Visionary ‘I only knew I had to always have a research focused approach to innovation’

Implementer ‘I only know we need to be practical in our goals to succeed’

Visionary ‘I made you a successor for same reasons but then now you have put my company behind by 10 years’

Implementer ‘do not worry…. we will acquire those companies later’

Visionary is silent…

Visionary ‘so you will never invest on innovations?’

Implementer ‘why to break head on something so much. first time it always fails.. so let us wait’

Visionary ‘I regret and we have different ideologies’

Implementer ‘yes but I suggest you to focus on research.. will make a small unit for you and you can handle that’

Visionary in anger ‘I built this business.. you were not there too’

Implementer ‘do not be carried away with history.. am present and future too’

Visionary ‘this is 21st century.. we are just left in history books’


Return from GraveYard

Rose ‘this is dead end.. I can see only grave from now on’

Tom ‘see an opportunity in grave too’

Rose ‘am finished.. the entire funds drained and nothing much to do or say.. All employee’s exited. Investors unhappy.. boy friend too.. and only you… my last friend having patience standing here in front of grave of my dear mentor Philips’

Tom ‘look at his smile.. when he was being buried.. wanting to inform that he mentored many.. scaled so many.. but none came.. only the failed startup entrepreneurs came to see him off.. Is it not bad’

Rose ‘are you kidding in front of a dead soul.., All are gone.. I feel like committing suicide’

Tom ‘why you didn’t…  you could have laid right next to him.. It would have been a news item’

Rose ‘common.. you kid.. let us go to a restaurant.. am feeling hungry’

As both much burger..

Tom ‘can you keep a tab on failed individuals and just motivate them?’

Rose ‘one failed resource motivating others. Impossible’

Tom ‘just talk of what needs to be avoided and what should be done to refresh mind.. I can also be part of this venture.. and you just give free equities to ones who invested in your screwed up venture’

Rose ‘brilliant idea..’

3 months later

Rose ‘it was tough convincing investors.. just we managed it.. and it was great.. our traction is good.’

Tom ‘now merge this unit with your failed screwed up and create a big hype’

4 months later

Rose and Tom near the mentor graveyard

Tom ‘did his soul enter your body?’

Tom’s expression changes and Rose is shocked

Rose ‘common.. you are kidding me.. just come back to original form Tom’

Tom returns back to normal form

Rose is shivering

Rose ‘let us return back’

Late night

Rose ‘is it possible, the mentor’s soul moved into Tom’s body..  who will believe this?’


Listless employer

Employer ‘why are they still here’

HR ‘because they feel the company will grow’

Employer burst out laughing..

Employer ‘Have exited’

HR ‘they are waiting to be absorbed in new company’

Employer ‘it is a joke.. inform them their resumes are rejected’

HR ‘Sir.. I cannot’

Employer ‘why?’

HR ‘I too felt you would help us get placed in the new merger’

Employer bursts laughing

HR ‘I realized that working with direction less and vision less employer is waste of time’

Employer ‘sure.. next time don’t join such companies which spoil your career’

HR ‘can i leave?’

Employer ‘my wife too is stubborn and is not leaving me..  can you also guide her’

HR looks shocked

Upmanship (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

The world of 50-50. 80-20, 70-30. 60-40..

A small stake of equity

A small goal to grow

Sweat has its own sweet smell.

Money has its own sour smell.

Sweet and Sour when the company gets incorporated

Board rooms are nothing but bored hearings on when will I get return on investment

I regret investing in this.. Am backing out.. Identify someone new

Make a buzz, increase the valuation

At home, the spouse or your beloved or family buzzing, keep our stakes too

Life running around Upmanship

A  subtle assertive dominance by an employer, by your investor and then you in turn dominating the employees

Is there an end to this madness of acquisitions, mergers or will it continue life long

A very seasoned human said only few companies will survive after 30-40 years. Most of them will be acquired or merged.. Was that human right?

In this journey of entrepreneurship do not forget your core human values and keep reminding self, you are doing this to contribute to the society.. finance goals exist, but they are more of natural flow in this journey.

Killer Money

Mani is an ace entrepreneur who is believed to be a man with golden touch. Excellent exits.. Life is going well till one day…

Mani rings his door bell..

No one opens up…

Mani again tries to ring the bell.. and even call his wife Jenny.. but no response..

Mani gets restless… He decides to open the door with a help and he is shocked…

His wife Jenny is talking to herself… and has gone a bit disorganized… She continuously keeps telling ‘Killer Mani.. Killer Mani’

He calls up psychologist Greg.. for help after going through google search..

Greg comes to his home..

Greg ‘Mani.. how it all happened so suddenly’

Mani ‘Not sure.. Everything was perfectly well till yesterday’

Greg gives an injection to Jenny and she falls asleep

Greg ‘Mani.. do you pay attention at home?’

Mani ‘Yes.. of course I love my wife’

Greg ‘Do you have kids?’

Mani ‘Not sure.. doctor mentioned me and my wife to undergo tests but we have not had time to go. It is 8th year of marriage life’

Greg ‘Did she undergo test?’

