Curiosity to understand what follows next..

Curiousity to understand the unknown facts of life

if we probe into our soul for even 5 minutes we will realize soul wants us to be at peace.

Soul gets curious as to why it is torchored by so many affections, so many distractions, so many conflicts in mind and then add to it the technology driven friends, followers and so on…

Soul is curious as to why this rush push towards materialism when all it needs is peace


Can I borrow Love from you? (WR)

Dopes is a drug addict who is struggling to come of his problem. His mother Mary is worried. A 14 year old kid and has absolute no reasons to turn to drug addiction. Father Mark works in a multi national and in a very good position as President.

Mary ‘I regret.. the day I kept your name Dopes’

Dopes ‘Mom.. I want to come of this mess. ‘

Mary ‘Dopes.. can you at least tell me today what is the problem.. what made you get into this addiction’

Dopes ‘Mom.. i feel you and dad neglected me.. I am sent to care takers from child hood.. You both would come and pick me up late evening and then even for parties; sometimes you would lock me’

Mary recollects 10 years back; she is enjoying an office party with her friends..

Mary ‘Am so sorry child’

Dopes ‘At age of 8; i saw a few kids tasting some sweets. I too loved it..and then..’ he burst out crying

Mary ‘Mark your dad wants to start his own venture.. why don’t you begin taking interest in it?’

Dopes ‘Did my dad ever bother to see my report card or even accompany me on sports day’

Mary is silent

Dopes ‘Mom.. I too wish to live.. Enjoy life…’

Mary has tears in eyes…

Dopes ‘Mom, Can i borrow love from you.. the love you show to your friends, relatives, husband and your best friend Joseph’

Mary realizes that in quest of career and fulfillment of love how both Mary and Mark didn’t mind giving each other huge space to explore love and life with friends too

Dopes ‘Mom.. can i borrow love..’ His face turns too pale..

Mary ‘Dopes.. are you alright.. please wake up..’

Dopes ‘Promise me Mom.. never ever lock kids and do work..’

Mary ‘I promise Dopes.. will work for this cause and generate awareness’

Dopes closes his eyes..

Mary finds him cold..

Dopes has left the world to a peaceful abode with a message to all

‘Don’t neglect your kid and understand that kids need love and attention in earlier stages too and once the bond gets established.. the kids too will surely love you when you grow old. So over ambition, moving kids to hostels, sending them to care takers.. fine as life needs to move on, money is surely needed but check with the kid what a kid really wants..

Is it you or the materialistic pursuits and I believe their needs are limited in early years.. we cultivate the habit of materialism in kids and help them increase their wants – stay simple dear.. life is all about simplicity

Crippled Life

Melissa had lost her one leg in a road accident. A happy go lucky girl, she always used to be enthusiastic and would lead her life her own way.. Till one day in streets of Singapore.. a sudden dash and she realized she was crippled. for life.

She began understanding the constraints around it. She reached out to various orphanages, deaf and dumb institutes, crippled army men and even mentally challenged individuals as she wanted to understand ‘Constraints of Life’..

She jotted an important lesson

‘If there is a constraint, to overcome the same there needs to be a force and that force can either be built within your own heart and mind or you need to be inspired by someone’

She emailed this thought to all her friends.. and from the responses, she found an unknown person messaging her. His name was ‘Mathew

Mathew penned back 

‘If there are constraints beyond a human help, the only way it is to seek the unknown for direction’.

Melissa responded ‘Mathew.. I don’t know, but I feel somewhere you have lost hope in life and asked for his email id for interaction’.

Soon they got in chat conversation

Mathew ‘Am out of job, don’t know how to face my family back in Colombo.. Had come to Dubai with hope.. and here am penniless and hopeless’

Melissa ‘Am from Europe.. Why don’t you move back to Colombo’

Mathew ‘No.. not possible… ‘

Melissa ‘What you do for living?’

Mathew ‘Shared apartment, shared everything.. you know what I mean?’

