Viral.. is infectious..

Induced virals may never give a true picture.. A sudden number of likes and then dislikes.. and a large troll..

The more you go viral.. the more your popularity exists…

“I never care a damn because whatsoever I say will go viral”  this statement will really shake the world.. if it comes from a superstar. however if it comes from a house wife, there will be a butt of jokes coming in soon.

now same thing repeat

“I never care a damn because he is my husband.. as whatsoever I do.. he will be disagree”

A troll again

“I never care a damn.. He is my husband and whatsoever I do.. he knows it”

Cool a positive troll

Why is the world getting so opiniated and awaiting tweets, retweets and every other piece of information to be directed, linked or moved ahead..

The reason is an old story

A person asked how to spread a news in village…

The philosopher said

Catch hold of the most talkative person who just cannot keep secrets and inform him.. do it with 5 and see the miracle of replications..

The hunt is on for the talkative, most active productive social media campaigner who can spread blog content as viral…

Is this a job requirement? Not by me… but surely we need to create such folks and big business opportunity exists ..

What about a new startup here????????


Media Tigers

Manny ‘these folks are nothing but media tigers.. feed on media.. create buzz but when we closely follow their likes..  there are dips… only when the social media campaign begins sudden burst of traffic’

Susan ‘Sir.. this is our business.. they are our clients… we need to promote them.. it is fine to pump in more likes.. and at times hate sentiments too’

Manny ‘am really unhappy with my own business.. ‘

Susan ‘you have been running this so successfully.. why this sudden change of heart?’

Manny ‘my son initiated a startup in retail space… but his competitors used wrong tactics to push hate in other platforms.. and he has gone under depression’

Susan is silent…

Manny ‘Media Tigers thrive on media, social networks to spread message and sometimes it works for benefit of individuals and sometimes it is big mess’

Susan ‘you have been in same business too’

Manny ‘I never realized.. it will hit me so badly one day’

Susan ‘there is no solution.. products get investors.. they have to sell.. hype has to get built.. buzz has to be created…. so it is part and parcel of game’

Manny gets a call

Manny ‘I have to rush.. he committed suicide..’

Susan has drop of tears in her eyes..

After Manny leaves she murmurs

‘To believe or not to believe is something we keep questioning to God.. God is Unknown.. Sometimes as Idol we worship too.. but what sort of belief is this.. where just media can make us believe what is right or wrong and create such psychological impacts and sometimes harm selves too’


Sure Shot Winner

Jack never lost ever in his gambles..

He had this strange notion of being powerful.. backed by his father who was an ace banker.. and set up a financial institution.

One day he decides to experiment with group of individuals interested in building a DNA analyzer to trace out if an Entrepreneur indeed has that something in genes or will that person need to be trained..

Jack ‘we need to ensure samples are adequate and you know the rest.. right?’

Samuel ‘one of the challenge is does education really make one an entrepreneur?’

Jack ‘ýes and no…’

Rose ‘it is going to be killer tool.. a wrist watch monitoring pulses of individual, blood pressure, anxiety and anger and accordingly.. you get your strength and weakness’

Harris ‘PASSION brings in our ethos, pathos , pain and pleasure all out at one go… Can that device also predict how passionate someone is?’

2 months later

Rose ‘sad news… kids seem to be better entrepreneur, college going too.. but in youth people are more worried of settlement, marriage, loans, luxury and are caught up with multiple emotions and then unfortunately at older age too people keen to give advice, mentor.. risk taking improves’

Jack smiles

Jack ‘we are going in right direction.. thanks to a framework…PASSION FRAMEWORK.. so what if he writes stories.. absolute fiction one.. is it not true that we are caught up in web of emotions and wish to do something all along but never attempt to do..  should you be waiting for late mid life to begin???  dear ones… begin right away.. make this hypothesis get rejected..

Farida ‘Sir.. what is hypothesis’

Jack ‘a statement.. an assumption.. a research question as a statement.. to prove it is true or not.. and then we have research method around it and so on’

Farida ‘next what…’

Rose ‘need a magic wand to make entrepreneurs successful’

Jack ‘a whip dear.. entrepreneurs need to focus on market and not on pleasing investor and media’





Startup Busts

Startup with a 10K

Moving up all the way..

