Sin – Mathematical Interpretation

Frank has heard somewhere that if you dip in the water, you can get rid of sins.

His best fried Arif says that we can get rid of sins by going to religious place..

Almida who is doing her PhD in Sins of Life smiles on hearing their conversation in a Sins Conference meeting…

Almida ‘Frank.. Sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law’

Frank ‘yes.. so’

Almida ‘what is immoral act?’

Frank ‘let me google and search as better to go with defined proven definition’

Frank ‘Morals are rules that govern behavior. so which is abnormal, it means breaking the rules’

Almida ‘who has defined the rules’

Arif ‘there are spiritual messengers and then the unknown always guides the specials’

Almida ‘are they human?’

Arif ‘obviously yes’

Almida ‘what is the guarantee you will not have another sin once you do redemption of self?’

Frank ‘a good point..  ‘

Almida sin = opposite side / hypotenuse

Almida ‘whatsoever we do opposite of what rules are adjacent to us and impacts the longest distance of all folks from ones who are near to you to one who are distant from you’

Frank ‘interesting mathematical debate’

Almida ‘the causes of the sin   COS=ADJACENT/HYPOTENUSE’

Almida ‘it means that we believe whatsoever rules exist adjacent that is near to our surroundings, upbringings are the rules we need to follow’

Arif ‘these are real bouncers but have some meaning’

Almida ‘if you choose to follow whatsoever is near to your heart and do not think of the opposite aspects, it remains a no sin.. so nothing is a sin in reality as long as it does not harm you and the ones near you and ones away you’

Arif ‘so anything harming anyone is a sin’

Almida smiles…  ‘am still researching on this topic’


Mathematics of Life

Mother + Father = new born baby

Teacher + Kid = school

Mother + Father + Kid = Home

Mother  + Father + school – teacher = Upbringing

Professor + Kid = College

School – Teacher  = College – Professor = Mentor

Upbringing – Father – Mother = Mentor

Upbringing – (Father+Mother) = Mentor

Upbringing – new born baby = Mentor

New born baby = Mentor + Upbringing

Hope all understand this puzzles of life

New born baby = Startup

Mother + Father = Mentor + Upbringing = Startup

So all mothers and fathers need to be mentor to their kids and focus on upbringing.



Astrology Dynamics

Only for believers of Astrology…

Ours is a focused entrepreneurship ecosystem based edu-entertainment blog.. but as it is converting research to entertainment format, all of us get curious if we will really become successful entrepreneur…

Now a story

Sam ‘will I become successful entrepreneur?’

Joy ‘not the right time now.. you are running 7.5 saturn’

Sam ‘what is it?’

Joy ‘do it after 2 years’

Sam initiates a startup. gets funded and overjoyed returns to Joy

Sam ‘I have good time now itself’

Joy smiles..

2 days later

Sam ‘Joy.. they are bringing in their own CEO.. not sure.. if am I the entrepreneur or someone else.. I put so much hard work in it’

Joy smiles..

Joy ‘I told you so..’

Joy ‘when is the right time’

Slowly Sam becomes believer in Astrology

1 year later Joy gets a heart attack…

Sam ‘how you could not avoid that?’

Joy ‘because I too am going through bad patch..’

Sam ‘is my time perfect?’

Joy ‘sometimes when our timings are bad.. even astrological predictions will go haywire.. have stopped predicting for some time’

Sam ‘Í still do not know whether to believe you or not’

Joy ‘do not pursue or think of astrology if your mind and heart is very strong and you do not wish any guidance’

Now the theories

Each person is governed by something unknown.. an intuition at times.. is it soul in our heart? is it what?.. what makes us think, rethink…
why at times we have multiple thoughts in our mind.. and cannot remain focused…?
why we tend to follow our heart and not mind? but how we know is it our heart speaking or mind speaking?
everything is game of mind…
astrology is a science.. it is mathematics.. it is governed by precision.. and more the precision.. more the accuracy in prediction.
As an astrologer, myself.. I always know that sometimes we try our best.. and we fail.. we fail badly..
and sometimes we become successful just with less effort..
what pushes us in some direction..  only our mind..
only our mind can fight all odds and make us a winner beyond the super power of various planets, stars and everything around us..
can we become such a great warrior in our real life..?
very few manage to fight all those odds.. and hence at times people begin believing in astrology and feel everything is destined..
it is destined for sure.. as for us to become such great warrior it calls for lots of determination, patience and will power
the tests come every 5 year technically… why so? Saturn is the planet which gives justice to our doing.. a result… and hence those tests need to be passed with flying colors..
what we sow.. we reap
what we reap.. should be sowed back again… to reap more


Rose is an ace technology architect and she specializes in middleware solutions..
One day Joseph her college mate meets her in conference. He is Mathematics professor in college..