Melissa ‘No I don’t understand it’

Mathew ‘Am staying with bunch of 10 people all accommodated in single room’

Melissa ‘Oh goodness’

Mathew ‘Space constraints at times can damage your independence’

Melissa ‘I agree..’

Mathew ‘Loosing legs or loosing self respect.. everything is crippling’

Melissa ‘I agree, but you still have not lost a body part’

Mathew ‘Why in life constraints are created?’

Melissa ‘I traveled a lot even with my constraints and realized it is introduced to make us tough and  realize that when are not limited, we crib even then and when we are limited, we crib again’

Mathew ‘Are we trapped in Materialistic pursuits and crippled ourselves’

Melissa ‘In a way true. Why did I have to rush push and interact with my boy friend  while crossing the roads’

Mathew ‘Oh so that was the reason?’

Melissa ‘Yes.. it was my parent from China who wished to come to meet us and we were debating whether to insure them or not’

Mathew ‘What happened then?’

Melissa ‘Nothing much.. I landed in hospital. Lost my leg.. My parents ended up coming to Singapore and spent money on my treatment. I feel guilty that I treated them itself as my constraint. in quest of independence and my boy friend has changed his mobile number and stopped meeting me’

Mathew ‘Me too.. I left Colombo because of an abusive wife who wished to grow financially and here I am.. all in quest of materialistic pursuits’

Melissa ‘hey an important lesson I realized in my conversation with you that Materialism itself can cripple our life. Look at all around, saddled with EMI, Credit Card Out standing, bank loans, personal loans, vehicle loan, marriage loan, funeral loan. It is madness’

Mathew ‘Hey am stepping out for dinner.. Nice interacting with you;

Melissa ‘Take care..  I soon plan to pen a book on ‘Unlocking Constraints’

A few months latter,

Mathew ‘Hey Melissa just read the book. it is amazing.. It talks of jotting down all the constraints around you and doing root cause analysis if you really wish to accept it or exclude it and how much of those constraints are materialistic and finally it concludes with prioritizing our life, Do what our heart wishes to remain peaceful. Money is part of flow and no point pursuing it if we cannot remove our constraints using that. Only our willpower can help us to remove those and consciousness to make us balanced to accept constraints with happiness.

Melissa ‘Thanks Mathew, I have begun earning money as royalty’

Mathew ‘Great’

Melissa ‘Hey I want to give US$1000 for your family back in Colombo’

Mathew ‘For what?’

Melissa ‘I always looked CRIPPLED from concept of loosing a body part.. But after hearing you, I realized CRIPPLED is a bigger dimension and covers day-to-day life as no use of a full body if our mind is crippled.’

Mathew ‘Thanks.. It will help me buy gold for my wife. She loves it’

Melissa begins laughing

Mathew ‘Still in that circus of materialistic pursuits’

Sense of Achievement

Sometimes you are just hanging around in crowd, a non-entity and though you are talented, a good human and reasonably successful entity, as a common man you are lost in that crowd. You have not created the right ripples around you. Till one day some one notices you being unusual, away from the normal, a bit abnormal. Are you a crazy writer or a crazy philosopher or a mad person in sane world. Soon you begin getting noticed for your special qualities. The person who notices you asks someone to see you. Now you have two audiences watching you. You are unassuming, unaware and you are exploring and struggling to find what is amiss that you are not able to achieve what others have achieved.

Till you soon a small puppy and a child in middle of road and a speeding bus coming towards it and on other side of road you have the most beautiful girl looking at what you would do? Will you save the puppy or the kid..

You whistle and throw the only gold chain you had in your neck towards the puppy and rush towards the kid and moves it away.. The puppy is frightened and moves away from the bus’s path.