Mani ‘May be not sure’

Greg ‘I got the problem’

Mani ‘What is it?’

Greg remains silent..

Next morning

Greg returns to Mani’s home..

Greg ‘Jenny how are you feeling?’

Jenny ‘Alright.. but am feeling low’

Greg ‘Can we interact?’

Jenny ‘Not in mood’

Night time again Mani rushes and calls Greg

Mani ‘She is again in same mode.. Killer Mani’

Greg visits Mani’s house

Greg ‘Jenny.. am killing Mani as he has killed you’

Jenny ‘yes.. every time.. exit, acquisitions, take over , mergers.. mani.. more mani.. more mani.. so much self occupied with himself’

Greg ‘Is it Mani or Money?’

Jenny begins laughing to self..

Jenny ‘No difference..  Money made Mani.. Mani made Money.. but Jenny got killed’

Greg looks at Mani..

Greg ‘Mani.. she needs love and attention.. please be with her.. no harm to take sabbatical.. motivate her.. and be with her..  what is the use of all money if family gets neglected’

Mani ‘I understand…’

2 days latter

Mani and Jenny are in Airport.. waiting to board Switzerland flight..

Mani just goes for Loo and on return.. he finds Jenny missing..

He panics as the boarding is announced..

He frantically tries to call Jenny…

and finds phone ringing close by..

On reaching to the phone.. he finds a letter

“Jenny is gone.. gone for ever.. Killer Money.. thanks for all materials.. but i wished to have babies.. wished to be a normal mother.. i tested self too and found to be perfectly normal.. so.. I just played a drama to test you.. to see how you react.. I knew doctor medicines would not have killed me.. so tolerated those disorder medicines.. I found your email having some meeting also in Switzerland for some acquisitions.. keep acquiring.. am gone.

Next time if you go overboard.. stop by.. your new girl friend may just misuse you..’

Have already walked out of your life forever.. please do not try to search me.. or even think of me’

Golden Goose

Rambo was an investor who was expert in EXITs. He would always advice his partners on exit time lne.. Today he has a meeting with partners and founders of a free classified advertisement portal..

Rambo ‘Smith, your business has generated opportunities for million of advertisements, So what you propose further?’

Smith the founder ‘I will wish to have an IPO route to exit’

Rambo ‘What kind of share value you anticipate?’

Smith ‘250US$ minimum per share’

Rambo looks at other investors..

Rambo ‘Let us wait’

Investor John ‘Why? we have to make money too’

Rambo ‘Let us invest additional 20M$ in this business’

All investors look at each other and surprised

Once the meeting completed, investor Sam questions Rambo while they are having late night chill party

Sam ‘Why you chose to invest?’

Rambo ‘It is a golden goose. Let us partially sell of our shares to another big group who wish to take over this company for 200M$ and then we will earn also from IPO’

Sam smiles, John joins in and all laugh and say ‘Cheers’ and gulp the whisky.

Sold Out

Francis was hit by his competitor Noorah and kept wondering why it happened. Each strategy of his was modified, reworked and would be successful for Noorah. Francis was the uncrowned king in animations till one day Noorah entered the market with his animation cartoons ‘Day Dreams’.  Noorah’s cartoons were a mix of human and animation. It had loads of emotions in it.. Story format was gripping..

One of his day dream story was ‘Cake walk’

A small child and his friends enter land of black forest.. full of brown mountains and white snow. They feel hungry so begin eating crumbs of the mountain and it is too tasty.. Suddenly they find boulders of brown mountains falling through and there are plum trees and the kids rush to eat the plums.. It is literally a cake walk. As they move deep in the forest, they see a big lake and blue berries all around.. All of them happily eat those berries.. but soon they feel vomiting sensation.. one of the child whispers ‘Our stomach is small, but we got greedy..  now all we can do is run and run all around.. and it will no longer be cake walk, but cake run.. Soon they keep running all around., and splashes of cakes all over.. till one little child slips and falls in the cake.. All rush to help that child, but before they realize the child is swallowed by the black forest to path of no return. The other kids wonder why this happened.. The dough of cake got slippery, all the kids slide down and find the small child too now in cone shaped orange ravine. the biscuit ravine… A big monster is sprinting all the way and kids are scared… A big tongue emerges full of strawberry and it rushes over the kids.. All scared.. they soon find themselves red with strawberry strewn all over them.. It begins snowing heavily and from far they appear to be cone icecream.. Praying they say we have enough of cakes and icecream and ask for help..

The help comes in form of a thunder and soon they again reach back their home and thank stars that they reached safely from the cake dream..

The cake walk script is loved by Frank and he rushes to Noorah and asks him to sell of his unit at 5 times of present turnover..

Noorah is happy and exits from his venture..

Frank has managed to merge Noorah’s company in his own

Noorah is asked a question ‘Why you sold it so soon”

Noorah “Timing is important for exit. Don’t be greedy and make your venture non viable white elephant.. Exit when market wants you to exit not when you wish to exit”