Am introducing a new framework soon for Mentoring

what you sow is what you reap

If you give someone give liberally

If you connect to help someone, just do that as that help will benefit the needy

If you own some issue of your friend or beloved, just do it without expectations.

If you can transform any individual and provide a focus to that individual you have done the job.

And if you get benefited by that individual, just return back to the society a part of that benefit..

Life of a mentor is all about connecting and giving.


What you wish to do?

“What you wish to do.. will happen only if you convince others that it is the only way to go forward to solve the pain point.

What you wish not to do.. will happen only if you convince others that it is the not the way to go forward.”

Sam as a Mentor/Coach feels most of the startup entrepreneurs get bogged down by mentor / advisors /investor pressures and deviate from the original plan of action and also end up loosing interest..

His fiancé Julie is fed up of his passion for teaching entrepreneurs

One day she decides to split from him.

Sam ‘I feel the only way to go forward is for you to understand me..’

Julie ‘you cannot convince me this way… you need to spend time with me’

Sam ‘I do spend 2 hours everyday’

Julie ‘no startups, no entrepreneurs.. no discussions about investors’

Sam ‘it is got into my system.. how I rewind it?’

Julie ‘world will not change because of your mentoring, I will change.. I may leave you.. nd you will be left with few entrepreneurs.. but what you will miss out is me.. so learn to have life balance’

Sam hugs Julie

Sam ‘seriously sometimes we go overboard with work and loose our personal life’



Crazy thought

How should I improve my writing well?

What next 2016?

Will I continue to be a great masala blogger and entertain folks or become a niche writer and focus only on technology piece of writing or will I be as it is?

What will I value add as a writer to this blog?

Am thinking, Am munching, Am surrounded by startups and mentoring, I realize that what we write may be forgotten soon…

how I wish all of you remember it even during lunch/brunch/breakfast/supper time and all time that

‘Need to read PASSION FRAMEWORK.. the writer does add value to my thought process’

example ‘NEW YEAR 2016 – Year of Words

Well written thought

Only to reach your heart

Reaching out to globe

Doing its part to make you thoughtful








Chocolate is an amalgamation of sugar, milk and many other ingredients all intermixed and the outcome is a sweet pudding which all gobble.  Entrepreneurs need to make their final product or service feel like a chocolate ship. Where the resources have intermingled so well, the culture is imbibed so well and contributions from all players are intermingled so well that the outcome is always sweet and not bitter.

Why we miss out on making our organization a chocolate ship.

1  We still believe in DIVIDE AND RULE Theory.

2.  We still believe only the top management needs to think.

3.  We still believe we are only followers.

4. We still believe “Never stand in front of boss and never stand behind a donkey”

5. We still believe in HAVE AND HAVE NOTS.

6. We still believe  “RECEPIES should be borrowed always if it is proven”

7. We still believe “LOVE should not happen in office”

8. We still believe “RECEPIES need to be kept secret and not told to employees”

9. We still believe “Sugar can be avoided”

10. We still believe “Chocolates can be priced higher”

and then after this tiring 10 commandments of things what not to do, I still believe that one day my voice will be heard and echoed all around. (Die hard optimism always pays)


I as wanderer in today’s world think of PASSION as the beginning from mother’s womb where the mother experiences pain and pleasure and as the child enters the world, it heralds its presence by crying to communicate to the world that it is going to do some contribution to the world. PASSION is a strong desire to achieve an object and seek security from that object. Object could be anything.

The fact that a mother conceives a child out of love and nurtures it with great PASSION and finally also wishes to have small expectations or hope that the child will take care of the mother.

PASSION Framework is all about not leaving the kid in between and being with kid always till it grows and same hope that the child contributes to the framework.

Is it a myth to believe ‘KEEP DOING WORK WITHOUT EXPECTATION?’.  No it could be real theory too but what finally matters is can we really have PASSION for DETACHMENT. If no; then just focus on your cause and keep contributing to the cause.

Am here to discuss, interact, guide, seek guidance, mentor, seek mentoring and get abundant love from all.  Whoever is following me and whoever is referred to follow me; would want to thank all of you for giving me confidence to keep writing.