The traffic and its valuation

Moving up all the way..


One investor follows other

Startup seeks 1M

Moving up all the way

Hoardings and Media

Talking all the way

Success Stories,

Celebration all the way


More and More talks

More and More headlines

Time for Series B

10M what else it wished


Consumer spent.. all the way

Revenue dipped as always

Loss posted still after 5 years

Investors remain happy

as notional money would monetize

it would eventually so why regret

the founder got into conflict

the investor got into shocked daze

is this the reason he invested?

the founder remained uncontrollable

true entrepreneur as he was

not wishing to succumb to investor pressure

is this a bust?

end of that startup?

founder resigned

sleeping under sky

wondering why this race for money

why this race for impact

what is the impact if one person

just next to another cannot

convince each other to work together

and as team create success story.

upmanship and wars taught since child

celebrities worshipped as always

why we create a hero and make him a zero

why she remains inconsistent

the lady luck tosses and keeps you guessing

as the bust could be temporary

good days will come again

once a failures.. still an experience

experience can make you again a hero

a new startup and rest is history.


Content is King

Any piece of writing needs to follow basic small rules

1) Create a pitch

2) Introduce the Actors

3) Detail out the story with vivid imagination

4) Ensure each actor has well defined role

5) Narration should be racy

6) Have a relevant message if possible

7) Have moments where audience feels the experience and gets involved

Story will reach to n number of people

Promoting a Cause

A big banner posted besides you

A T Shirt with the purpose

You are in 2 wheeler or a car.. just keep driving with the same.. and ensure you stop at strategic locations and have cold drink in local joint.. and have interactions with common man for their purpose…

This vehicle is being followed by another vehicle with a camera shooting the event… and check the miracle

“In this world CAMERA plays an important role. People get enamored by shootings and crowd begins gathering without a fuss’

Who said a cause awareness needs huge fund…

Banner costs US$200

2 T-shirts       US$100

CAB Costs for hire 1 day (2 Cabs) =  US$500

Camera hire  US$250

Your sweat equity = US$100 per day x 2 resource

If you have your own vehicles and camera, you are spending only US$300 and what you get in return, an assured response of over 5000 odd people..    reach cost= 300/5000  .06 cents???????

So next time you wish to launch something do check on this experiment too..

Charles Loves Transparency

Charles is an up coming entrepreneur who loves to be transparent to his employees as well as Investors.

One day Investor Joe calls Charles for a discussion..

Joe ‘Charles.. can you inflate your sales.. It helps gets more round of funds’

Charles ‘what?..

Joe ‘Charles.. it is business.. your e mart business has huge traffic but doesn’t generate into figures’

Charles ‘I know that’

Joe ‘Just get some more customers for name sake and show partnership’

Charles ‘this is undone.. I love transparency’

Joe ‘Jump of cliff and never come up. Don’t you understand we love our entrepreneurs to be transparent to us but finally each business has dictum.. Nothing is lies till it is proved. Nothing is bad till it keeps succeeding. We are not cheating consumers. We are building hype, media hype’

Charles ‘Am shocked’

Joe ‘As entrepreneur realize too many stakes attached, Do you know each movie released creates a huge hype, so much of advertisements for a product, so much brand building around you guys, for what? Return on Investments.. brutal truth’

Charles has sullen face

Joe ‘In life we are not also transparent to God.. we lead so many lives assuming no one see’s us so why so much fuss about nothing’

Charles ‘What needs to be done?’

Joe ‘Have planned an entire market hype and we will have huge traffic this June. ‘

Charles ‘what more?’

Joe ‘Just declare in media with a smiling face, will follow automatically’

3 months latter

Charles ‘when can we have similar campaign again.. Huge business we did in June’

Joe ‘Smart boy.. Too much ethics not good for business. ‘

Charles ‘Never knew entrepreneurship has such dimensions too’

Joe ‘Teaching entrepreneurship is explaining all types of events in that journey. Nothing is good or bad.. It is like an Indian Philosopher who said ‘To beat evil, you need to create illusion, an illusion of power, be focused, choose what you wish to as goal and stick to it.. your job is to win and not loose. You have not cheated anyone on your product or service.. but marketing calls for tricky situations.. so get going’

Problem Solver Woes

John “You came out of problem just yesterday

You are back into an issue today

Why does problem follow you?