Joseph ‘you look the same.. beautiful’
Rose ‘thanks.. how are you?’

Joseph ‘mathematics and calculus and integration and so on’

Rose ‘cool.. I am a solutions architect’

Joseph ‘wow..’

Rose ‘married?’

Joseph ‘single.. and happy.. what about you?’

Rose ‘my boy friend is in London.. so distance love’

Joseph ‘mathematics is all about binding elements and either filtering or aggregating the data’

Rose ‘means’

Joseph ‘it means that you decide in life whom you wish to be.. and choose friends, beloved by filtering and then you decide the professional contacts, friends and even casual friends and connect them in Linked In and Facebook.. Mathematics is most important aspect in providing solutions to problems’

Rose ‘not sure.. i was weak in maths.. you too know that’

Joseph ‘yes.. hence reminded you dear… and do you know what’

Rose ‘I know you used to flirt with me by sending me maths puzzles of relationship… like giving me 20 roses and asking me how many petals would you return back to me as love’

Joseph blushes

Rose ‘you never changed.. same type’

Joseph ‘how are you providing solutions without maths?’

Rose ‘these days we pick up components, integrate and important to choose components’

Joseph ‘what about latency, speed, communication?’

Rose ‘feature lists available dear in google’

Joseph ‘hence you chose that guy and ignored me.. may be I detail things out too much’

Rose ‘yes Joseph.. each topic of conversation would get converted to maths.. an equation’

Joseph ‘what equation you have with me?’

Rose ‘Joseph + Rose = Disaster’

Joseph ‘Incorrect’

Joseph ‘Joseph + Rose = Rose + Joseph’

Joseph ‘Relation equations are tough to understand. They keep dynamically changing.. hence the numerators and denominators play an important role..

Joseph ‘to strengthen relation.. an infinity is needed and to weaken a relation just a zero’

Rose is silent

Joseph ‘what is the use of distance relation if communication gaps exist, speed is unknown, consistency unknown, reliability unknown..’

Rose has drops of tears as she remembers her argument with her London boy friend

Joseph hugs Rose

Joseph ‘Solution Providers need to understand details of architect.. the maths behind a solution.. everything will go well’

Rose ‘Joseph.. you were always brilliant.. but I never found you romantic’

Joseph ‘romance is all about positive vibes moving between two objects.. it leads to factorial increase in love’

Joseph ‘a big rose to you.. accept me now’

Rose ‘what else do you do?’

Joseph ‘I am initiating a data analytic startup too.. cheers’

Rose ‘Am sure you will do well’

Joseph ‘will you be with me ?’

Rose ‘let me think over it…’

Joseph ‘if any relation goes bad.. mend it or break it.. nothing between.. digital technology works only on 0 or 1’

Rose begins laughing ‘you are again back to maths’

Morning Flight

4am, rushing pushing, Jane reaches Newark Airport only to find.. huge line for bag checking.

Jane ‘what is the matter?’

Attendant ‘routine one.. should soon get streamlined..

Jane notices a number of Asian Students enjoying themselves at one corner

Jane feels she can any check in latter as attendant has assured her that the rush should streamline..

She reaches the students and finds a familiar looking person near them

Jane ‘Have seen you somewhere.. ‘

Hank ‘hey ..recollect our China trip.. I had come from Japan and you from US.. That meeting.. the morning flight..’

Jane ‘where were you.. you just disappeared.. ‘

Hank ‘you wished a western lifestyle.. i hoped that morning flight where we both were to together.. I proposed you.. as felt you were meant for me.. our goals too looked similar.. both inclined to teach entrepreneurship.. and then..’

Jane ‘just we met in the Singapore airport.. and that too in connecting flight.. don’t you feel it was too soon’

Hank ‘my heart felt we knew each other for ages’

Jane ‘but you were focused on social entrepreneurship and me on regular ones.. so felt our views would clash.. plus….’

Hank ‘what.. plus’

Jane ‘i was not sure if I was going to choose Asia as my living abode’

Hank ‘am still open to propose you all over again’

Hank kneels on legs.. his students get shocked

One of student ‘Sir… do you know her’

Jane ‘my fiancee ..’

Student ‘wow.. Sir’s fiancee.. so beautiful.. lucky Sir’

Hank looks shocked

Hank ‘are you sure?’