You feel you achieved a victory by saving an animal and a human.  The kid was left unattended and decided to walk in a road full of experiences.  The animal too didn’t know the risks in that road. All you could do was loose what you already had and save them and now with the lone puppy and the kid, again a journey begins all over…

Incubation and Accelerators are not meant only for ones who should succeed but also for ones who wish to succeed and who knows one day you will be watched for the sheer thought of why you continued to save lives of those left out as they needed you the most and hence they will be the ones who will acknowledge you for what you did to them and if they also don’t acknowledge you, don’t regret as finally someone somewhere in this world will be happy that at least you attempted and deviated from the conventional path to save someone. Hopefully that becomes a sense of achievement in your heart and mind.

(Philosophy after many days 🙂 More inclined to motivate the social entrepreneurs in this world or ones who think and care of animals and human apart from their eco system and environment)

Reflective Perception

It all happened in an era when Adam and Eve existed.. Adam a name less entity…and Eve a nameless entity…

Both felt they were beautiful as they believed that they were beautiful. Didn’t have the power to express.. Ignorance as bliss, Adam and Eve never knew in first place that they were male and female.. Happy to see creatures all around.. They would prance in nature all the way…

One day Adam looked at water and saw his big long beard and felt what is that creature looking at me from the water. Furiously started throwing stones. He rushed to call Eve and same way she too panicked at that mushy hair all over and felt a beast is out to hit her..

They never knew that it reflected the dark side of their own self.. Struggling they rushed to the tree and started eating whatsoever leaves and bushes available… Soon they found a tree with full of apples…

Adam remembered that he should ensure Eve and he never eat fruits as it was always informed to them that never eat fruit of labors. Never expect from nature anything but rather contribute to the nature..  Just a few months back Adam had seen clean water, a few years back as innocent face.. Eve too looked so innocent and today they look like beasts.. What triggered this change.. Each group and cult have a different perception towards universe..

Adam looked at Eve and asked “Why don’t we ever fight? What binds us?”

Eve “A illusion in form of an evil dark form created this beautiful tree full of fruits. Never knew what we were getting into. I am sure many many centuries latter, the tree will still exist with all materialistic objects and like us many more may keep eating those fruits”

Adam “Everything which you consume as a joyful fruit is a sin.”

Adam “I could see my form changed in the reflexes of water. I could see you too. What I failed to understand is why I get those vibrations in me when am near you..  it could have been even without eating those fruits..  Isn’t there a purpose for this”

Eve “Hope our descendants remain as united as us. The deformation happened as we started exploring more and more unknown circumstances. The unknown always taught us to be fearless but be obedient to the rules of universe. We over looked that and look how we have become”..

Adam “Isn’t it strange that many centuries latter, we will find such trees planted all over and a clamor of objects would induce greed and lead to a fight..”

Adam suddenly sees a huge light emerging  “After every dawn there is a light”

Eve “Many preachers, Many good souls would come and hopefully something good will happen”

Adam “I only hope unity is taught”..

Adam and Eve come closer and look at the water.. They see a big form of themselves.. Fully united.. A single form…

Hey don’t we look beautiful..

Eve ‘It is an irony. Only me or you can see the form separately and not together as if I hug you, you see the water else I see it”

Adam’s face falls..

Adam “Alas god made us realize that if someone is happy, someone will be sad. It is part of life”

Eve “Let us be determined and contribute to this universe as we know for sure god has asked us to be fearless but obey law of nature”

Adam “Hope our descendants never make mirrors or photo inventions as that alone will create more distortion to our true self and we will stop being original”

This part of story is pure fiction with no remote context, connection to any known documented work or research by any sect, community..

It is a reflective perception of how we can stay united  even between chaos or strange circumstances.


Statue in the Sea

Raising hand, reminding us that I am in the Sea all alone only because I wished to stand out and be away from the crowd and jungle of materialism as a liberated soul.

Raising finger, reminding us that I am in the Sea watching all the ocean alone only because I wish to safeguard this from the crowd and jungle of greed as liberated soul.

The calmness of sea holds me to concentrate towards path of liberation.