Failed Entity

Failure is a stepping stone to success.

One individual’s failure will give an opportunity to other individual for success.

Sarah kept a close tab on failed entities and observed that maturity level of failed entities were on higher side compared to successful entities.

and the ones who were successful and had failed more then one time had much better empathy towards other failed entities.

Sarah looks at sky and whispers

“Mom.. you left me when I was just kid.. upbringing in orphanage, abused multiple times.. shaken a bit, confident of life.. I realize cribbing over past is not a solution.. I decided to protect others from getting abused.. and got into serious research on failed entities at human level and corporate level and found an interesting struggle..

There is a struggle at all layers of Maslow’s hierarchy need and we human have to win each layer to reach to enlightenment.. You just cannot reach there in one go’