Jane ‘let this morning flight bring new change in my life.. ok catch you once I reach LA.. as need to catch Singapore flight from there’

Hank ‘hey.. we too in same route’

Jane ‘common.. is this coincidence.. or planned.. Hank you are funny’

Hank ‘Jane.. promise you will be with me forever. we Asians always wish our beloved live with us forever’

Jane ‘hey we too.. who wants love to be seperated ever.. a bit of impatience.. but am resolving that through yoga.. ‘

Hank and Jane stand in the Hank looks at an advertisement


Hank ‘hey look there..’

Jane  ‘good writing’

Hank ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK….. what is it? will google same during flight’

Jane ‘Looks interesting’




Express Love

Jane ‘strange as it is.. when I am near you, you never express love and when am away now you wish me to be besides you’

Robin ‘distance makes us realize whom we love the most’

Jane ‘I am happy here with my new friend Zulu and he is a very good singer’

Robin ‘So.. you found one… US to Europe.. in messenger my love cannot give you those feelings’

Jane ‘yes sort of.. ‘

Robin ‘love should be expressed instantaneously. Never think.. If you think it is not love.. you are taking some calculated decision. It is not Mathematics’

Jane ‘Zulu did that spontaneously’

Robin ‘Am talking to self.. Ok.. a good news.. Am starting a venture on music site soon.. can upload his music and let’s see the response’

Jane ‘Wow.. i will introduce Zulu to you’

Robin ‘cool.. best of lucks Jane.. I failed in love.. lets hope I succeed in businesss’

Jane ‘You will.. I will pray for you’

Maths of Development

Zora is a teacher who spreads love..

She mentions love is like a flow from tap.. each drop can add to the volume of love.

Integration is all about area calculations…

Her friend Susan is a teacher who teaches history and geography..

She looks at Zora who is addressing her class with students listening to Zora with good attention…

Susan steps in…

Zora ‘hey class is going on’

Susan ‘Just to add to your bit’

Susan ‘Do you know when the boundaries were getting defined in this world, no one knew the influence of human, animals, plants and environment which would impact the geographical location and hence areas have larger influence of human from same society, caste, color, creed got demarcated. Differentiation came in’

Zora ‘and now our whole attempt is to integrated those slices’

Student ‘It means integration is reverse of differentiation?’

Zora and Susan  ‘Absolutely..’

Student ‘Why differentiation needed to be taught?’

Susan ‘because demarcations happen slowly and surely.. the hate doses in human is in slow form. No one hates anyone right from day one..  So as love gets collected from tap.. small doses of hate comes in because of society, caste, color, creed and volume of love is soon differentiated, boundaries are defined’

Student ‘It is too much philosophy behind this Maths’

Zora ‘hence mathematics is important for human’

Student ‘Divide we fall, United we win’

after the class, Zora’s husband Rafi who is an entrepreneur comes to school

Both Zora and Susan discussing Maths

Rafi ‘how does calculus impact an entrepreneur?’

Zora ‘make your product in iterative manner.. that is integration.. small slices added to make whole piece’

Susan ‘differentiate your products and group homogeneous feature list in one group.. creating such groups are nothing but creating multiple modules..  So you first create a story of product, break them into homogeneous groups and then implement each group either phase wise or together’

Rafi is zapped

Rafi ‘dear both, I feel like a novice. you folks expert’

Susan ‘Mathematics is used everywhere.. hence we love maths’

God in us (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

God in us see’s us every day guiding us helping us to solve our problems and at times even remaining silent to let us solve our problems ourselves.

Why does  the unknown force remain silent at times? This question keeps nagging Fred and one day he decides to go in search of UNKNOWN force.

Fred meets Maths Doctorate Nancy in one of the conference and expresses his confusion..

Nancy ‘Fred.. am not sure how to explain you but let me attempt’

Nancy ‘In Mathematics unknown power is calculated through an equation and log’

Fred ‘Means’

Nancy ‘For understanding unknown power – we need to understand our equation with our family, friends, employer, fellow employees, competitors, suppliers’

Fred ‘what is equation?’

Nancy ‘A statement that the values of mathematical expressions are equal’. It is power of equating one thing with other

Nancy ‘for example if you love someone you accept some one to love equally’

Fred ‘Got it’

Nancy ‘Prepare list of things which you can give to others and for each known person in your life, check what they give back to you’

Fred ‘Good idea’

Nancy ‘The more you give for each entity, the more you are a giver.. so you are near god to the other entity’

Fred ‘But then what about unknown power?

