, why we need scrum coach, why we need managers, no need of PMP or Prince framework’

Ronnie ‘my head is reeling..’

John ‘please complete the task before end of day else we will land in tight spot’

After 2 hours

John ‘Did you complete?’

Ronnie ‘hey got busy on a call.. will do it’

After 4 hours

John ‘Did you do it?’

Ronnie ‘What.. oh that task will complete in an hour’

After 1 hour

John ‘What is the status?’

Ronnie ‘hey tomorrow for sure’

next morning

John ‘just do it in 1 hour’s time else I will be forced to inform higher ups’

Ronnie ‘what? am your friend’

John ‘Just complete it’

After 1 hour

Ronnie ‘completed.. cheers’

John ‘Hope you know what is micro management about. If you cannot self manage how you can preach others Agile’