Why does issue attract you?

A problem solver in you keeps you always surrounded by problems”

Look at Nancy who keeps all issues asides, keeps swimming to heart content

Look at you Rose, so worried, so tensed.. always a wreck.. you look more beautiful then Nancy.. just chill pill

Become a lazy bone for today and take rest.. happy weekend.

Rose ‘John why you wish me to relax?’

John ‘Nancy feels you have become too boring and both of you are my left and right arms without whom I cannot run this Media startup hence’

Rose ‘do you love folks being lazy in your company’

John ‘Media people need to look always fresh’

Rose ‘ok will try’

Rose returns after a while, extremely beautiful and goes for a swim

John ‘Never knew i would get two beautiful women to solve my problem’

A waiter comes in and gives a cold drink to John and asks ‘what is the problem?’

John ‘mind your business’


My brand

Each individual has a unique style or mannerism which becomes a style brand at some point of time..

Jerry was a unique creature.. At college his neck would always move automatically when he found girls moving next to him or behind him… Many a time he got knocked down too by some vehicle on road..

Jerry ‘so what.. it is my style.. my brand of admiring girls’

Moses ‘what is it?’

Jerry ‘don’t you keep saying  ‘you idiot; always’

Moses ‘ok.. so it is my style of greeting people’

Ramu ‘In India I wear only Khadi’s.. It is my style as I come from political background’

Lisa ‘this is a group discussion on evolution of brand..  have evolved self as a girl who never wears the same slippers in a month. each day of month, a unique slipper’

Tom ‘My watches change every day..’

Rose ‘is brand so important.. why do people go in for branded items?’

Jerry ‘brand gets built if product or service delivered in consistent way,. quality driven ad proves reliable’

Nancy ‘hey i am a brand in self as a reliable quality driven employee’

Moses ‘and Tom has also built a repute of being issue maker’

Sweta rings the bell and the group discussions end

Sweta ‘All have performed ok.. not too great as per our college standards of group discussions’

All students echo ‘is it so?.. what are our standards? has it been written somewhere? some guidelines?’

Sweta ‘Visit m the college quality management system links for more details’

After Sweta leaves

Nancy ‘we keep looking for external environment inputs to build brand and what about internal customer satisfaction.  screwed up college.. talk big things in press, media and internally they don’t care for students’

Sweta overhears and comes closer to Nancy

Sweta ‘Do you know our college is one of the best and we have a particular style of teaching education’

Moses ‘what is that?’

Swera ‘we don’t prefer teaching anything.. books are there. facilities available.. go read it,. understand it and if you don’t understand then teachers are needed’

Sweta walks off keeping students wide mouthed

Nancy ‘Is it her brand of being outspoken.. She tells it with such great style… no wonder she is the one who is always in multiplex where we too go an watch movies on Saturday.. Education brand of figuring out ourselves.. that too is an innovation

Chow Mow

Chow ‘unfair.. you kept me awake for so long’

Mow ‘why were you awake’

Chow ‘you told me that CHANNEL X was launching free laptop sales for ones who would watch CHANNEL X’

Mow ‘Didnt u want it’

Chow ‘I did.. but no laptop sale number too appeared’

Mow ‘you missed it..  it does come scrolling bottom’

Chow ‘Should i watch that channel tomorrow again’

Mow ‘Of course’ and puts the phone down

Mow calls up Channel X Chief

Mow ‘How many days can we fool people.. Bring content Damn It’

Chanel X Chief ‘we are.. soon we will be inviting you for a THROW TOMATOES AND GARBAGE session’

Mow ‘What is it?’

Channel X  Chief ‘We have invited all the folks whom you fooled in our channel and they will throw tomatoes and vegetables on you;

Mow ‘very smart.. i will take 20% profit plus fixed remuneration for that crap’

Channel X Chief ‘Of course dear.. TRP will shoot up. First time a channel abusing self live in TV’