Nancy ‘You needs logarithm to get unknown power in mathematics’

Fred ‘tell me in simple words’

Nancy ‘All human need to understand that we will never be full 0 in life.. So we all could be anywhere above 0. The unknown power could be any figure which acts on our value or skills or potentials and magnifies our capabilities to the world.. Mentors could also be unknown force..’

Fred ‘Who is our mentor?’

Nancy ‘first and foremost our soul which decides and helps us take decisions along with mind and heart.. So all our internal organs within us are our god’

Fred ‘should we pray them?’

Nancy ‘respect them and don’t abuse them too frequently’

Fred ‘Nancy.. never knew you are genius in your subject’

Nancy ‘so don’t try to search for unknown.. do what is possible for arriving at the unknown power.. that power could be generated by you alone too..’

Fred ‘what about those who pray the unknown?’

Nancy ‘they do because they are hoping that one day a miracle happens and they will be able to function fully to understand the power of unknown.. I too pray..’

Fred ‘so are we not perfect?’

Nancy ‘There is no log for infinity.. we aspire to move towards infinity?’

Fred ‘last question what is log’

Nancy ‘In all entities our positives and negatives are recorded as log.. this helps us arrive at equation’

Fred ‘technically?’

Nancy ‘Logarithm is used to define scope.. the scales reduce wide range quanities to smaller scopes’

Fred ‘Means?’

Nancy ‘it simplifies calculation and more then this I cannot tell as am not here to teach you mathematics’ and begins giggling

Fred ‘Nancy can we have cup of coffee?’

Nancy ‘sure..’

Fred ‘do you feel I will understand the power of unknown?’

Nancy ‘yes just prepare list of all people important to you and check what you have given them and what you got in return.. if it shows an imbalance means between you and that person, someone is more powerful.. lol the unknown power’

Peter never asks questions.

This is a short sweet story of Peter who never asked questions in his life..

As a school kid, he would just mug up all answers and be topper.

As a college going teenager, he would just attend lectures and mug the answers.. ‘

One day as he is in a college desk mugging answers, Julie another student in same class approaches Peter

Julie ‘Can you teach me Mathematics?’

Peter ‘Of course I can’

Julie ‘What is difference between Integration and Differentiation?’

Peter ‘Differentiation is finding rate of change of slope of a function and Integration is used to measure lengths, areas and volumes’

Julie claps her hand..

Peter smiles..

Julie ‘Come lets have cup of coffee’

Both are sitting at coffee shop

Julie ‘Do i look beautiful?’

Peter ‘Yes..’

Both smile.. and Peter informs Julie he is available 2pm to 3pm everyday for her

For next 2 days Julie and Peter are engrossed in studies..

On 3rd day Julie just sends a letter to Peter

‘I love you hence took an opportunity to learn from you. I hate Mathematics.. Planning to move away from it.. Do you love me ? If yes why didn’t you ever ask me Why I should Learn Maths from you in first place’

Peter smiles..

Peter writes a letter ‘I don’t ask questions because I may get an opinionated answer always.. I prefer to read question / answers on same topic by many writer’

Next day again a letter comes to Peter

‘Answer in yes or no.. do you love me?’

Peter smiles and writes ‘Of course I do…’

2 days latter Julie comes in a red dress, looking beautiful.. she sits next to Peter

Peter ‘Love should never ask questions.. I remained silent and I got my beloved so easily’

Julie hugs Peter and whispers ‘I love your silence’

Both hug each other more tightly..


John is in love with Simi because he feels both of them are absolute similar. Both are entrepreneurs. Both successful. Both aggressive…  They have a common friend Ravi who is a Statistician.

He decides to map their characteristics to 0 and 1 and John is happy when both get 1 in each parameter.

Then Ravi gives them a surprise..

=CORREL( A1..A10, B1..B10) a formulae run in Excel for 10 parameters and OOPS it shows #DIV/0!

It means System doesn’t accept so much perfection matching dear…

Ravi ‘Also now note down characteristics both don’t have

John and Simi look at each other and find that they were so engrossed looking at positive common points and failed to include parameters which both don’t have..

Simi ‘Obviously you cannot reproduce. You cannot get pregnant dear’

=CORREL(A1..A13, B1..B13) and now.. it is showing 74%

With more characteristics it shows 99.xx%

Ravi ‘So dear friends.. realize women is powerful then men and don’t try to be perfect couples.. Little bit of imperfection fine..

Don’t try to make perfect product.. Little bit imperfection fine

Don’t try to make a perfect team combination. Heterogeneous  team is needed